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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Doubting the Dreams

The dream Moshiach Answers and Explains effected many people in different ways. I posted on Leshem Shamayim forum an anonymous email that I received that gave me tremendous chizzuk. B'h, there were plenty of emails with various thoughts...

There were also claims doubting the dreams and accusations[+/-] show/hide text
that they are not coming from the holy side, c'v. One accusation was that Kever Rochel was NEVER given to the Arabs and that it can't be possible that Moshiach misunderstood the INN article. Someone else wrote that it cannot be that Shalom Bayit causes such dreams. Another person claimed that the Rebbe of Lubavitch zs'l never said he'll come thru dreams to help, etc.

I discussed all these negative emails with my husband and he said IGNORE THEM, everyone's entitled to their opinion. His answer is smart and an easy way out for me. BUT, I argued, if I am choosing to help give chizzuk, how can I ignore their accusations?

SO, I sat down and emailed each a respond. For those I didn't answer - here are some answers. Choose to accept, or not.

Kever Rochel:
It was in Rochel Imenu's zechut that ושבו מארץ אויב ( and they will come back from the land of their hater). She sacrificed her life for the respect of her older sister, our mother, Leah Imenu. She told her Yaakov Avinu's secrets, to avoid her emabarrasement. And how do we repay you back? We let the Jews give away your holy Tomb to the goyim - arabs. How did we sink so low? How did we let it happen?? Her husband, Yaakov Avinu zs'l, buried her in Bet Lechem for the JEWS who will travel her way can daven by her kever to HKB'H. She could have been buried in Maarat HaMachpela but she loves us so much . Oy, Rochel Imenu, we're so sorry...

Jews can go now to Kever Rochel Imenu without having to get authorized permission from the IDF. What a low generation we are that in order to go to Kever Tzaddikim in Admat Kodesh, we allow the situation to get to the point where we have to get authorized permission from JEWS of IDF to go to Kever Rochel and not always, succeed.

The Israel Government decided that this is a "headache" for them, just as was Gush Katif, Kever Yosef HaTzaddik, Golan Heights (although they didn't "give in" yet, due to Rabin getting murdered), Hevron (Bibi signed it over when he was PM) and the list continues...
And they feel they have full authority not just to cause Jews to be homeless but to give Admat Kodesh to Goyim - Aravim, yimach shemam.

Makes one think, who do we need protection from? The Israel Government, the IDF, or the Arabs?

Do we need the protection and permission of the IDF to go to Kever Tzaddikim? NO! So, it's good news that Israel Gov't decided that we no longer need their authorized permission and we can go to Kever Rochel Imenu whenever we want.

But the inner depth of it is the IDF could have just pulled out. Do they have the "authority" to hand over security authority of Rachel’s Tomb to the PA (Palestinian Authority) and to border police? (95% of the Israel border police are druzim and bedouins. In other words, ARABS. In arab cities, the Israel border police are 100% druzim and bedouins becuz they speak fluent arabic).

Example: A husband give his wife divorce papers. Does he have the "authority" to hand over his x-wife to another man?

The problem is not that they pulled out. The core of the problem is HANDING OVER authority to the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. Does Rachel's Tomb belong to the Israel Gov't? Can they "gift" the holy tomb to arabs? The holy tomb was handed over to killers, murderers; to Esavs and Yishmaels.

If the Israel Gov't decided to pull out all "security" from the Kotel, would you keep silent?
BUT if chas vechalila (God forbid) the Israel Gov't decided to pull out AND to hand over security authority to the PA (Palestinian Authority) , would you keep silent?
הגם רצחת וגם ירשת? Did you murder and also inherit?

Rebbe of Lubavitch zs'l
About 3 years ago, when I did Igrat Kodesh for a question I had, I received a very unique comment with the answer, "if you have questions or need advise, choose me as your Rav and I'll answer you thru the Igrat Kodesh." The Rebbe told me this thru a dream, as well.
The proof speaks for itself. The Rebbe's answer thru Igrat Kodesh was "...I am confident that this is translated into contrete actions in helping and being personally involved in the work of spreading and strengthening Yiddishkeit in your surroundings...". That same morning, before receiving an answer, I did exactly what the Rebbe would say "concrete actions" - App't With Kabbalist Leon Levi Shlita.

Shalom Bayit
This is a tough one to share, you understand, yes? When I first married my husband, I was very "disrespectful" to him (without going into too many details). The rest I'll exlain thru a dream I had about 3 months after getting married.
I instigated a fight with my husband and chose not to speak with him for a few days. On the 4th nite, I had a "petrifying" reality dream and 7 Tzaddikim appeared. They did not let me know whom they are but one of them was very tall and was wearing a King's robe with a crown on his head (a crown that cannot ever be explained of its richness and beauty). They were all wearing white but because they were angry with me, I did not have permission to see their faces.
It was a Bet Din and they were judging me. The verdict was leaning towards that my physical life should end. Their "claim" was as follows: My husband's neshama and mine was reincarnated 3 times to do a Tikun but we never merited to meet and do the necessary Tikun, only this time. But because I fight and disrespect him, it was judged that I'll not be zoche to do the Tikun and therefore, die.
In the dream, I begged for another chance and it was said to me that I know too much already and therefore, another chance will not be given. I claimed that I suffered so much in life and it made me into a hard person and what about his neshama? Why does his neshama have to suffer because of me? One of the Judges was Avraham Avinu, zs'l and it was permitted to let me know that it was him and to see his face. He looked at me with so much mercy and kindness. I remembered in the dream, that's why he is called Avraham Avinu; Ish Ha'chesed, man of kindness. He asked the Bet Din on my behalf to give me another chance and told me to make peace with my husband.
I woke up that minute and was shaking. It was 4 am and couldn't sleep. I went out and drove around, listening repeatedly to Mordechai Ben David's song of "Someday We Will All Be Together" and everytime I heard "Avraham and Yitzchok will be there to greet us", I'd get so emotional, thanking Avraham Avinu for being my Sanegor (defender).
When I returned home, I didn't have the courage to make peace with my husband even though I knew if I don't make peace, the previous judgment will take place, c'v. But the pride, ego, and stupidity kept me from asking for forgivness. He left to work without a word and I knew I just blew my chance at life. I decided to write a letter of apology, it's easier this way. But the letter ended up asking for a divorce because I'm afraid of my weaknesses...
When he came home, I handed him the letter and he quietly read it. He told me if this is what I want, he'll accept but to know, he will never return. So I "compromised" and instead, we'll separate for a while. He gave me the same answer. I told him the dream and explained why I'm petrified. I asked him if he can help me to help myself. He said that it's something I need to work out on my own becuz it's Halacha to respect the husband/wife. There were not much choices left. I decided then and there, if I fail, at least I'll die making an effort...

The reason I'm posting this private Shalom Bayit problem, is becuz if it helps even one couple, they will merit in so many ways...




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו