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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who Will Take Care of My Children?

When she was 16 years old, Ravital Levi-Gilad had an outer body experience. She saw herself in Heaven but was told that her time has not come yet and must return to the lower world. This experience did not change Ravital's life, she continued her life as if nothing happened and after a while, she even forgot about it.

Ravital today is 41 years old, a mother of 3, married a second time to Yaniv Levi and resides in Hertzelia. She was brought up in a traditional home but at the age of 18, she joined the army and short time after married a secular man.

About 13 years ago at the age of 27 years old, married with children, Ravital had another clinical death experience while sleeping. But this time she was unable to shake off the experience and it completely changed her life.

"It happened while I was sleeping," Ravital says, "I felt myself going outside of my body. A person who never experienced this could not understand. I saw myself on top watching my husband and children sleeping. I entered a tunnel of light, a comforting and loving light. It's indescribable, it is a light of love and mercy. I didn't panic, I felt like a baby in his mother's womb. Suddenly the "Light" spoke to me and asked my name. I was panic-stricken when I heard the "Light" speak and could not answer. A few seconds passed and the "Light" asked me again for my name and I don't know where I got the strength but I was able to answer. As soon as I answered, I found myself in a large hall. At the other end of the hall, behind the wall, was a gentle yellow light and within this light my grandfather's parents suddenly appeared. They passed away a few years ago. I saw more family members but wasn't able to identify all of them. All of them came towards me with open arms and were happy to see me. They seemed to be singing".

When did you understand that you are in the world of truth?
When I was in the tunnel of light I did not yet understand I was dead. Only after seeing dead family members, I started panicking and began understanding that I am no longer amongst the living. I realized I entered the world of truth. It kind of hits you. I was unable to approach my grandfather's parents. I was unable to move -- it's difficult to explain it. It was as if my family members didn't have permission to come towards me".

At that moment, Ravital was called to the Heavenly Court. She says that it's impossible to understand the terrible emotions of shame and fear a soul feels during court. "Across from me, about 10 meters, 3 judges with long beards sat. You can tell right away they were holy men, Rabbanim from the lower world. Their faces had severe facial expression. Even before they began talking to me, I was crying. I knew I had nowhere to run and I was feeling so much regret and shame. The degree of regret and shame can never be felt in the lower world. They asked me why I didn't observe Shabbat. I was embarrassed to answer and knew that my judgment will not be good. My grandfather's parents disappeared. Before I was able to comprehend what was going on, I saw 2 'movies' across from me on gigantic screens. On the right screen I saw a 'movie' that was not good, and when it ended, the 'movie' on the left side began showing. The second 'movie' was neither good nor bad, it was about my life from the day I was born till present".

"When the 'movies' ended, I begged from the judges to return to life . They were quite and angry. I continued crying and begging to be able to return to the lower world. They asked me why I want to return. I told them thru the tears that I have a autistic son who needs me desperately. I begged the judges, 'who will take care of my husband and children if I die?'. The minute I said husband and children, I turned my face and was able to see them sleeping. The soul has no boundaries, it can see from one end of the world to the other end".

"After seeing them, the Rav sitting across from me on the left side spoke with the other judges quietly. Today I understand that he was advocating for me. I saw that he was able to convince them and he asked me if they return me to the lower world, will I promise that I'll repent. I yelled, "YES!". The question was asked three times if I'll repent, and I cried and yelled, "YES YES YES".

"I felt my soul vacuumed inside my body thru the nostril. Today I understand the meaning of the words, 'וייפח באפיו נשמת חיים and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.

It was 3:10 am when Ravital woke up screaming and yelling and told her then-husband what occurred to her. "I was alive, breathing, and healthy," she says, "I told my husband that I just returned from the world of truth. It was then I decided that I will cover my hair properly and observe Shabbat.

Why do you think it happened to you, why are you different from thousands of non-observant Jews?
This is calculations of Heaven. I don't know. Maybe more is demanded of me because I have a son with limited capabilities. Maybe because I grew up traditionally and left it. I really don't know. When I was 16 years old, I had my first out of body experience. Someone took my hand and took me to heaven. I remember when I looked down I saw a red river, it was fire. I was told that my time has not yet arrived. I did not connect it to returning to Judaism. When it happened again at the age of 27, I clearly understood that I must repair my ways.

What is the difference between our world and the upper world?
In this world a person can merit credit every second, even only with a good thought. Death in this world is a passage into another world where one cannot merit any credit and cannot correct the past. The shame and regret is only felt in the upper world. There is no longer a body to perform a good deed and there are no opportunities to correct. There is nowhere to run to. I had the merit to return to this world and remember details to correct myself.

Returning to Judaism was not an easy journey for Ravital. "At the time I was married to a secular man and as I was learning about Judaism and trying to observe it, I saw that it was impossible to do so with my partner. He tried to accommodate me but it did not come from inside of him. I tried to make our home observe Shabbat but realized that I could not do it with my partner. Eventually we got divorced, but it wasn't only because of religious reasons.

"I bought a house and lived with my three children. One day a Yeshiva student knocked on my door asking for a donation. I asked him who sent him to me and he told me that his Rav did. I asked him who is Rav is and he showed me a picture.

When Ravital saw the picture of the Rav, she became pale. She remembered the face of the Rav very very clearly. "The picture of the Rav brought me back into the Heavenly Court. It was the advocating Rav whom I promised I'll repent. I was shaking like a leaf. I gave the Yeshiva student a description of how the Rav speaks and described his body movement".

"At that moment I took upon myself a final decision to do Teshuva - this time for real."

"My connection to HKB'H is so strong, I feel when I talk to Him, it's as if I'm talking to my father. Nothing can compare the feeling of speaking to Aba. I asked Aba to merit me to marry a religious man. Within a few short months, my Aba sent me the love of my life - a Gd-fearing man, and we got married within a short time.

Another thing that happened to Ravital was she was able to foresee the future. She was shown how her grandfather will have a car accident. A few weeks later, her grandfather had a terrible accident and the car was total loss. She arrived at the hospital even before her father because she knew when it'll happen. She foresaw other things but it became very difficult for her and she prayed that seeing the future will be removed from her. A short while later, all the visions stopped.

"I know and believe in the Creator. HaShem shows His love. I understand that as long as I'm breathing, I can correct. Unfortunately, I see too many Jews "sleeping awake". They don't understand the meaning of life, the gift of life".

"Don't wait for the last day. Correct yourself now, as soon as possible. Everyone understands that each person has the last day. You need to be aware that you are always seen from above and constantly being filmed. At the end, you will see your life on a 'screen' but you cannot return to correct."

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