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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sara - Gilgul from Bet HaMikdash

Posted on Kaduri.net by Ilana Levy
Tuesday, March 7, 2006
Adar 7, 5766

Ilana went to the Police station for personal reasons and while waiting to be called ; she met a woman and started talking with her. An amazing woman who remembers her past life from the time of the Bet HaMikdash. She remembers her parents from that time and more things. [+/-] show/hide text
She is about 40 years old, religious, divorced with a son, Eliyahu. She looks no more than 30. She told me that she had a dream about 2 1/2 years ago that someone came to her in her sleep and told her that Moshiach was supposed to come but it was postponed because there are many wicked people. The person in the dream asked her not to pray for Moshiach's arrival and she stopped.

She must be a very high neshama. I told her my opinion of why people act wicked and they don't even have control over their actions. I asked her to please continue to pray for Moshiach and she seems so innocent and agreed. We continued talking and I gained her trust. She seems so naive.

She told me that she remembers her life before the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash, towards the end, in the time of the Romans. She was married and had a daughter. Her husband was murdered by the Romans, and she stayed with her daughter. After she died, she was in a "waiting period" in Shamayim for 1,800 years. I asked her if it's Gan Eden or Geheinom and she said it's neither. It's like a "waiting room". She waited and searched for parents that will suit her Tikkun to return to this Olam. She was able to see this Olam while in the "waiting room". She said that the dead can see all that is happening with the living. She had permission to choose her parents to complete her Tikkun in this Olam. She said that she was lacking some Mitsvot and needed to return to complete them.

She found the right set of parents after 1,800 years. The mother was the same mother from her previous life and in this life; her mother married a man that seems to be violent and not easy to live with. She felt that although he is violent, she would be able to complete her Tikkun with this set of parents.

I asked her if the dead are around us but without bodies? And she said of course. I asked her if they are the Mazikim, destructive, and she said they are also good. I asked her if they are only at night and she said also in the day. She added that whoever prays Shachris and at least 1 time the Amida, and Tefillah Pitom Haktoret is also important once a day, that person is protected. The mazikim don't have permission from HaShem to hurt.

She told me her name in her previous life. She had 2 names. One name, Teshuvah and the second name, Shashi or Sashi (ששי).

She was very afraid to tell me all this because she is afraid that people will think she's crazy and I had to convince her that I think she's normal. I took her phone number because I want to talk with her more.

I just spoke with her over the phone. I asked her to please pray for Moshiach and she said she cannot do it unless she has permission from HaShem. I asked her how does HaShem tell you? She said directly, thru dreaming. I asked her how she knows it's HaShem. Maybe it's chas vechalila SM and "dresses up". She said NO NO NO - it's the voice of HKB'H, it's impossible to err with HaShem's voice. There is only one voice of mercy - like a Father's voice.

Ilana: This woman is unbelievable. I am in shock. I believe this woman that she speaks the truth. Just to listen to her plainness I'd say she's a Tzaddika and she tells me that she feels she's nothing. She tells me that she needs to know that when she prays for Moshiach, she must know that Moshiach will come and not leave. I begged her to please pray for Moshiach's arrival, look how Bnei Yisrael are suffering - so many troubles, no money to buy food. And she says that she too is very poor. I begged her to pray to HaShem to send Moshiach, with mercy. She was insisting that she must receive permission from HaShem and get an answer from HaShem that Moshiach will arrive and never leave. When she'll get this permission, she'll call to tell me. She told me that 2 years ago Moshiach came and left because of the wicked and she cannot bear that it will happen again. She cries so much.

I asked her how old she was in the previous life when she died. She told me that she made a big mistake in her previous life. After her husband was murdered, she lost the will to live and prayed to HaShem to take her away from this Olam. And HaShem took her on the same day. I asked her how did HaShem take you, thru an accident? And she says, "No, HKB'H in His hand picked me up and took me up".

I asked her what did you do for 1,800 years in the waiting room? She said that she was connected to all the neshamot that reincarnated in this Olam. She knows and remembers their names in this Olam. She tried to speak to some in this Olam but they do not remember. Except for one. He remembers his previous life and hers.

Her name in this life is Sarah. She gave me the phone number of the man who remembers his and her previous life during the Bet HaMikdash. He works at the diamond district in Tel Aviv.

I told her that I never heard of anyone speaking with HaShem and HaShem speaking with a person although I believe her. She was shocked and told me that it cannot be. HaShem speaks to many people but they are scared to say it because no one will believe them. I think she prefers to think this way that HaShem speaks to everyone. (Ilana: It's really scary). I asked her why does HaShem come to speak to you? She said that she cries a lot and when something is bothering her so much, HKB'H answers her.

She told me that in her previous life, the Bet HaMikdash was so beautiful and it was not yet destructed (the second Bet HaMikdash). She remembers all the time the time of the Bet HaMikdash and she can never forget it and it pains her so much that the Bet HaMikdash doesn't exist. She remembers the wonderful feelings when Bet HaMikdash was active and she cries so much to HKB'H that Bet HaMikdash has been destructed and she says that it angers her that the Bet HaMikdash was destructed and is no more.

She told me that HKB'H came to her in a dream and showed her the new Bet HaMikdash. HaShem built it. It's made totally from pure gold (nava - I saw that also in a dream). HKB'H promised her that HaShem will bring down the Bet HaMikdash like a fire missile and just when the Bet HaMikdash will land, the fire will extinguish. She told me that she had this dream 3 years ago and she marked it in her diary. She said that the time is 1:00 pm. She looked for the date in her diary.

I asked her to please daven for Moshiach's arrival. It was meant to be that we meet today, Moshe Rabbeinu Yartzeit. She said again that she hopes that HKB'H will give her an answer that Moshiach will come in Geulah Shlema and not leave again. And she promised she will daven for this. She is searching in her diary the exact date of when Bet HaMikdash will come down. I explained to her that although the Bet HaMikdash was destructed, instead of taking Am Israel for their sins, HaShem preferred to take away the Bet HaMikdash so Bnei Yisrael will want the Geulah and the Bet HaMikdash with all their hearts and will not think that it is easily accessible.

There was more information posted by Ilana after 7 Adar and also by others that spoke with Sarah. Many wanted to verify if this is true and Ilana was given permission by Sarah to give her phone number.

She said when she was 20 years old, she almost had an accident on the road. But in the same minute, HaShem covered her with His wing on the road and the vehicle crushed into the wing of HaShem and flew backwards. All the eyewitnesses were in shock and the driver did not even understand what has happened. She says that he opened the door of the car, looked her straight in the eye and dumbfounded, asker her how she did this?? She said the wing was transparent and could be seen. She felt very comforted in the wing of HaShem, on the road, as if nothing was wrong and nothing was lacking. She had no earthly urging like eating, drinking, showering because everything is supplied inside the wing. But outside HaShem wing, it was hard and made the car fly backwards. She said that HaShem did not release her till she explicitly said that she needed to get up and walk.

(A guy writes this after speaking with Sarah over the phone. His conclusion is that HaShem is so good and never wants any cause to stop the good on His initiative. It seems HaShem is adjacent to her).

Sometimes when she davens, HaShem speaks to her thru her mind. HaShem sends her answers and directs her. Sarah says that not always she saw HaShem as clear as now. In the beginning, HaShem came to her thru a dream but not clear. Sarah begged HaShem to see Him clear because He is her father and begged and tried to convince HaShem to let her see Him. HaShem told her that mankind cannot see Him but she insisted that she has nothing, only Aba etc. and Aba agreed and now she sees Him clearer. HaShem told her that "the reason HaShem is appearing to her is because there's no one to direct and guide her".

(Guy's opinion:) Sara is not proud and doesn't consider herself Tzaddika or special.

HaShem guides her from big to small. HaShem reveals to her which Dr. to go to that will give her the best medical help and which Shidduch is appropriate for her. One day she forgot her Dr.'s appointment and all day, HaShem transmitted to her mind to look in her diary and to see her appointment for today but she was sure the appointment is for tomorrow. She finally checked her diary and went to the Dr. on that day.

(Guy's opinion:) Hashem looks after her, like King Dovid says in Tehillim
"כגמול עלי אימו כגמול עלי נפשי".
Like a baby who is suckling his mother and his mother takes care of his every need.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"....Sometimes when she davens, HaShem speaks to her thru her mind. HaShem sends her answers and directs her".

That is TRUE.
I had this experienced often and I never talk to people about that, because they may think I am crazy and hear voices... but most of the time this things happen like you have to do something and a voice behind you hear say dont do that or dont go theere or do this or this is true and this is not...and when I do as was told everything is so clear to me as a help of an adviser that tell you what is best to do...Often I say back to this Helper: "thank you", "you are great" etc.... The most greatness in this higher inteligence is the fact... when I am informed about other people's mind,their felling and acting,lies,evil,hipocrisy etc.
And things roll like that and those people ,society look so low. Sometimes I feel like I am sitting in the front of a Scene where the director next to me talks and tell about those who are in the scene..
And you dont like to witness that..
it creates a bad opinion about the humans;as inferior beings....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you spoken with Sarah (The gilgul from the time of Bayit Sheini)? Is she really who she seems to be? What an incredibly high neshomoh she must be. I would figure that it would be a neshomoh like that to be the bosor-v'dom mother of Moshiach. Do I make any sense? And the fact that her son is named Eliyahu????

Blogger nava said...

I never spoke with her but someone who did tells me that he spoke to her and her innocence is totally not from this generation - so to speak. I followed the posts on Kaduri about her and it seems that most believed. In the beginning, most were skeptical but as more information was given of who she is and more people spoke with her, most believe her.
Although I never spoke with her, I did with Ilana. It seems genuine and I choose to believe it. I know there are gilgulim, autistics with messages, dreams - why believe anything? but then again, why not believe??? I believe the dreams and the autistic's messages are real and I believe Sara too.

Blogger nava said...

To Anonymous Poster 1:
Why is this that people would think you are crazy? Is it because they never experienced it and therefore, it makes no sense in their minds? People have a hard time to accept things they don't know about. But people with faith in HaShem, complete faith would believe you because the Torah talks about it endlessly. The only reason some people choose to believe dreams is because they too had dreams at least once in their life time.
Autistic messages is easy to believe becuz there are so many articles about FC and many people have sessions with them (and they also believe Rabbi Lazer Brody Shlita).
Speaking with HaShem is hard to believe because most are not zoche to have such experiences. But man's opinion doesn't change the beautiful experiences and closeness you have with HaShem.

It's easy for me to believe you becuz I too have experienced it, especially in this last week. I'm having "conversations" with Gilad Shalit. I got scared and thought it was coming from the imagination but I've never had such far-fetched imagination. The conversations I am having with him are only during the time I'm saying Tehillim. Gilad wanted to know why men wear Tzizit and Kipa and whether he should eat their food (not kosher). He wanted to know about HaShem - who is HaShem? He no longer asks if anyone is looking for him. He wants to know who is HaShem. He wants to know his Passuk, he wants to say Shir Lamaalot in Tehillim.

Isn't that crazy? NO!! It's beautiful (although it's conversations in an unnatural way)

B'h, with Moshiach's arrival, we will experience such closeness to HaShem and Jews will never again use terminology words as lies, unbelievable, not normal, etc.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm having "conversations" with Gilad Shalit.- you said,..but this is normal for the science. It does happen often and it is called mind reading between people who are even far and dont know each other. Thoughts are like energy which move or travel around...somewhere.

About the Crazyness of the voice around a person or inside him, that is the samething;it's energy, thoughts of the people who still live, or have died before or even higher beigns or G-d.
Sometimes I feel that Rebbe,other important people or higher Being sit next to me and said type or say this words and I do, and I have a feeling that those were not my words at all. Often I comfront this "next person"; human or G-d by saying to them NO; that it is to "heavy" to say or do that, but I know that it is right..so I do;
I know that they are right...
You can see clear the whole picture as is no space and time; past and present and future, but you see clear that is right and that is wrong, that's stupid and that's clever, that's good and that's evil. And you witness these.


והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו