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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are They Saving or Ruining?

"Yasichena" organization are calling to cancel the biggest chasidic performance of the summer, with Yaakov Shweky and Avraham Fried, for fear of immodesty. Yasichena is a popular organization and have distributed flyers world-wide, in Yeshivot, seminars, and central religious circles, demanding to cancel the concert.

The flyer states the following: "To murder, one does not need to be a terrorist. It's sufficient to agree to perform in a co-ed stage." Yasichena are accusing the famous Chasidic singers in murder, not physical murder but spiritual murder, if they do not cancel their performance. "Dear singer, we are turning to you in the name of the next generation, because this generation's souls will be lost thru your performance, think of them as your own children! Make music, not abomination!."

The Chassidic concert is scheduled next month in Jerusalem at the Teddy Stadium, under the headlines "To Life in Yerushalayim".

Yossie Rabin, CEO of Yasichena helps at-risk teens that dropped out of religious education. According to him, many kids point out that their falling point in Orthodox spirituality was when they went to one of those Chasidic concerts. "We are not extremists and do not come from Mea She'arim and we love music," claims Rabin, "But even though it was announced that the concert will have separate sitting so the religious crowd will attend, it is common knowledge that outside the arena, it's a mess. People are no longer ashamed of anything anymore, and these concerts causes tremendous escalation for kids-at-risk."

Mordechai Ben David decided to respond at COL: "I think these concerts save our young kids. The kids that are searching for music, and they will not find our music, will go elsewhere. I have no doubt that the concerts save the kids, and not, God forbid, ruin them."

"Those that are opposing Chassidic performances are alienating themselves from reality and placing their head inside the sand."

"Today, someone told me that a young man from Williamsburg went off the path completely and he was thrown out of his home, in an effort to save his siblings. A short while after, he became very ill and the Dr.s gave him a few more weeks to live. The person who is in touch with this boy told me that the boy told him that the only thing that makes him feel alive is Chassidic music. Another friend whom used to live in Yerushalayim and today lives all over Europe told me that he lives among the non-Jews and the only connection he has to Judaism are my albums."

Mordechai Ben David says that these concerts are not for everyone, "A Jew that is sitting and learning Torah - this concert is not for him. But it is ok for the general public."

Mordechai Ben David also says that in today's world, everything is open and cannot be hidden. "The (Lubavitch) Rebbe, zs'l, always encouraged Avraham Fried and I. Everytime I came to him, the minimal thing he said to me was 'respect your throat'. Always when I returned from concerts, he would give me reinforcement."

"Also the Admor of Lelov, zs'l, Rabbi Moshe Mordechai always reinforced me and told me never to stop. Once, when I wanted to quit performing, he asked me, 'Who gave you permission to quit?' Continue making Am Israel happy and bring their heart closer to HKB'H."

What do you think? Do Chassidic concerts ruin our kids or saves our kids?




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