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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Living in Eretz Israel

Shavua Tov U Mazal Tov Eliyahu HaNavi Zachur Latov

Hi Everyone. This is going to sound more like a letter than a post. B'h, everything is very great, chasdei HaShem, in Eretz Israel. We found an apartment and the kids began school, chasdei HaShem. We live across the street from the children's yeshiva. Our new home is close to the Kever of Devorah HaNevia, a'h. B'h, this week I'll be receiving a computer with internet service and will be able to blog and write more and even answer emails, with HaShem's permission.

Shabbat in our new home was wonderful, b'h. We took the kids to the park (there are many parks in Eretz Israel) and we said Tehillim with the children whom were playing in the park. It was a tremendous chesed to be able to this and kiddush HaShem. B'h, the kids are adjusting very well to Eretz Israel and love it. They don't understand what took so long to move here. B'h, they adjusted very quickly and didn't even suffer from jetlag. They love the new school. My eldest was very impressed with his classmates. He said they are very good children and offered him snacks and have achdut. He said b'h, the kids of his class don't need to do Teshuva... I laughed when he told me this because it gave me much pleasure of the way his mind thinks, b'h...

My youngest (7 years old) also has a few comments that give much pleasure. He told me it's not good to throw any dirt (cigarette butts) on the admat Kodesh (holy land) and we must give respect to the holy land.

This past week, Thursday (Chamishi - Moshiach) we went to Minharat Eliyahu HaNavi zachur latov and my son counted the steps going up to the Minhara - 52 steps, gematria Eliyahu...

B'h, I'll be writing more this week, with HaShem's permission.
Bsorot Tovot - Good News
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