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Thursday, August 28, 2008

America's Perfect Storm

Call it any name you want, but know that Hurricane Gustav formed on Monday, August 25, the same day Sec Rice was in Jerusalem trying to bully the Israelis to divide the land and city.

This storm has the possibility to be a Katrina type event all over again. Hurricane Katrina was a consequence of the destruction of Gush Katif with the Bush Administation's urging and encouragement.

When the U.S. Secetary of State says "Split Jerusalem in Two," they are actually cursing themselves. Hurricane Gustav did not even hit yet the USA while a second tropical storm is forming, Hannah, in the Caribbean and joined Gustav. In just a short time, Hannah is already the size of Gustav.

Some forecasters are predicting this storm could become a Category 5 before it hits land somewhere in the United States early next week. Looking at the map, they are lined up like planes coming in for a landing and are both on track towards the United States.

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