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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thought You Are Safe?

Thought America is safe and it couldn't get any scarier or stranger? You just came across the Terror T-Shirt. Yes! [+/-] show/hide text
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Wouldn't that be fun?

Thought that it's a problem getting a bottle of water onto a plane in JFK? Try getting one past the security guard at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue as you are walking in to attend Shabbat services! This guy is tough! If you think I'm exaggerating... read on.

Recently, my wife and I spent Shabbat in Manhattan. Bright and early Shabbat morning we arose and walked to the Fifth Avenue Synagogue. Standing at the door to greet us was a plainclothes security guard plus four -- that's right, FOUR -- NYPD officers in full uniform. Two cop cars were positioned outside with lights blaring. We felt like we were at a crime scene. "What's in that bag?" asked the security guard. "A bottle of water and our hotel room key," said my wife. "The key you can keep but you cannot enter the premises with that water. You will have to discard it in the trash bin outside the building." He wasn't kidding.

Later that same day, we decided to join the afternoon Mincha services at the Park East Synagogue. This time, there were no NYPD officers but there was a security guard sitting just inside the main door. When we entered, he immediately arose and told me to spread my arms and legs. He frisked me from my shoulders all the way down to my shoes. "You're clean, you can enter." Imagine that... a full body search just to go to Synagogue. As I walked in I noticed that this security guard was watching 8 different monitors that showed him live video footage of every angle of the Synagogue. I don't think Fort Knox is watched this closely!

Many people may just shake their head in disbelief after experiencing such an ordeal. Others may simply say that it goes with the times. I drew a completely different conclusion; one that most people reading this won't like: Jews in America, get out while you still can. Your days are numbered. Your beautiful Synagogues and Yeshivot will end up as museums... or worse. Take recent events as G-d telling you to go home and leave while you still can. The "writing on the wall" is there for all to see. Don't say you weren't warned and that G-d, in His infinite kindness, didn't communicate a clear message to you. Sell your homes and businesses, pack your suitcases and head home to the one and only land that truly belongs to you and your children.

You might say that similar problems exist in Israel. You can't sit in a coffee shop, enter a mall or even see a movie without passing a security guard. Soldiers are every where, policemen are on high alert and every empty box is a "suspicious object". If that's true -- and unfortunately it is -- what's the difference between the Fifth Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan and the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem???

There are actually two differences: The first is that in Israel, we know exactly who the enemy is. The second, is that if we want to (and I pray for that day to come soon) we can easily defeat that enemy. Allow me to explain.

One does not need to be a member of the Israeli spy network to know who hates us in Israel. We know who the suicide bombers are, where they come from and what schools taught them their hatred. We know their leaders, the organizations they belong to and even where they live! The only thing that's lacking is the Jewish values that will give us the guts to deal with these beasts. Knowing what to do is one thing... believing that G-d will stand by us when we actually do it is something else.

This is why terror in Israel doesn't scare me. I know that very soon, new leadership will arise in Israel that will deal with these terrorists quickly and effectively. A problem of 60 years will be erased in a few days when the Arabs see leaders who are versed in the Torah and deeply connected to its teachings.

Things in the USA aren't that simple. The enemy is an unknown. Anti-semites masquerade as good friends and elected officials are more worried about their image and "political correctness" than dealing with reality. Racial profiling is a no-no and nobody seems to care about the growing -- and very hostile -- Muslim population.

As the war in Iraq enters yet another stage, as the nuclear problems heat up in Iran and North Korea and as terror attacks grow in intensity and ingenuity the "Israeli" factor will become center stage. American citizens will feel that supporting Israel means nothing but trouble and Jews will pay for it. High gas prices will not be good for the Jews and neither will a weak stock market. The pressure will mount from all sides and become unbearable in a very short amount of time.

I say these things not to scare anybody but because I truly believe them. I see a very bad future for Jews in America and feel the obligation to publicize it. The "water bottle" incident experienced by my wife and me was the final straw. It convinced me that what is happening to Jews in France -- and many other cities in Europe -- will happen here as well.

My dear brothers and sisters; take my words seriously and start the process to leave this country and come home. Think about your children and your future. Think about the words "Next Year in Jerusalem" and make them become a reality. And most of all... think about your King who wants you to come to His cherished land. Look around and see the messages He is sending. These messages are not "spam" and should not be "deleted". Listen to them, understand them and act on them.

Shmuel Sackett
International Director,
Manhigut Yehudit
Cheshvan 5767 (Oct, 06)




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