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Monday, October 30, 2006

Prayer at the Ohel

Last Thursday, Oct. 26th, a group of girls went on a trip to the mountains of Ramat HaGolan. They walked up a mountain path when one of the girls lost her footstep and fell 35 ft. from a hillside cliff. In a revealed miracle, she landed on a big stone on her feet and not on her head. The group of girls were hysterical and immediately called Israel Magen Dovid Adom MDA (Hatzala).

When MDA arrived after a few minutes, they carried the injured girl on a stretcher to the hospital and there, she was placed in the trauma section. When the Dr.s heard about the girl's accident, they assumed that all most of her body bones are broken.

They proceeded to take x-rays but the results astounded them. There was not even one broken bone and the Dr.s admitted that this is nothing short of a revealed miracle. After hearing that she was part of a Chabad group, one of the Dr.s said to her that probably the Rebbe, zs'l, saved her.

The girl was released and went home totally and completely healthy. She called her friend that resides in NY and told her what happened. Her friend was shocked and asked her to repeat it again. After hearing it again, the friend told her that she wants to tell her the second part of this miracle.

"On Thursday", she said, "I celebrated my birthday and went to the Ohel HaKadosh of the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'l. After praying, I left but remembered that I forgot to mention you for a blessing so I went back inside the Ohel and mentioned your name.

The Israeli girl wanted to know what time this occured in NY. Turns out the friend that was in the Ohel HaKadosh and prayed for her 9:30 am Thursday morning. (Before the clock was changed there was a 6 hour difference). The accident happened in the mountains of Ramat HaGolan at 3:30 pm.

translated from http://www.col.org.il/show_news.asp?24394




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