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Monday, September 18, 2006

Tikun for the Dog

On Shabbat, previous resident of 100 She'arim, Nachman David Dovinsky, 95 passed away, a'h. He was properly buried Sat. nite, after Shabbat. Residents of 100 She'arim say that he was a tremendous Tzaddik, an Oved HaShem and waited daily for the Geula.

When the family returned home from the funeral, they found an unknown dog sitting at the front entrance. [+/-] show/hide text
They tried everything to move him out of the way, but the dog would not budge. He would leave and return within 1 minute. The Dovinsky family took the dog outside the neighborhood but he would return in less than 2 minutes, to the exact location of the house where the Tzaddik resided. In the early hours of Sunday morning, they attempted again to remove the dog, but to no avail.
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In another attempt to remove the dog, one of the neighborhood's Rabbi tried feeding the dog leftover food from Shabbat but the dog wouldn't eat. As a last resort, they said to the dog "You are forgiven"; the dog ate the food of Shabbat but would not leave.

The neighborhood residents went to HaRav Meir Bransdorfer Shlita to ask what can be done to remove the dog. The Rav suggested to say Tehillim and Mishnayot and around 5 o'clock, a minyan (10 men) left the house towards the Mount of Olives to say Kaddish on the Kever of the Niftar, following the Rav's advice.

It was only after the Kaddish that was said in the house, that the dog finally "agreed" to leave voluntarily. A vet service from the city of Jerusalem came to pick up the dog (in picture).
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com Many guesses and suggestions were heard on the streets. One said that the Tzaddik who passed away had a secular brother that passed away a year ago. It could have been him asking for a Tikun.

The neighborhood and all the people who witnessed this, all agree that the dog wanted a Tikun for his soul. The soul is trapped as a dog and needed to be forgiven for something he did in his previous life. All agree that no one ever saw such a revelation and a stubborn need for a Tikun.

(NK's comment: Something very similar happened 2 years ago. We were Upstate and wherever we went, a cat followed us. We tried giving her food but she wouldn't eat. When we would go for walks, she followed us as well. This was going on for 3 days. Even when we went to shul, she'd be outside as if waiting for us. We even named her Mitzy. Finally, my husband suggested we all say "We forgive you". We each said it 3 times, "Mochalin Lach". 5 minutes later a car drove by and the cat walked to middle of the road and died).




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