Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, March 01, 2007

May This Purim be Venahafoch Hu

After 15 years that my brother was childless, with much Divine Providence, tonite was the Brit Milah.

The bald professor took the envelope in his right hand, while scratching his shiny bald head. The words on the invitation were a mystery. Who is the Levy family? An invitation to a brit? Since when does he know anyone in Tzfat? He had no plans to go, of course not, his time was money, and he isn't about to waste money on a celebration, especially when it's a crying baby and a nervous father. He put the invitation inside the car's drawer and totally forgot about it.

"What is this?", an investigating irritating high voice asks. He turns his head towards her and sees that she's holding the invitation in her hand.

"I don't know", he answered her honestly, "I got it the day before and we don't know these people - not the parents and not the baby".

"It's today, you know?"

"So what?", he continued driving, trying to ignore her.

"I thought that since we are already on the way to Rosh Pina, let's detour to Tzfat, to the Brit".

He knew that the minute women begin to think, it means trouble but he never dreamed she can think this fast. To avoid a fight, he turned the car around at the first junction - 'there goes my vacation' he thought, 'all because of a baby I don't even know'.

He didn't expect such a Brit. His eyes and eyelids blinked uncontrollably, his legs were frozen without able to make a move, and his extrovert attitude that accompanied him always, disappeared. He recognized the father, the smiling and radiant looking father. When he collected himself, he looked thru the curtain to see the mother, and in the instance he saw her, it all came back into his memory of what happened a year ago...

It was an exciting morning. His wife just left to France with her freinds and finally, he had some quite. The day could have continued to be pleasant if not for the religious couple that showed up early afternoon. They came to his office with one goal - to ruin his day! They were after 2 unsuccessful artificial insemination and now, they needed his certificate of approval to get a 3rd one. And who will pay for it? The taxpayers, not from the religious ones that don't go to the army...

The husband, sweat trickling down his head and on his beard long, was begging him "Please do chesed with us wretched people". The wife, a kerchief covering her hair, looking ridiculous, was whispering...

But the high and mighty powerful professor paid no mind, he looked at the previous results with no feeling or sensitivity. He made believe as if he is seriously considering their request but the answer was clear. He looked straight into the husband's eyes and announced "Don't even bother".

The wife began crying hysterically, it kind of reminded him of his wife. He looked coldly at her and muttered angrily: "When you will have children, I'll have hair growing on the palm of my hand".

They left the clinique, the woman was hardly able to stand on her own and the husband was trying to comfort her. The professor returned to his papers and quiteness.

Outside, between passing cars and bored pedestrians, he saw his wife was crying and felt her shattered heart. He felt the despair penetrating her and said, "He can say everything, but the one who rules, sits in Shamayin, not here!".

It was 2 am and they were there alone. When they returned to Tzfat, she felt she couldn't take the pain any more. The suffering could no longer be endured. 14 years of lonliness, false hope, and longing accumulate inside and it turned into a threat. The more she replayed his last words, "When you will have children, I'll have hair growing from the palm of my hand", her will to live diminished. "I want to die", she suddenly said to her husband. He tried to comfort her but it was like reviving a dead person. Suddenly, he had an idea.

Now they are here, in the shul of the Tzaddik praying to HaShem. Trying to squeeze the 14 years of pain into a few words of prayers. The nite, silent without end. They are without a child, praying, begging, fighting, and weeping. The ornamental curtain covering the front of the holy ark in the synagogue was absorbed with salty tears, and their faces buried inside it.

How can this pain be describes in words, how can 14 years of penetrating pain can be imagined? Only the tears spoke for them, the hot shiny fresh tears poured and flowed. Finally, the words followed, "You are our King and everything You are, help us not to lose hope..."

Sunlight peeked thru inside the shul. They stepped outside to the cold morning air, looking at the breathtaking sky and breathing in the fresh air. They didn't know that today a new door opened for them, the new light...

She felt sick and weak but paid no attention. But when it got more serious, she went for a check up, but didn't take it seriously, she did it out of boredom. She showed him the results and found him crying. Another checkup, and the same result repeated again. After fourteen years...

Now, the famed professor is standing, somewhere between the Burekas and cookies, and listening to the Bracha: "Shehecheyanu Vekiyamnu Lazman Haze!".

He understood that this is not a coincidence - this is a miracle - no treatments and medication. A barren woman gave birth to a screaming baby boy... The father whispered lightly, ""He can say everything, but the One who rules, sits in Shamayin, not here!. Now you can start growing hair on the palm of your hand..."

This is my brother's story, as he told me during the Brit - may we all hear good news, Amen!
translated from http://hydepark.hevre.co.il/topic.asp?topic_id=2158898

May it be HaShem's Will to give hope, chizuk and a healthy baby to
Y ben B & SG bat EM
T bat S & A ben BS
and all barren couples...

May this Purim be Venahafoch Hu. HKB'H will see and hear each suffering person that returns to HaShem and as HaShem did miracles to our Forefathers, He will do the same for you, Amen.




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו