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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sanhedrin Announcement: Psak Halacha

Sanhedrin of Eretz Israel
HaRav Yehuda Edery
HaRav Israel Ariel Hillel Weiss
Friday, 19 Cheshvan, 5767
Sanhedrin Announcement: Pride Parade

Bet Din of Sanhedrin Announcement: Psak Halacha

Friday, 19 Cheshvan, 5767, the biggest demonstration rally will be held to preserve the holiness of Yerushalayim Holy City and the Holy Temple.

Participants of the pride parade established for themselves a lifestyle that opposes the Holy Torah. It says in the holy Torah "a male will not sleep with a male - this is abomination". It also says that a person of Am Israel that transgresses this sin is to get stoned. These particular people suffer from the knowledge that their doings are animalistic behavior and therefore need to have a parade, to help them overcome their shame and guilt they are living in.

Therefore, every police man and security officer that assists this parade in any way is trangressing very serious sins, as follows:

1. Helping the sinner as it says "לפני עיוור לא תיתן מכשול" - "infront of a blind person, do not place obstacle";
2. Anyone who can protest the pride parade but does not object, is under the category of "לא יהיה קדש בבני ישראל"
3. Ppolice man and security officer who prevents even one person from the public to defend the Torah and oppose the abomination, is sinning by holding back doing the Mitzvah of הוכח תוכיח (rebuking).
4. A police man and security officer who hits a protestor is called evil - as it says "כל המרים יד על חברו נקרא רשע''
5. Anyone participating in securing the pride parade, brings exile to Am Israel as it says "כמעשה ארץ מצרים אשר ישבתם בה לא תעשו...ולא תקיא הארץ אתכם".
6. Police and security force that leaves their ususal post to provide security to the parade are endangering Am Israel and sinning, as it says ''לא תעמוד על דם רעיך''.
7. Clean up after the pride parade will cause additional sinning of Chillul Shabbat and therefore, every policeman who participates is desecrating the Shabbat, as it says ''מחלליה מות יומת''.
8. A police man and security officer who helps even in the smallest and indirect way to execute the parade is humiliating Gdolei HaTorah that call all Jews to protest this parade. Anyone that humiliates a Rav, has no share in Olam Haba (Rambam).

Any policeman/security officer (man or woman) that is participating in securing the parade of abomination is called by the Torah a criminal. The sin is very big to carry and will have to give judgment in Shamayim.

Every police man and security officer whom fears HaShem, should refuse orders and will not participate in any way to secure the parade of people that act in abomination.

Brilliant article...from Rebbe Pinchas Winston




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