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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Truth Will Surface, Sooner or Later

Mordechai and Yaffa were happily married but did not merit to have children together. After 10 years of marriage, they discussed their situation with various Rabbanim to see if they must divorce. Halacha says that after 10 years of marriage without children, the couple must divorce. They truly loved each other, and wanted very much to build a life together, including many children.

Taking the advise of the Rabbanim, they were forced to divorce, and search for a new spouse, despite their love for one another.

It was a heartbreaking divorce.

A short while after Mordechai gave Yaffa the Get (Jewish divorce), he gets a surprise phone call from his x-wife. "I'm pregnant", Yaffa tells him in a choking voice. Mordechai was stunned when he heard the bittersweet news.

It was bittersweet news because according to Halacha, he cannot remarry his x-wife a second time because he is a Cohen. Halacha does not permit a Cohen to marry a divorced woman. The pain was tremendeous, they got pregnant during the divorce but neither one knew. Mordechai the Cohen will not be able to remarry his beloved Yaffa and raise their child together.

He went to his father in tears, "I love her, she loves me, now we will have a child but I cannot remarry her...."

When Mordechai turned to look at his father, he was surprised that his father was smiling instead of comforting him. Not understanding why his father is smiling when his son's heart is broken, the father revealed to Mordechai, "Mordechai, you love her and she loves you. You want to get back together and remarry and raise your child together. It's time I reveal to you a secret that I've kept away from you - Mordechai, you are adopted, you are not a Cohen. Remarry your x-wife".

Translated from http://www.inn.co.il/News/News.aspx/165284




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