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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The 10th Man

It says in the Mishna אי אתה יודע מתן שכרן של מצוות Be as scrupulous about the lightest command as about the weightiest, for no man knows the result of his actions.

It was decided in Moshav Shoresh, close to Yerushalayim, to arrange daily Minyan (10 men) for Mincha. For this operation, Yossie needed to create a shul and arrange for men to join the Tefilla (prayer). It was not an easy task but b'h, successful. One day, only 9 men showed up, including himself. His efforts to get a 10th man was fruitless. He worried that if there will not be a minyan, the men will stop coming for the Tefilla. He quickly ran into the streets to find a 10th man.

After much search, he found his friend Shlomo, a secular man, and begged him to complete the minyan. Shlomo had no problem with the request and said he will come to the shul in 1/2 an hour. "NO!, It's too late, you must come now with me", Yossie begged Shlomo.

"Don't pressure me. I want to take a shower and change my clothing and then I'll come to complete the minyan". Yossie was sweating. After much pressure, Shlomo agreed to skip the shower and together, they arrived at the shul. As soon as they arrived, Mincha began. Less than 2 minutes later, another man arrived to daven.

"Can I go now?", asked Shlomo. "You can, but you don't have to", Yossie replied with a smile. "Oh please, you have 10 men, it's enough. Bye." Shlomo got up and left.

A few years passed and Shlomo passed away. He came to Yossie in a dream and told him, "I want you to know that Bet Din of Shamayim allowed me to come to you in a dream and tell you this."

"That day when I came to shul, and didn't stay sufficient time even to say Amen or pray, and all I did was sit there for 2 minutes till another man arrived, this small action saved me."

"For this tiny act, Shamayim gave me enormous rewards and it saved me from very harsh punishments and judements."

"Tell the living, those whom can still take advantage of time what great rewards are given if they learn Torah."

"You cannot begin to imagine. If I would be given permission, I would reveal to you all the details."

"Tell them that I was saved from very severe decrees and harsh judgments because of the 2 minutes I merited to sit inside the shul."

"Please, I have a request for you. After I passed away, my son hardly sat Shiva for me and does not know what is Kaddish. He did not fullfil for my soul the shloshim, and not the year, till today. He is totally disconnected from Torah and commandments. Please, Shamayim gave me permission to give you his address. Go to him and kindly tell him the pleasures he can give my soul and elevate me. Please!."

B'H, the niftar Shlomo merited his sons to do Teshuva and are now leading Orthodox lives.

This story is authentic and very mysterious. Shlomo, zs'l, was in shul for less than 2 minutes and look at the rewards he received. He didn't even pray or stay long enough to answer 'Amen.'

Every Torah learning, saying Tehillim, praying, chesed, etc. is written in Shamayim's Book and this can save us when we pass away and enter our Judgment.

For this our chachamim say,
בן אדם למה תדאג על הדמים ולא תדאג על הימים, כי הימים אינם חוזרים
"Human being, why worry about money and not about time, because time never returns."

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