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Monday, May 28, 2007

Secrets of the Soul

"Secrets of the Soul" was written by Rabbi Yehuda Srevnik Shlita. It talks about Jewish people who were born with "brain damage." Rav Eliyahu Dessler zt"l said these Jewish souls are the most intelligent people in the world because they are more connected with their souls and know "things". Their souls are not restricted by their brains. However, the souls of people like us are restricted by our brain. The Chazan Ish zt'l sensed the holiness of these souls. Their souls had a they were able to become a gilgul that can not accumulate any more sins.

From the book "Past Lives", Chaya Tova wrote some of these stories to inspire others and help increase fear of Hashem. These are the past lives of Jews who were reincarnated into "brain damaged" people. Their stories are simply amazing and awe inspiring!

(This is the story of Chaim and what he said happened to him in his past life.)
As a base sinner who has undergone the sublime process of Divine purification and who has been granted the power of self-expression, I consider sharing my experiences with others a sacred duty.

In my past life, I sinned in secret. On the surface I was upstanding, devout member of my community. I davened, gave charity and was a good husband. My behavior, though, was entirely superficial. Underneath all those lies was the dismal truth. During my youth I attended yeshiva and succeeded in my studies. When I married, I left yeshiva and went into business with a friend who had studied with me.

Soon I began to lead a double life. My friend's familiarity with life's pleasures and vanities far surpassed mine. He was an enthusiastic teacher, and I was an eager student. We went into business together, at first deceiving only non-Jews. But quite rapidly, we began to deceive our own brethren.

Our business expanded and I became a prominent member of the community, whom the poor regarded as a Tzaddik. I tried to quiet my conscience by giving large sums of charity to the needy. My family grew and I prospered. My appetite for sensual pleasures increased. Cuisine became important to me, and I imported delicacies from all over the world. This disturbed my conscience, and as a result I made large feats in order to share my hidden passions with others. My Shabbos and holiday tables were a delight to the eye and to the palate. I became famous for my hospitality, but in reality, I was only an inflated rascal.

Soon I sank to greater depths, and stopped studying Torah altogether. Although I went to shul, I merely pretended to be davening and drew further and further away from my Maker.

On the surface, I was a perfect husband. But I soon betrayed my pious wife, as I did HaShem. Eventually, I reached rock bottom.

At that point HaShem, in His great mercy, saved His wayward son. My deceit was discovered, I was disgraced, and found guilty of an even greater sin, that of chillul HaShem. I was cast into prison. I felt that my life had ended and was futile. I was lonely and forlorn.

Then I started to daven. It was difficult to approach HaShem after having been so distant from Him, and after having so sullied the pure soul that He had given me. I bemoaned my wasted life, and was overcome by dreadful shame. I did genuine Teshuvah and HaShem commiserated with me. I was like a child who had found his way back home. I died that night in prison.

When I reached the Heavenly court, my sins were placed on a scale. The heap was so enormous that I thought I would be sent to the fieriest place in Gehenom. However, a defending angel piled my remorse on the other side of the scale, and a perfect balance was achieved. I was told that I could tip the scales in my favor if I retuned to the world as an autistic child, unable to enjoy the pleasures of life.

I was also given the capacity to relate my story. If this tale of woe helps others to do Teshuvah, I will be credited with a Chesed shel emet, because I derive no worldly pleasure from telling it. This Chesed will help tip the scales in my favor, and propel me into Gan Eden. How can I express my deep love for HaShem? How can I thank Him? He lifts the basest sinner and gives him life. How can I praise such great kindness? Because I was saved from spiritual death, I must try to save others. Return wayward children to your loving Father because if not, you will be destroyed together with your iniquities.

(Yaakov's story of his past life)

I was born in Iraq, and in my previous life was called Binyamin HaKohen. I am the soul of someone who didn't believe that the universe has a Master. As a youngster I studied in yeshiva, but was attracted by this world. My mother came from a family of Tzaddikim. But I didn't want to study Torah, and forsook the World of Truth for one of falsehood. I mingled with intellectuals and was accepted by them.

It hurts me to speak about my past. I behaved like a non-Jew. Nonetheless, HaShem showed me the truth. He sent a group of non-Jews to murder me. One of them-a Jew who imitated the gentiles-killed me. But I had already realized the truth before I died, and had done Teshuvah with all my heart.

As one who attempted to pursue a false lifestyle, I want to warn all Jews who think that they can flee the truth those who think that they can live like non-Jews: You can't escape. HaShem won't let His holy people immerse themselves in tum'ah (impurity). He will wipe out those who don't accept the yoke of Heaven. . .

Story of Nissim:

Although I was a Talmid chacham [in his past life] I wasn't humble enough. I had a place in Gan Eden but wanted a higher place, closer to the hallowed light. I wasn't willing to accept the verdict of the Heavenly Court and they offered me a choice of accepting the place reserved for me, or returning to this world as an incarnated soul. They told me what I would have to undergo when I returned. I consented, and am not sorry about it. I waited between Gan Eden and this world.

Beila's past life:

I was a good woman who kept the Mitzvos. But I didn't do enough Chesed. It's difficult to do Teshuvah for insufficient Chesed. Nonetheless, because I was basically good they let me rectify my past by returning to the world in this form. Now I can perform the genuine Chesed of helping people discover the truth. . .

Yerachmiel's story of his past life:

I was a Talmid chacham and a Tzaddik. I toiled in Torah day and night, and made great efforts to improve my character. However, I had one shortcoming; my love for HaShem wasn't greater than my love for His Torah. I loved the depth and sweetness of the Torah and sincerely tried to change my negative traits. But when I davened, I didn't sense Hashem's presence. I didn't feel Him in my heart.

I wasn't aware of this failing because the gedolei ha'dor held me in high esteem. I believed that I was a genuine Tzaddik. As I was about to leave the world, I realized that my faith had been lacking, and I was overcome by trembling and dreadful fear.

The Heavenly Court tried me and found that, although I had studied Torah day and night, I hadn't served HaShem but rather my body, which wanted to study Torah in order to be acclaimed by eminent people. I wanted to be a g'dol ha'dor (Jewish leader of the generation) and not an eved (servant) HaShem (servant of HaShem). The Heavenly Court decided to send me to Gehenom. But the Torah I had studied saved me, because someone who studies Torah necessarily loves HaShem.

I was offered the chance to return as a disturbed person who is incapable of studying. However, I couldn’t reconcile myself to such a punishment, and pleaded for mercy, crying out: "Anything but that! Life without Torah is not life. It's Gehenom." But they didn't ask me and here I am, undergoing terrible suffering. Nonetheless, HaShem pitied me, and placed me in a yeshiva for the mentally disabled. For my soul, even such Torah is sweet music.

Gadi's story of past life:

I wanted to be a Talmid chacham. I pored over my studies, but didn't develop the trait of kindness. As a result, my Torah was incomplete. Toward the end of my life, I realized my mistake. But by then it was too late. I had lost the ability to commiserate with the suffering of other Jews and didn't realize how lacking I was in compassion. Although I did Teshuvah, my penance wasn't sufficient because I didn't know how to repent properly.

(Interview with Miriam about her past life)

Facilitator: Why have you returned to earth in this form?
Miriam: I didn't accept the dominion of Heaven.
Facilitator: Did you commit other sins too?
Miriam: My failure to accept the dominion of Heaven was enough of a sin to cause me to be reincarnated.
Facilitator: Do you remember the Heavenly Court?
Miriam: I prefer not to think about it.
Facilitator: Were you in Gehenom?
Miriam: Yes.
Facilitator: What was it like?
Miriam: You are incapable of understanding how terrifying it is.
Facilitator: How does being an autistic child constitute a Tikkun for the refusal to accept the sovereignty of Heaven?
Miriam: It is a fitting punishment. Anyone who doesn't accept the sovereignty of Heaven is a fool.

"Yoav's noble appearance gave him the aura of a holy person, attracting the attention of all. Another autistic child told a facilitator: 'Yoav is not like the rest. He was already in Gan Eden, but in order to attain a higher level, he opted to come back down to earth to correct minor deficiencies.' The following exchange took place between Yoav and the facilitator"

Facilitator: Do you remember your past incarnation?
Yoav: Yes.
Facilitator: Why have you returned to this world?
Yoav: I spoke lashon hara against someone and did not beg his forgiveness, although he forgave me in his heart. This occurred ninety-six-and-a-half years ago. It involved an argument between two talmidei Chachomim, and I spoke wrongly about it.

Facilitator: What were you in your previous incarnation?
Yehoshua: I was a Talmid chacham. I was so engrossed in my studies, that I didn't always daven with a minyan. When I reached the Heavenly Court they claimed that, even though I was a Tzaddik, I couldn't receive the place reserved for me in Gan Eden. Since I refused to accept a lower place I was sent back to earth to rectify my failing.
Facilitator: How can one avoid returning to earth as a reincarnation?
Yehoshua: Do as much as possible leshem Shamayim (for the sake of Heaven).
Facilitator: DO the Tikunim done according to the Ben Ish Chai help avert affliction?
Yehoshua: Yes, proved that one helps himself.

Beila's mom: Do you know whether your soul was previously in a different body?
Balia: Yes. I was one of your relatives. She was a very kind person. But her motives were not always altruistic. I have returned to earth also in order to reveal Hashem's greatness to a blind society. Although I helped others in my previous life, I sometimes had ulterior motives. I had other failings too. The Heavenly Court gave me the opportunity to rectify my character flaws by letting me return in a form in which all my behavior is totally selfless.
Beila's mom: Why did I give birth to a child like you?
Balia: In order to help you overcome your lack of trust in HaShem.

Balia Describes the Heavenly Court:
Q. What can you tell me about the Heavenly Court?
B. All I can say is that it is awesome. The judges scrutinize every single detail of man's acts. They are Hashem's emissaries. Even the righteous tremble in fear of them on the Day of Judgment.

"The sum of the matter, when all has been considered: Fear G-d and keep His commandments, for that is man's whole duty. For G-d will judge every deed-even everything hidden-whether good or evil."-Koheles (Ecclesiastes) 12:13-14

http://www.tora1.com/sratim/galia_english.WMV (In Hebew with English subtitles)




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