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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God Have Mercy On Us

Former Chief Rabbi Mekubal Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita called "all the parties to unite and to make a law against this "thing", against the High Court."

This is the first significant public opposition by a religious public figure against the High Court ruling that allows same-sex marriages to be registered in the population registry.

Contrary to the widespread ultra-Orthodox protest against the gay pride parade, the High Court ruling passed with surprising silence last week. None of the prominent rabbis in the haredi or religious sector came out with a public statement against the ruling, except the former chief Rav.

He claimed that a union of the parties is required to cancel the ruling. The Rav made these statements in his weekly haredi radio program Kol Ha'emet during which he responds to listeners' questions.

At the start of the program, interviewer Shmuel Ben-Atar asked him to respond to the issue: "How do we need to behave when we, unfortunately, see rulings, here in the Jewish state, of the High Court who has decided to damage the Torah and to outrage the entire religion by declaring such marriages?"

In the rest of his answer, Rabbi Eliyahu claimed that "all the parties, all of them without exception – haredi or not haredi, religious or not religious, and even members of Knesset from other parties who are in Kadima or some other place where there are few religious people among them – need to unite and to unite and make a law against this thing, against the High Court."

He even expanded his response to include adopting a whole new attitude toward the High Court and its other rulings. "Anything that damages religion, make a law against it," he stipulated.

The Rav explained that there is an obligation to protest such rulings because "if they don't do this thing, if they aren't erased below, they will be angry at us above. But if below it is erased, it is pardoned in heaven."

The interviewer sharpened the question: "So, everyone has the duty to protest, including leader?"

Rav Eliyahu replied decisively: "Yes. All MKs will submit requests in the Knesset to cancel what the High Court's ruling. If it doesn't work, so no, but at least they protested. It is forbidden , they won't remain quiet. There are some religious people in the Knesset, how can this be?" Said the Rav.

Sources in Shas, the government's coalition partner, answered the following: "Shas wants to remind Rav Eliyahu that the previous government which caused destruction on the social and security levels, was also responsible for the destruction of Jewish traditions through various ways in order to define marriage as civil marriage, and all this with a religious coalition partner that is led by Rab Eliyahu, and which included the Shinui party."

"The public's memory in this country is a little longer than what Rav Eliyahu thinks," Shas said, in an allusion to the National Religious Party, a coalition partner in the previous government.

NK's comment: We should have voted for Moshiach!!!




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