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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Massive "Parade of Purity"

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar is calling the Jews in the Diaspora to oppose the gay pride march slated to take place in Jerusalem in two weeks. “I call on all Jews who are concerned with their own and Israel’s existence to rouse a great protest until this evil parade is cancelled.”

The curse of the "proud parade" is not going to go away by itself.

Massive "Parade of Purity":
Time is running short, and Jews in the Diaspora who cannot afford (timewise or financial) to travel to Israel, will not be able to physically fight against this shameful parade building a human fence.

If we don't do something, anything, we are going to be left with a feeling of helplessnes and remorse because we didn't even attempt to show Hashem our tenacity and will to prevent the impurity parade in the Zion - Yerushalayim.

So ... what can we do ?
Because some can't be physically in Israel, we could use our mind and body in a spiritual way and together, try to annul the bad decrees that stem from it.
Prayers, Charity, Chesed, men immersing in a Mikvah every morning. - the list is endlesss. Let's perform a MASSIVE PARADE OF PURITY.

Some individuals are eager to fight for the honor of HaShem's Zion (Jerusalem) but cannot afford to purchase a flight ticket. We are looking for sponsors to donate flight to Israel to fight the Parade of Shame and preserve Yerushalayim's sanctity.

"All that a benefactor does for the beneficiary, it is outweighed by far by what the beneficiary does for the benefactor, in terms of the eternal zechut that the beneficiary affords the benefactor.

The giver knows that he/she has been chosen to be the trustee and shaliach (agent) of Divine Providence to help the recipient; and on the other hand, that the recipient has been assigned to be the shaliach from Above to bring to the giver and his/her family eternal zechut.

Email sarahyy@earthlink.net for more information and to be part of the MASSIVE PARADE OF PURITY.


People from all over the world are taking upon themselves to do the following:

NB - say at least 1 perek Tehillim daily with kids, b'n.
DA - go to the Mikveh every day, b'h.
SS - Start covering hair
DS - To work on self to overcome improper sexual urges

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