Dreaming of Moshiach

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Torah prophecy foretold that it will start with the Palestinian conflict... It has began to spread to the world... Israeli delegation embarks for Annapolis conference... Last stage of Gog uMagog has began.... Click here

Believe in the coming of Moshiach, click here

Devorah HaNevia, a'h, video; click here

Journey inside the soul of the autistics, HERE

To view video of HaRav Rami Levi telling his amazing and fascinating story, click HERE, in Hebrew

"5 days" is a documentary filmed by 8 cameramen during the disengagement from Gush Katif that began August 15 and continued for 5 days. It is one of the most emotional documentaries you will ever experience, in Hebrew. Here»

EXODUS DECODED, Archeology Proves Exodus - The Truth the World Fears!! Here

"Sharon's destruction" The movie - click here

Can the Torah help us make sense of what is happening in Israel during these troubled times? Answer HERE

In the merit of righteous woman we received salvation, and in the end of time, the time of Mashiach the women will be the bearers of salvation. Click HERE

A rare and amazing video of the popular protest against drafting girls to the IDF in 1953, including Admor of Belz, zs'kl, Bet Israel, zs'kl, Chazon Ish, zs'kl, Adomor of Tashibin, zs'kl, and Rav Gaon Frank, zs'kl. HERE, courtesy of Kaduri.net.Very emotional, even if you don't understand Hebrew...

A video was created last year in relation to Nevuat HaYeled's prophecy explaining the connection of the destruction of the Statue of Liberty to the Messianic era.

Rabbi Dr. Gil Tivon, explains from Jewish sources the journey of the soul, and what happens to it after it leaves this world. Listen Now or Download

"Ushpizin" is one the most unique movie that has a direct line to HaShem, a wonderful movie for the whole family, with English subtitles, HERE

The Israel- Palestinian Conflict. Click HERE to understand its history and the present - it is a fascinating documentary video.

Will Israel bomb Iran? Click HERE to view this fascinating documentary.

This movie shows the proof that all the prophecies till the end of the Galut has already been fulfilled. This movie also shows the signs of the Geula from various angles. Click HERE, courtesy of Kaduri.net.

The Milkman, Rav Chaim Cohen Shlita, gives shiurim every Tuesday evening in Givatim, courtesy of Kaduri.net.
To hear secrets of Parshat Vayeshev, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Vayishlach, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Vayetze, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Chayei Sarah, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Vayera, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Ki Tavo, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Shoftim, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Pinchas, click here
To hear secrets of Parshat Korach, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Shlach Lecha, click here.
To hear secrets of Parshat Bamidbar click here.

סרט דקומנטרי על המבצע הגדול של המוסד: עריקת הטייס העיראקי לישראל - לצפייה בסרט המלא: חלק ראשוןחלק שני

Children's stories of our Sages (from http://www.azamra.org/)
Everything is for the best
This too is for good
The boy and the king
Respect for all
The Golden TableThe Shabbat Cow
Uninterrrupted prayer
The Herb of LifeThe Fox and the Wolf David son of Yishai

Movies of chizuk in English, click here

Finally, in English, the Jewish Movie of the Last War - Gog UMagog.

Their survival, our survival click here

One of the most beautiful touching and emotional song - Ana BeKoach, here

End of Days by Rabbi Aryeh: part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V

ALL Mekubalim believe that we are the generation of the redemption. In Eretz Israel, the Mekubalim and Rabbanim are praying for Moshiach's arrival with much needed mercy, click here

Avraham Fried, 'Aleh katan sheli' teaches us that the best way to deal with a storm is to hang onto the roots of one's Jewish faith. Click HERE

Mordechai Ben David in a very emotional video filmed by the Tzion of the Baal Shem Tov, z'sl, in Mezbuz. Click here

2 Samuel 22 - ותגעש ותרעש, הארץ, מוסדות השמים, ירגזו; ויתגעשו, כי חרה לו Super Volcano; click HERE

HaShem's Wonders; Click HERE

To see a live video feed of activities at the site of the Rambam (Mughrabi) Gate excavations, Click HERE or HERE.

Very LOUD Footsteps of Moshiach To view video in Ivrit, http://www.arachim.co.il/Index.asp?CategoryID=203&ArticleID=17&Page=1.

צופן שירת דבורה זהו הסרט הראשון בסידרה והוא משמש כהקדמה לסרט השלם שנראה לכם בקרוב ב"ה - צפו לסרט שני בקרוב ב"ה: סוד הצופן הניסתר בשירת דבורה הנביאה הקשור לתחילת מלחמתו של משיח בן יהוסף לברור פגם היסוד הקדוש להעלאת המלכות להיכל משיח קן ציפור - לאחר הפתיח הקצר צפו בציון דבורה הנביאה בתל קדש - בבקשה צפו עד סוף הסרט - ותתבוננו במהלך הגאולה אנחנו ממש לקראת הסוף - ב"ה התברך וישועתו" לצפיה:


The kever of the Tzadika Devorah HaNevia, a'h, filmed by Reb Gideon. Click HERE

The crickets are also singing Shirat Devorah HaNevia, a'h - To hear the beautiful song of the crickets, click HERE and ENJOY HaShem's beautiful creations.

From Reb Akiva Shlita at Mystical Paths:
Kever Dovid - http://www.esnips.com/doc/c356c321-d480-47a1-9623-9f4ce3370a4e
Emunah by R. Nati - http://www.esnips.com//r/td/doc/91679f77-32a3-425c-b6ef-f8c1899ee304/emmuna.wmv
Tel Shiloh - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoOpgnRVWGc

Any Jew that c'v converts to another religion, will always remain a Jew and will be judged in the heavenly court as a Jew HERE

Documentary about the opening of Gan Eden in Maarat HaMachpela, Hebrew HERE

Torah Codes HERE

HaShem will say: "All those that took part in the Torah, come and receive just reward". Very emotional clip about the Sefer Torah HERE

Authentic documentary about the Holocaust filmed by Nazis - imach shem. WARNING; difficult to watch HERE

Kadosh Saraf Eloki Harav Levi Saadia Nachmani zs'l video clip about South Korea and Moshiach, with English subtitles - click here

Palace of Music hear HaShem's remarkable niggun here or here

A MUST watch of Nazi Archive Made Public CBS News Online.

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok Shlita from www.KosherTorah.com explains today's current events and ties them into the prophesies of the Bible. What do Iran, nuclear war, globalism, and Gog and Magog have to do with what was predicted thousands of years ago by our Jewish Prophets? How should one prepare for the end times? Terrorists, nuclear war and asteroids and how they may play a part in prophesy.Listen Now -or- Download

Story of a very special woman who faced death 6 times, in Hebrew חזרתי לחיים 6 פעמים.הסרט ששבר את כל השיאים HERE

Illusions & Ultimate Truth - see it HERE

Secrets of the Universe - a breathtaking 53-minute lesson with nature photos Rabbi David Basha in English. Click here to see.

The Wonders of the World - an eye-opening 78-minute lecture presented by Rabbi Zamir Cohen in Hebrew with English subtitles, which you can see here.

Yeshiva Boys singing Kol Hamispalel right here. Hashem loves when we're singing, dancing, and smiling.

Knowing and connecting to our Jewish heritage guarantee our existence as a nation (Am Yisrael). Ignoring this heritage is like interrupting the continuity of our being. In most cases, we ignore our heritage because we are simply not familiar with it. Studying it is the only cure. A mandatory short video here!!!

We all want pleasure. But, do we know what pleasure is and how to get it? Do we know how to choose the pleasure that truly energizes us?The answers are just one click away here

Over 1,000 going home to light Chanuka candles 5767 in Shomron; click here ושבו בנים לגבולם

"Abir Aluf" in action against the background of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Enjoy!

Macabim against greeks by world's leading Outreach Rav with a golden tongue and a razor-sharp brain, Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak shlita about Moshiach and Gog & Magog: click here.

Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot performing his greatest performance at the Metropolitan Opera in NYS; Click HERE

In Saudia Arabia, a sand pillar over 40 ft. tall stood for a while. No one can explain this phenomenon; Click HERE

Her husband wasn't ready for her to cover her hair but HaRav Amnon Yitzchak Shlita promised her that he'll speak to her husband. She started covering her her and asked for a bracha to conceive... Click HERE

Benny Elbaz "Al Naarot Bavel" video Click HERE

Who built the Pyramids; Click HERE

Light of the World, Jerusalem; Click HERE

What is Judaism, in English: Click HERE

The first time the Jihad striked the USA, murder of HaRav Meir Kahana, HI'D, ZS'L,; Click HERE

"Listen to our cries, take our tears, our King, our Merciful Father"; Click HERE

Wonder Boy "Yesh Emunah" (There is trust, we will not give in); Very moving song, accompanied with effective Emunah visions. Click HERE

5,000 years in 90 seconds; Click HERE

"Neshama that You gave me". Click HERE

Dybbuk Movie in Yiddish with English subtitles; Years after their parents had made a pledge that they marry, a young couple meet and fall in love. The father of the young man had long before perished and the young woman's father, forgetting his vow, keeps the two apart. This is their story of unfulfilled love, of broken promises and of the supernatural, as the Dybbuk, the persona of the youth, enters his beloved's body and possesses her. Click HERE

Warning from Shamayim about the "killing bug flu" thru a dream, in Hebrew; Click HERE

Audio - Brilliant drasha on The Spiritual Warrior, by R. Bar Tzadok Shlita http://www.koshertorah.com/spiritual-warrior.mp3

Everything that happened, happens, and will happen is written in the Torah.http://www.sodot.tv/ - in Hebrew - Kabbalah on the danger of Pride Parade

לחצו כאן לצפיה בסרט נבואות שהתגשמו

סיאנסים בטייסת 1 - אלופי הסיאנסים לחצו כאן

If I forget you Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its strength אם אשכחך, ירושלים:תשכח ימיני.
Click Here.

Knowing and connecting to our Jewish heritage guarantee our existence as a nation (Am Yisrael). A mandatory short video!!! http://hidabroot.org/Media/clips/Kotel.asx

Family Purity; Click HERE, in English

Sa'ada Shares her Dreams/Visions - Fascinating documentary movie and highly recommended web-video of a previously secular woman. Her childhood years were not "envious"; coming from a dysfunctional family and she was very ill and grew up without any family structure and warmth.In the video, she shares her dreams/visions. She was told to do Tshuva but ignored these "messages". When she was shown her own death and burial, she "woke up" spiritually. The vision that she saw of her own burial scared her tremendously and triggered returning to HaShem. That same day, dressed in a tight t-shirt and jeans, she went to a clothing store and came out dressed in a modest shirt and skirt, with a hat to cover her hair.with English subtitles; Click HERE

5 years ago, Lubavitch Shliach (emissary) HaRav Meir Bruk arrived Baku, Azerbaijan – and taught it to the Jewish children "Azerbaijan". It is number 1 hit and has turned into an Azerbaijan "MTV" video clip, played dozens of times in Azerbaijan state TV as entertainment to the Shiite Muslim and a wake up call to Jews to revive the Jewish religion. Click to watch video

Torah Scroll procession in the streets of Tel Aviv. Many had never seen such an event before, the joy was contagious. Click to watch video

Menachem Begin, zs'l, demanding that Israel must protect settlers and Eretz Israel; Click HERE
Evacuation from Gush Katif; Click HERE

Israel Police hitting Jews in shuls; Click HERE

Everybody Wants Moshiach, music clip; Click HERE

A movie documentary of Jewish people who have been pronounced clinically dead and returned back to life. They share what they saw in Shamayim and what effect the Shamayim court judgment had on their lives upon their return.Fascinating documentary movie with English subtitles about Heavenly Court and returning to life; Click HERE

The Final Journey, Click HERE in English

Is there an ultimate superior force who created us?; Click HERE in English

What is Shabbat??? Click HERE in English

A very detailed movie from the beginning of the Olam (world) till today. Are we heading to the final world war? What will happen if the whole world will be against us? All the answers are in this movie! This movie reveals what you never thought about and brings proof from the Torah about the situation we are in right now. Credited by http://www.hidabroot.org/Site/index.asp. This movie is highly recommended and shows and explains the past, present situation, and what will happen in the future.
לחצו כאן לצפיה בסרט
click here in Engish

Days of Moshiach - to listen, click here

Click HERE; Ilan Ramon, zs'l, last interview before shuttle blows to pieces. He did tremendous Kiddush HaShem, showing the Sefer Torah that survived the holocaust.

Click HERE; documentary about death and returning to life and what happened during that time.

Click HERE documentary of Kever Rochel Imenu, 'ah.

Click HERE to enjoy this video of The Sanz Klausenberg Rebbe Shlita conducting the yearly “Apple Varfen” (apple throwing) which takes place on Motzei Simchas Torah.

A new song by Benny Elbaz; Lubavitch Rebbe, Rotzim (want) Moshiach NOW To view and hear song, click here

click HERE to view the Mordechai Ben David concert at the Maarat Hamachpela in Chevron this past Chol Hamoed Succos 2006 which was attended by over 60,000 people.

Sorry, It Ain't Just a Game (Short clip) סרט מקצועי, אמיתי, קצר, וקולע על בקשת סליחה

What’s really important in life?http://www.aish.com/movies/questionsfromgd.asp

Fly over Eretz Israel, our beautiful land; click HERE.

The beauty of Eretz Israel accompanied with Psukim from Tanach; click here

Nishmat Kol Chai; the soul of every living being shall bless Your Name, Hashem, our G-d; the spirit of all flesh shall always glorify and exalt Your remembrance, our King, click HERE.

A look at Morrocan Jewish life, (English) click HERE

City of Dovid HaMelech in 3-D; click HERE

HaShem's creation is the most beautiful thing; click http://rapidshare.de/files/15762205/Hubble640.zip

Parade of Humility by HaRav Amnon Yitzach; Tu B'Av in Jerusalem at Teddy Stadium 5766; click HERE

"The Emissaries" is a fascinating document, if only because of a look inside the world of the movement's emissaries that was made possible thanks to his Chabad contact. Rappaport documented the pilgrimage to the Lubavitcher Rebbe's grave, filmed the rebbe's library, which includes ancient holy books. (This is extremely fascinating - ancient sefarim from Rashbi).
To view, Click HERE (english and hebrew).

Watch prophecies come true HEREהנני מביא אותם מארץ צפון, וקיבצתים מירכתי-ארץ Jeremiah 31:8I will take them from the north country, and get them from the inmost parts of the earth.

Ever wonder about Jewish life in Iran? Click HERE and HERE to watch 2 videos about the lives of Iranian Jews. Visit their shuls, communities, school, Esther HaMalka and Mordechai HaTzaddik's Kever zs'l...

סרט בעברית - המלחמה האחרונה - לחצו כאן לצפיה בסרט גוג ומגוג חדש מבית היוצרים של "סיאנסים בצבא" ו"סעדה
Last War - Gog UMagog (in Hebrew). From the producers of Sa'ada and Séance in the Israel Air Force Harav Pinto Shlita said that a new war will break out very soon and the end is near - this will be last war ever in the Galut.

To see an additional movie about End of Day prophecies, watch The Zero Hour and Time of Redemption; click here.

Click here to watch LAST MOMENTS IN GUSH KATIF

Click here Galia Movie - Messages from Heaven with English Subtitles

It takes less than 45 seconds for complete destruction of cities, click here.

Watch Uman 5767 http://switch5.castup.net/frames/kosher.net/Uman is Emunah

Also here, to view the Kotel




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו