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Sunday, July 09, 2006

12-13 Tammuz

Motzei Shabbat, last night, I decided to accept Sara's invitation to join a "farbrangen" in celebration of the previous Rebbe's, zs'l, day of redemption. I never went to one and although I am not much of a socializer, surprised even myself. There were many women at Sara's house and I learned that all 7 Lubavitch Rebbes, zs'l, were imprisoned for spreading Torah. [+/-] show/hide text

It was a very interesting evening with a high atmosphere of Achdut. Although I didn't know anyone, I felt at home and extremely comfortable. When the farbrangen ended and people started to leave, I stayed to speak with Sara for a few minutes. There were 2 other women who felt the same as I did and the few minutes turned into a few hours.

We spoke mostly about Gilad Shalit. It seems that so many people feel "connected" to him and pray for his safety. I told them the dream I had about him, wanting to say with him Shir Lamaalot but did not succeed because he didn't think at the time that it would have any connection to arrive home safely back to his family.

I also had a very "weird" experience after the dream. The following day during saying Tehillim, I felt him talking with me inside my mind. As crazy as it sounds, I asked him again to say with me Shir Lamaalot and he agreed. I turned the pages of Tehillim to that Perek and "we" began to say it. Half way thru, I realized that the Tehillim I'm looking at is not even Shir Lama'alot but Shir Hamaalot Mima'akim but the words of Shir Lamaalot were being said... I quickly turned the pages, without missing a beat and continued saying with him Shir Lamaalot. After "we" finished saying it, he wanted to say it again. So here I am in the house, in the kitchen by myself saying slowly and loud Shir Lamaalot about 30 times with Gilad Shalit.

After we finished, I continued to say the Pirkei Tehillim I say daily and then said my Pasuk (of my name). He asked me what I'm saying and I explained that it's my Pasuk; the first letter of my name and ending with the last letter of my name. I explained that the Passuk describes my character of what my shlichut is in this Olam. When a person passes from this Olam, one of the first questions asked is "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" and the neshama must answer what accomplishments they have done in the Olam by reciting their Pasuk.

He wanted to know his Pasuk and I emailed a friend to find it for him. As soon as I received the Pasuk, I went back to the kitchen because in my mind, he was waiting for an answer. I said his Pasuk out loud. He asked me to say it again so he can remember it by heart. A few times later, he told me he got it and he will repeat it continuously to himself so he can remember it and know it. He asked me if Zahal is looking for him and I told him that only Aba will save him. He said that his Aba doesn't know where he is and I explained to him Aba in the Shamayim. He seemed very unconnected to what I'm telling him but interested to know. He told me that he never learned anything about Aba and he doesn't know where He is.

I have never experienced this kind of "conversation" ever before. He is really speaking into my mind. He is not so hopeless now. He felt a surge of hope go thru him. He asked me what is it and I told him that it's a spiritual fire from HaShem.

The next day, the same thing happened again. This time right before Shir Lamaalot. He wanted to know why men cover their head with a kipa and the meaning of a tzizit. He is very afraid but he has no choice except to turn to Aba and ask Him for help. He told me that the only Pasuk he knows besides his Pasuk is Shema Israel. He covered his head with his hand and he said Shema Yisrael. He told me that he doesn't want to eat their food because of Kashrut. He doesn't know the Laws of Kashrut. He asked HaShem to save him. He is starting to see the emet (truth).... He is starting to believe that HaShem exists and wants to know Him. He doesn't understand why no one ever told him this before?! I told him that it's not important before - now and future.

I told him that bezchuto (in his merit) Am Israel is realizing that the gov't lied to them about the disengagement and most what comes out of their throat are lies. Even "big" Rabbis fell into the trap of believing that disengagement will be good for the Land of Israel because they accepted money for their Yeshivot and Kollel and this blinded from the truth. He didn't tell me if he was involved in the disengement. Israelis are realizing that everything they are told are LIES and bezchuto, are turning to HASHEM. He didn't even ask me today if ZAHAL is looking for him. He wanted to know about Judaism - kosher, tzizit, and kipa.

He told me that when he comes out of this horror, b'h, and when people will ask him how he survived, he is going to tell his family, the media, Zahal, his friends that HaShem helped him and delivered him home safely. He will begin b'h to learn Torah and wear kipa and Tzizit and keep Kosher.

The following day he didn't come back to speak with me. I then knew that it was not my imagination and he's turning to HaShem and I'm no longer needed as a "vessel" to connect him to Aba.

One of the girls told me that she too felt an amazing "urge" to say Shir Lamaalot for Gilad Shalit and says it throughout the day about 50 times for his return home safely.

It was also suggested that I should get in touch with the Gov't of Israel and tell them what I saw in the dream and it'll help them to find him. One of the girl's father works in the Israeli Gov't and it would be easy to get in touch and transfer the information. I told her that I emailed 7-8 Israel Gov't offices but no one responded. I was NOT expecting them to answer or take it seriously. In my mind and thru the messages, Gilad needs to stay there till he completely turns to HaShem for help.

The girls at the fabrangen suggested to do an Ingrat Kodesh and ask the Rebbe, zs'l, what can we do to save him. The answer we received thru the Igrat Kodesh is that it's not his fault he doesn't know HaShem. They teach in schools "bibles" and not Torah and it only causes confusion and "dislike” to the truth - Yahadut. The Rebbe added that we should pray for the "student" (Gilad Shalit) and he will realize that only HaShem can help him and he will turn to HaShem for help.

PLEASE SAY GILAD'S PASSUK and daven for his safe and healthy return home:
gad yegud yegudeh vehu yagud akeiv, akeiv yagud vehu yegudenu g'dud gad
גד גדוד יגודנו והוא יגוד עקב עקב יגוד והוא יגודנו גדוד גד"בראשית פרק מט"

Without a doubt, Gilad's neshama is very special and holy. It needs to be uncovered by the false education he received since birth. In my mind, I think the dream I had 2 nights earlier about Aron HaShem http://dreamingofmoshiach.blogspot.com/2006/07/blog-post.html returning to Eretz Israel is Gilad Shalit ben Aviva. Just as in the days of Shmuel Hanavi a'h, the Plishtim returned Aron HaShem on their own because they were frightened to keep it, the same will happen with Gilad, b'h, within a short time - AMEN VE'AMEN!

"אין לנו על מי להישען אלא על אבינו שבשמיים"




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to commend you for continuing your efforts on behalf of our capyured brother, Gilad.
I also want to correct a typo. The word is not "Farbregen"....it is "Frabrengen". In Yiddish, to farbreng is to spend time, quality time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also learned a ma'amar
yesterday in his zchus. it
turned about to be particularly relevant because it was a ma'amar related to 12 tammuz and the release from imprisonment
peacefully: "padah b'shalom nafshi mikrav li ki b'rabim hayu imadi".
it was pretty complicated but the point was that when the p'diyah comes from the highest source the opposition doesn't need to be
weakened but can even remain at its strength and it will not pose an obstacle to the freeing of
the imprisoned, but rather, even at its full strength IT (the menaged) will determine to release the shichrur without delay, and this peaceful release will be a hachanah and hakdamah to the
geula shleima by moshiach
tzidkeinu ve'yolicheinu bimheira beyameinu kommimeus le'artzeinu!!! AMEN NOW NOW NOW~!!!!

it's noteworthy that there are many many ma'amaring the were given over for yudbeis tammuz and only some of them elucidate this pasuk. so that i picked up this sefer with this ma'amar was
hashgacha. also, and in the last paragraph it used the word
"shichrur" twice which is how
they're referring to gilad in the papers and i never did a study, but
that word is not a word you commonly find in ma'amarim or chassidus.

it's so sad that a boy can grow up in israel and go thru 12-15 years of schooling and not know his real heritage or purpose, to know no tefila or mitzvos (meaning lacking a vehicle to connect to hashem).

BH BH BH you were able to connect with him.

also i just realized that the shir la maalos is right before the pasuk
'gad gedud' in kriyas shma al ha mitah, so they must be connected too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

in the zchus of the rebbes and their miraculous release from
imprisonment, may gilad ben aviva be released today. and like in the case of the rebbes where their release signaled the
attainment of new heights
in avodas hashem and hafatzahs chassidus, and may this yeridah be part of an aliyah that will surpass all expectation and
experience and signal the
revelation of moshiach. amen. kyr.

Blogger Nemo said...

The Rebbe was never actually imprisoned, though all others were. The Frierdiker Rebbe was arrested seven times in his life-time and the Tzemach Tzedek was actually arrested 22 times in the course of a conference.

Blogger nava said...

I was told that Rebbe Menachem Mendel zs'l was imprisoned in France for one day in 1941.

Blogger AharonBenjamin said...

this may be a stupid question but doesn't Sarah live in Israel and Nava in NY?

Blogger nava said...

I live in NY and so does Sarah - about 1/2 hour drive between both.


והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו