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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sanhedrin Announcement: Pride Parade

Sanhedrin of Eretz Israel
דובר הסנהדרין: פרופ'' הלל ויס, 0545343545
October 31, 2006 ט'' במרחשון, תשס"ז

Bet Din of Sanhedrin Announcement: Pride Parade

Unanimous decision, beginning today, as follows:
A. Petition to all Jews
B. Petition to the Government, Knesset, Police Force

1. The Sanhedrin is calling all shuls (Betai Knessiot) to shut their doors Shabbat Parshat Lech Lecha and pray outside the shul, on the streets. This is an indication of insult, warning, and begging to cancel the abomination parade. There cannot be a continuation of regular daily activities when the Police Force, together with the backup of the Courts, are forcing millions of Jews the abomination parade in Israel. It is against the religion of Judaism. One must pray on the holy streets of Yerushalayim Monday and Thursday till the decree is annuled.

2. The Sanhedrin is an upper national council of the Jews. We are calling on the Israel Gov't and the Knesset to immediately legislate a law against the existence of the degrating parade or announce the decision to cancel the parade.

3. We are calling on the Israeli Police Force not to provide permit license to this parade, to avoid spilled blood. The manpower the police will invest to validate the parade, together with additional security, will paralyze thwarting attacks. If the parade will not be cancelled, there will be a great need to create an investigation committee to investigate the attacks and blood spilled. The results will pale in comparison to the Lebanon War II.

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