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Friday, November 10, 2006

UNmixed Messages

Email by a Jerusalem resident, YG:
I am so upset. I just simply don't agree with a lot of stuff being said. Whats this about Lupiansky being cursed? It's shocking. The police, what do they know already that they are being judged?. I'm sure most of them disagree in their hearts.

You know, for the last couple of weeks its been raining and cold and today is like a beautiful summer's day. What kind of message does that give? If Hashem is so much on our side, why could he have not made a storm. Why is there no protest march? Have we given up?

I think that it's time for Orthodox people to try and understand what's going on. Hashem is not angry because of the irreligious, why should He be? They'll get their punishment in the next world. He is angry at us because we have failed to stand up for His Name and Torah in the proper way.

The religious have simply failed to give any sort of positive message. It's for one simple reason which is lack of unity. if everyone from the beginning would have come under one banner and one direction, we could have made an affect.

This is what makes Hashem angry and to go and blame people like Lupiansky is just a silly escape.

Shabbat Shalom and blessings, YG

I understand your confusion but remember, this is a time of great confusion and even greater tests. Now is a time of Hester Panim ("hiding of the Face", referring to HaShem).

The message of the weather is very clear. If the weather forecast in Yerushalayim for the pride parade would be rainy and cold, it would have been automatically cancelled. There would not have been an Orthodox unity of protests that would cancel the parade. The authentic Ovdei HaShem (servants of HaShem) would not have had the opportunity to show the world that a parade of sinners is NEVER allowed in the Holy City and in the Holy Land.

This is the time of Birur (clarification) and tests. HaShem is testing Am Israel: Who will fight for HaShem's honor? Who will be silent? Who will give up? Who will protest? Who will cry and pray for its cancellation? Who will fast? Who will protect the sinners?.

Despite the rainy and cold weather, Jews went out and protested the pride parade and it added even more merits. It was a tremendous Kiddush HaShem.

You are definitely right about Orthodox Jews and mixed messages. Jews that are "shomer Shabbat" have no qualms keeping their political secular chair warm - this is the worst kind of betrayal to HKB'H. See Mayor of Jerusalem Uri Lupiansky's reply HERE.

Is there anyone CURRENTLY in a political chair that will fight for HaShem's honor?

The first political leader of Shas was Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz Shlita, who served as minister of interior in the National Unity Government until his protest resignation in 1987. During his reign, he blamed a bus accident in which 22 school children were killed, on incorrect mezuzot (amulets) affixed to the doors of the school.
Rabbi Peretz, submitted his resignation because a court ruling ordered him to register an American immigrant who underwent a Reform conversion as Jewish. He resigned, saying it would lead Israel to ''assimilation and destruction.''

וישם מדברה כעדן, וערבתה כגן-יהוה; ששון ושמחה ימצא בה, תודה וקול זמרה
One who will mourn over Yerushalayim will merit to see Yerushalayim rebuilt with glory. Only the people whose hearts bled to see Yerushalayim degraded, HaShem will gather them from all corners of the world, and they will merit to live in Zion, in the rebuilt Yerushalayim.

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