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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nili: The Girl Behind the 'Picture'

Reb Akiva Shlita at Mystical Paths wrote about the picture which was awarded the Pulitzer prize for "Breaking News Photography."

The girl in the picture is 17 years old Nili and she said the following: "The picture won a prize and the media claimed that this picture brought world-wide respect for Israel. This picture is not a symbol of respect, it's a symbol of disgrace".

"When 'Medinat Israel' operates against Eretz Israel, and its soldiers and police force are sent on a cruel mission to exile Jews from Eretz Israel, it's a disgrace", explains Nili.

"In "Medinat Israel' houses are destroyed with excuses that it's not legal, but even when it is legal, like Hevron's 'Peace House', they come up with reasons from beneath the ground to tramble the Jews that have every right to live in Eretz Israel'.

"People look at the picture and ask me, what were you thinking? One girl against a 'wave' of dressed-in-black policemen? Why didn't you ran away? Why did you think you can fight, one against all? My answer is that we came to fight, we did not come to surrender or run away". "Whomever looks at the destructed houses in Amona understands that this operation was senseless, except for their drive for destruction and hatred".

The brave girl refuses to be photographed on the ruins of the houses in Amona. "It's not just a destruction. These are people's home. When I stood against the policemen, I felt the people's pain, I felt there are not enough fighters for Eretz Israel. The picture represents deceipt, I have to stand opposing representatives of 'Medinat Israel'? It's them that need to serve the needs of Am Israel".

What most people don't know is that after brave 17 year old Nili stood firm opposing the police, they beat her up merciless with intolerable cruelty. "There are pictures showing the police force surrounded me, threw me on to the ground, hit me with batons, punishing me for daring to oppose them".

"To accomplish their mission, there was no need to beat me up but they didn't concede. They probably wanted to teach me a lesson so I'll never dare again oppose them. I have news for them, they didn't succeed!". Nili says that she has already been to the peace house in Hevron and has notified the residents that if 'Medinat Israel' exiles them, God forbid, she is ready to fight. "I believe that like me, there are thousands of teens who will come fight, including those who got beaten up in Amona".

"It seems in the picture that it's one against many but it's a delusion", says Nili, "behind all the police force and army stands one man, Omert. Behind me is HKB'H and Am Israel".

To see the interview, http://www.inn.co.il/News/News.aspx/161609




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