Dreaming of Moshiach

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sewing Suits - for the Kohanim

About a year ago a Jew from Ukraine came to the Machon HaMikdash (the Temple Institution) and gave an undisclosed donation for the specific use of reconstructing the Kohanim's garments for the third Bet HaMikdash. For the first time in 2,000 years, a new factory has been established in Yerushalayim for sewing the special garments of the Kohen by Machon HaMikdash.

In all corners of the world began the search for the perfect textile for this project. The clothing of the Priestly garments must be made from white linen thread interwoven into 6-ply linen thread. These unique threads could only be custom made and after searching for it all over the world, including Italy, Ireland, Belgium, United States and more, a texile factory was finally found in India. After much persuasion to have the factory prepare this special threads, a deal was cut.

After a few months of anticipation for the threads, the ship finally arrived in Israel with the special threads. The threads were processed in Gadera in order to prepare it for the weaving. The next step was to take the woven threads to a special factory in Tel Aviv and have it inserted into the weaving machine. After many weeks of trials and tribulations, it was finally successful and now the material is ready to be sewn. Special sewing machines were ordered as well as cutting tables, irons, measuring mannequins, and more.

The Halacha requires that each Priestly garments must be properly sized on the Kohen and since not everyone is the same size and height, each set of the Priestly garment must be custom made. 120 sets of the Kohanim's garments will be made, including the robe, turban, sach, and pants.

"Kohanim that will order a set of the Priestly garment according to their size will receive their Priestly wardrobe by Succot, b'h. Each Kohen that will receive the complete Priestly wardrobe set, should know that it's Halachically Kosher and can be worn when the third Bet HaMikdash will be built," says the president of Machon HaMikdash.




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