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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dramatic Secrets of Megilat Esther

Prior to Achashverosh's marriage to Vashti, the daughter of King Belshazar, he was a stable boy in Babylonia. HaShem made him very rich and this is how he bought his way into the kingdom and became a king over 127 countries.

Mordechai HaYehudi's, zs'kl, full name is Mordechai ben Yair ben Shimi ben Kish from the tribe of Binyamin. In the whole world there was no righteous man like him in his generation.
His name was 'Ben Yair' because he lit Am Israel with HaShem's Torah.
'Ben Shimi' because HaShem heard his prayers.
'Ben Kish' because he knocked on the gates of mercy and it opened up for him.

He was one of the Sanhedrin and knew all 70 languages. There was no one smarter than him in his generation.

Mordechai HaYehudi taught Torah in Eretz Israel until the Babylonian exile. But in Bavel he found no rest and returned to Eretz Israel. When he heard about his aunt's death and Esther, a'h, is an orphan without parents, he returned to Bavel to raise her as his daughter. Mordechai HaYehudi moved with Esther to the capital city of Shushan and built a Bet Midrash.

When the command of King Achashverosh to find him a wife was announced, Esther hid in her house for 4 years. During these 4 years, Achashverosh did not yet find a wife and announced all over his kingdom that any girl that does appear in front of him, her judgment is death. He also sent messengers to every city to find maiden girls and that's how Esther was discovered. She was immediately taken to the palace of the king.

Esther was different from all the other girls, she had no requests from Hagai, the girl's security guard. She refused to put on makeup, perfumed, decorate herself with beautiful jewelry, refused to even try on beautiful clothing, and she refused to eat any food prepared in the palace because they were not kosher. She kept alive by eating seeds and drinking water.

On the day she was due to be presented to the king, Hagai forced her to put on jewelry against her wishes. He was afraid that he'll be killed if Esther is presented to the king without perfumes and jewelry.

When the king saw Esther, he was astounded by her beauty. He looked at a picture of Vashti and admitted that Esther is much more beautiful. That moment he decided that this girl is worthy to be the queen.

He removed Vashti's picture from the wall and replaced it with Esther's picture. In order for Queen Esther to know what day is Shabbat, she had 7 maidservants for each day of the week. Each girl was named the day of the week and when it was the 7th maidservants day, Esther knew it was Shabbat kodesh.

From the day Esther HaMalka was taken from Mordechai HaYehudi's home, Mordechai HaYehudi would walk around daily near the garden of the women's home and would inquire about Esther HaMalka. He would teach her how to behave amongst non-Jews and strangers. He warned her not to reveal her nationality and not to tell Achashverosh that she was Jewish. Even though Achashverosh would frequently ask her information about her nationality, she obeyed Mordechai HaYehudi's instructions and did not reveal.

This secret drove Achashverosh crazy and was dying of curiosity to know. He commanded his servants to send expensive gifts to every city in his kingdom. Achashverosh thought to himself that when Esther HaMalka will see that he improves the conditions of her nation, she will reveal her secret. But Esther HaMalka continued keeping silence. This made Achashverosh very angry and he threatened her that he will again gather all maiden girls from all the countries and find a new queen to replace her. But courageous Esther HaMalka was not afraid to lose the crown and did not reveal a thing to the king.

In a small town in Persia lived a man named Haman (imach shemo). He had 10 sons and they were extremely poor. Even though Haman worked hard for a livelihood, he did not succeed providing for his family. The hunger in the family was overwhelming and Haman decided to join the army because it was a time of war and much money was being offered to anyone that will join the fight. Together with other soldiers, Haman went out to the battlefield and it was a very difficult war. Many died and some soldiers ran away because they were afraid. Haman also ran away to the desert. He was tired, hungry, and lonely in the desolate desert. He was almost dying when he suddenly saw a Jew. The Jew offered him some of his dry bread and water. After eating and drinking, Haman said to the Jew, "I don't have any money to repay your kindness. Therefore, I will be your servant for life." With this, he pricked his finger and with the blood of his finger, he signed the deal on a piece of paper. It stated "I, Haman ben Hamdata, is hereby obligated to be your servant for eternity."

Haman returned to the battlefield and he saw that his regiment were winning the enemy. He returned with his regiment to the army main office and got paid handsomely. He quickly returned home with the money but it was very quickly spent and again they had no food. Haman suggested to his wife that they move out of the village into the city and hopefully, he will be able to find decent work with decent pay. They quickly packed up the little they had and went towards the city. On their way Haman found a great treasure hidden inside a pit. They were treasures from the kingdom of Yehuda and from the Bet HaMikdash. He took the treasures to the capital city of Shushan, purchased a great big home with orchards and vineyards. His money grew daily and everyone agreed that there is no richer man than Haman in the land. When Achashverosh heard about this rich man Haman, he invited him to his palace and appointed him as his advisor.

When Esther HaMalka was chosen to replace Vashti, Haman decided to flatter her. Even though he wished the king would marry his daughter, he knew that it would be in his best interest to be loyal to the Queen so he will be able to obtain anything he wishes from the king.

Achashverosh gradually promoted Haman and placed him as his personal body guard. Haman was considered to be the most important minister and everyone bowed down to him whenever he passed by them - except Mordechai HaYehudi. While everyone was quivering when Haman passed by and would immediately bow down to him, Mordechai HaYehudi stood up courageously. Everyone was surprised by Mordechai HaYehudi's courage to publicly humiliate the most important minister.

They asked him if he is not afraid of punishment and Mordechai HaYehudi would answer, "Who is this Haman I should bow down to him? He is a human being like all of us. I only bow down to the Creator of the World." "But didn't your father Yaakov Avinu and his sons (a'h) bow down to Esav?" the people inquired. Mordechai HaYehudi replied, "Yaakov Avinu and his sons bowed down to Esav before Binyamin (a'h) was born. I am from the tribe of Binyamin and the same way Binyamin did not bow down to humans, I, too, will not bow down to any humans."

Haman was furious and wanted his revenge on Mordechai HaYehudi. As a matter of fact, he hated all Jews and wanted to kill the entire Jewish nation. When he cast a lot when to kill the Jews, at that same hour, the Divine Spirit said, "Wicked son of wicked! You will not cast a lot on Am Israel but on yourself. Am Israel will be saved."

When the month of Adar came out in the lot, Haman decided that it was the best month to kill the Jews. "The astrology sign of Adar is fish and the same way fish are easily caught and killed, I will easily erase the nation of the Jews."

HaShem heard this and said, "Wicked, you are happy prior to your event. Do you not know that although fish get swallowed easily, but sometimes, they also swallow quickly. Am Israel will not fall in your hands but you will fall in theirs."

Haman went with his devious plans to king Achashverosh and convinced him to allow him to wipe off the Jewish nation. Achashverosh hated the Jews no less but was afraid of their great G.OD. "Their G.od loves the chosen nation and He punishes anyone that tries harming them. Do you not remember the terrible 10 plagues He brought on the Egyptians? How He took out His nation on dry land in the sea? He drowned 600,000 strong Egyptian men in the sea. Their great and awesome G.od used the stars to bring down the powerful Sisra. No one was able to kill Sisra till G.od gave him into the hands of the woman Yael (a'h). The G.od of Israel watches and protects His nation and punishes their enemies. We cannot win the nation of Israel, let's leave them alone and no harm will come to us."

Haman was not discouraged and said, "Don't be afraid of the G.od of Israel. The Jewish nation sinned against Him and He is angry at them. Therefore, the G.od of Israel will give you the power to wipe them out."

But Achashverosh was afraid to harm the chosen nation. Haman told him, "I can give you proof that the Jewish nation is not loyal to their G.od and neither to their king. Call any Jew right now and place in front of him 2 glasses of wine. In one glass will be a dead fly and in the other glass, you will take a sip from it in front of him. When you will offer the Jew which glass he will choose to drink from, the Jew will choose the first glass, the one with the dead fly rather that the glass you drank from." This angered Achashverosh and he angrily said, "Am I so despised by the Jewish nation?" He immediately called his advisors to ask them their opinion.

When the advisors heard the plan, they panicked. "Honorable King! Don't do it ever. If Am Israel will be wiped away, the world will immediately destruct. The world will not survive even an hour without Am Israel. The world was created for Am Israel, the chosen nation of the powerful G.od. Without Bnei Israel in the world, there will be no sun, no moon, no stars, no rain, no dew, no earth, no food..."

Haman would not quit. "It's true the G.od of Israel is powerful but that was a long long time ago. He got old and cannot save them. How did king Nevuchadnetzar enter the Holy Temple and burned it down completely? How did he take the Jews into captivity and their G.od did nothing?" When the advisors and the king heard this, they had no answer and it agreed then and there to wipe out the Jewish nation.

When the non-Jews heard that 13 of Adar is the day that all Jews will be killed, haters of the Jews started abusing the Jews. They no longer wanted to employ Jews and many Jews lost their jobs and livelihood. They made the Jews' life miserable and all that was left was for the Jews to turn to HaShem for help.

While announcements to kill the Jews on Adar 13 were being posted all over the countries, the king and Haman had a wine party. During the party, Haman asked from Achashverosh to purchase all the Jews to do as he pleases with them. Achashverosh did not agree, "The nation of the Jews are in my trust and I'm responsible for them as long as they live in my countries. I have no permission to sell them. What am I going to answer the G.od of the Jews when G.od will demand them from me? What will I say? With what can I justify? Let's cast a lot, we will choose one to be "nation" and the other "money". When I will randomly choose and 'nation' wins, I'll not sell them but if "money" wins, I agree to sell them to you and you can do whatever you choose with them."

Haman agreed and they cast a lot. Achashverosh chose one of the notes and opened it. The word "money" was chosen and this is how it was decreed on Am Israel to be sold to the wicked Haman.

After wicked Haman (yimach shemo) signed the letters of decree to kill all Jews, young to old, children, women and men in one day, wicked Haman was overjoyed and walked with his entourage in the streets of Shushan. Ahead of him, he met up with Mordechai HaYehudi, zs'l, who was walking in front of him. Mordechai HaYehudi saw 3 children coming from school, and he ran after them. Haman and his entourage wanted to know why Mordechai HaYehudi was running after the schoolchildren, so they followed him.

Mordechai HaYehudi asked one of the children to quote a verse and the young boy answered,
"אל תירא מפחד פתאום ומשואת רשעים כי תבוא".
Do not be afraid of sudden terror, neither of the destruction of the wicked, when it comes;

The second child quoted:
עוצו עצה ותופר דברו דבר ולא יקום כי עמנו אל
Take counsel together, and it shall be brought to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand; for God is with us.

The third child quoted:
ועד זקנה אני הוא ועד שיבה אני אסבול אני עשיתי ואני אשא ואני אסבול ואמלט
Even to old age I am the same, and even to hoar hairs will I carry you; I have made, and I will bear; yea, I will carry, and will deliver.

When Mordechai HaYehudi heard this, he was overjoyed and laughed. Wicked Haman asked, "Why are you so happy over the words of these children?" Mordechai HaYehudi replied "They told me good news - that I should not fear the evil advice you advised against us."

Esther HaMalka did not know about Achashverosh and Haman's decree against the Jews. She was very surprised to hear from her maidservants that Mordechai HaYehudi is walking around the palace garden dressed in sack. She immediately sent Hatach, one of her servants, to inquire from Mordechai HaYehudi the reason for the sack and she also sent him clothing to remove the sack. But Mordechai HaYehudi refused to remove the sack and told Hatach, "Am Israel are in trouble and I should wear royal clothing? I will not remove the sack till the Merciful One annuls this decree. Go to Esther HaMalka and tell her the terrible decree that was decreed on our nation and ask her to go to the king to beg him to cancel it."

When Esther HaMalka heard the message, she became petrified and transferred thru Hatach a message to Mordechai HaYehudi, "How can I beg the king to cancel the decree when I cannot even say that I'm from the Jewish nation? I did everything you instructed me to do and did not tell the king I am from the nation of the Jews. How can I now tell him that I am a Jewess? Also, there is a law in the land that no one may enter infront of the king without royal permission and only Haman can give this permission. I was not called to come to the king 30 days."

When Hatach attempted to pass Esther HaMalka's message to Mordechai HaYehudi, Haman killed him. HKB'H said, "Because wicked Haman killed the messenger of Esther HaMalka and Mordechai HaYehudi, I'll send Angels Micha'el and Gavriel to act as the messengers."

The 2 angels came to Mordechai HaYehudi and told him Esther HaMalka's message. Mordechai HaYehudi replied his message to Esther HaMalka, "Know this Esther HaMalka, you were chosen to be the queen only for the purpose to save your nation. If you keep silent now, salvation will come from a different source and the home of your father will be lost. Why are you afraid of this wicked person? Is he stronger than Amalek who fought against Am Israel and lost? Is he stronger than the 31 kings that gathered to fight against Am Israel and Yehoshua bin Nun (zs'l) killed them with one blow? Is he stronger than Sisra, the strongest man on earth, and HaShem gave him into the hands of a woman? Is he stronger than the giant Goliath that Dovid HaMelech (zs'l) killed him with a rock and beheaded him? Don't be afraid. Be strong and the HaShem will help you."

"If you refuse to help your nation that are now in great trouble, know that you will not escape punishment if tragedies befalls on them. The day will come when you will need to answer the Heavenly court why you did not help your nation. What will you answer?"

"I'm asking you to collect courage and go to the king to ask mercy for your nation. HaShem hears your prayers and will protect and save you from any harm."

When Esther HaMalka heard this, she sent the messengers back, "I completely agree to fulfill your request. I will approach the king and will have no pity on my life. I prefer to be killed in this world rather than lose my portion in the world to come. But only one thing I ask from you: Gather all the Jews of Shushan and fast for me 3 days and 3 nights and I and my maidservants will also fast. Afterwards, I will approach the king."

Mordechai HaYehudi announced a 3 day fast and on the first night of Pesach, he gathered all the Jews of Shushan for prayers and repentance. 12,000 Kohanim stood infront of the nation, in their right hands they held Shofars and in the left hand, they held Torah. With tears, they begged HaShem, "Our G.od and the G.od of our fathers, if You will destruct us, who will read from the holy Torah that You gave us? Who will remember Your name? Even the sun and the moon will not light their light to the world because they were created only for Am Israel."

The Jews fell on their faces and cried, "Answer us, our HaShem, answer us." For a long long time they continued praying, yelling, begging HaShem to annul the decree. They blew shofars till the High Ministers Angels of Shamayim cried together with them.

Mordechai HaYedudi knew that young children are pure without sin and their prayers will reach the Heavenly Throne. He gathered 22,000 children to the Bet Midrash and the children sat around him, crying and screaming, with sacks and ashes on them, learning Torah while fasting for 3 whole days and nights.

Esther HaMalka did the same inside her palace. She fasted for 3 days and prayed non-stop. She begged HaShem to have mercy on her and her nation. On the fourth day, she dressed in her royal clothing including the royal crown. Before exiting towards the garden of the palace, Esther HaMalka stood humbled with a shaking heart and called out to HaShem.

"HaShem my King and HaShem of my fathers, HaShem of Avraham, HaShem of Yitzchak, HaShem of Yaakov, and HaShem of Binyamin, my father. I know why I was chosen to be the queen and it was not because of my deeds. It is to save Am Israel from our enemies. Today I go to fulfill my obligation. Please HaShem, help me do what I am obligated to do. If Your children will be destroyed from the earth, who will say 3 times a day to You "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh?". "Look at us and see what has become of us. The king sold us for 10,000 silver money and Haman wants to wipe us off the face of the earth."

"Please HaShem, look at my tears. Remember Avraham Avinu that passed all the 10 tests You gave him. Have mercy on us in his Zechut. 3 days I fasted to remind You the 3 days that Avraham Avinu walked to fulfill Your command to kill his son as a Korban on the Mizbe'ach. You promised him that this act will forever be in favor of Your children in time of trouble. 3 days I did not eat or drink keneged the 3 ways You divided Your nation: Kohen, Levi, and Israel. They all stood infront of You at Har Sinai and called out loudly, "Naase Ve Nishma, We will do and we will listen. If all these are not enough merits to save us, please listen to the High Heavenly Ministers that are crying and begging YOU to have mercy on us."

"HaShem is merciful and compassionate. Please have mercy on me when I come infront of the king to ask for mercy for Your nation. Please send a merciful angel infront of me so I will find favor in the King's eyes so he will agree to listen to my words. Please listen to me as You heard the prayers of Chanania, Misha'el, and Azaria (a'h) and as you saved Daniel (zs'l) from the lion's den, save us too from those that wish to kill us."

Three maidservants accompanied Esther HaMalka. One on her right, one on her left and the third one behind carrying the rims of her royal clothing. The Creator of the World placed the Divine Spirit on Esther HaMalka and 'dressed' her with the Divine Spirit which added more beauty to her image.

When the guards saw Esther HaMalka approaching the King's palace, they were shocked at her courage. They knew she was not called upon to visit the king. The guards were wicked and they thought to themselves, "I wish the queen would be killed so we can have her royal clothing." The way the security guards were watching her made Esther HaMalka feel very frightened.

When she passed by the idols inside the palace, the Divine Spirit left her. Esther HaMalka felt it and called out in fear to HaShem, "אלי אלי למה עזבתני My Go.d, My G.od, why did You leave me? Why do You leave me alone as a sheep amongst 70 wolves? You know that I'm not going to the king for personal gain. Only for the safety of Am Israel."

Esther HaMalka's pure prayer reached the Heavenly Throne and immediately, HaShem sent 3 angels to protect and strengthen Esther HaMalka. One angel raised her neck so she looked tall and impressive. The second angel pulled a heavenly pipe full of charm and beauty for Esther HaMalka.

When King Achashverosh heard that Esther HaMalka is in the garden, he got very angry and thought to himself, "When I asked my previous wife Vashti, to appear in front of me, she refused. And this wife comes when I didn't instruct her." He turned his face sideways so not to look at Esther HaMalka but that moment, the third angel turned his face directly towards Esther HaMalka.

When Achashverosh saw Esther HaMalka, his heart was instantly filled with love for her and he stretched out his golden scepter. The golden scepter miracleously stretched till the garden. But after 3 days and nights of fasting, Esther HaMalka was too weak and had no strength to stretch her hand to touch the scepter. Instantly, angel Micha'el raised her hand and neared her to the king's scepter.

That second, Achashverosh jumped out of his royal chair and ran to Esther HaMalka. His face became very gentle and he said to Esther HaMalka, "I see that your request is very big and you are even willing to die for it. Nothing is too big for me to fulfill you wish; half of my kingdom I'll give you. Just don't ask me to build the Holy Temple for the Jews because I already promised I'll never built it."

When Esther HaMalka heard this, she thought it's not the right time to mention that she's a Jewess. Instead she requested that Achashverosh and Haman join her for a party she prepared for them.

When Esther HaMalka returned to her palace, she thought over what just transpired and was glad that she also invited Haman to the party. "This way Achashverosh will feel jealous and think that I prefer Haman over him and the decree to kill all the Jews will be cancelled."

That evening, Achashverosh and Haman went to Esther HaMalka's party. During the meal, Haman removed his crown from his head and put it on the side. Esther HaMalka did the same and placed her crown next to Haman's crown. She moved her royal chair closer to Haman's chair and even poured wine for Haman. While observing this, Achashverosh was bewildered at Esther HaMalka's sweet treatment to Haman.

When the party was over, Esther HaMalka asked that they return tomorrow for another party. They both accepted the invitation.

When Haman exited the palace, he saw Mordechai HaYehudi sitting at the gate and Mordechai HaYehudi raised his leg at Haman. Haman saw that on the shoe was glued the piece of paper of the deal he had a long time ago with Mordechai HaYehdi in the desert. When Haman remembered it, he got very angry. When he got home he called his wife and advisors to advise how he should punish Mordechai HaYehudi. His wife Zeresh, i's, said, "Mordechai is a Jew. You will not be able to punish and kill him because His G.od is with him. If you will throw him into a fire, he will be saved just as Chanania, Misha'el and Azaria (a'h) were saved. If you place him in jail, he will be freed just like his great grandfather was freed, Yosef HaTzaddik (a'h). If you banish him to the desert, nothing will happen to him just like his fathers lived in the desert in peace for 40 years. If you poke out his eyes you will not succeed just like what happened to the heroic Shimshon (zs'l) when he killed all the palestinians when he was blinded. You must hang him on a tall tree because no one from his nation was ever saved from hanging."

Haman liked his wife's advise and instead of going to sleep, he immediately went out searching for a tree to hang Mordechai HaYehudi. After much search, he was unable to find a tall tree but suddenly he remembered that he has a tall tree in his backyard. He called his servants to retrieve it. This tree plank was leftover from the ark that Noach (zs'l) built.

That hour, the Heavenly Divine Voice said, "Haman, this tree that you are preparing is going to be used for you."

Wicked Haman looked out from his bedroom at the tree prepared for Mordechai HaYehudi and felt a sudden urge to see him. The strong feeling to find Mordechai HaYehudi became too powerful and he got dressed and went searching for him. He found Mordechai HaYehudi in the Bet Midrash with children sitting around him, crying and screaming, with sacks and ashes on them, learning Torah. Wicked Haman counted 22,000 children.

He ordered them to be shackled in heavy chains and placed guards to watch them. Then he said, "Tomorrow I'll first kill the children and then hang Mordechai HaYehudi."

All began to cry and bellow and their cries went up to Heaven. HKB'H heard the cries and asked, "What is this voice I hear like young goats and lambs?" Moshe Rabenu, zs'l, said to HKB'H, "These are not voices of young goats and lambs, it is voices of the youngsters of Your nation, whom are fasting for 3 days, because the enemy wants to butcher them like young goats and lambs."

At that hour, HKB'H grasped the letters of decree and tore them up. HaShem sent angel Micha'el to caused Achashverosh to wake up in panic, "בלילה ההוא נדדה שנת המלך". Angel Micha'el entered Achashverosh's room, threw him off the bed and hit him 365 times while other angels were yelling at king Achashverosh, "You are ungrateful. Pay back the goodness to the person that did good for you."

HaShem made a miracle and when the Memory Book was brought to the king, the page opened up to the page containing the information that Mordechai HaYehudi saved the king's life.

That same minute, Haman was in the gardens of the palace. When the guards saw him, they said to the king that Haman wants to see him right away. When Achashverosh heard this, he immediately remembered what angel Micha'el told him in the dream and was convinced that Haman has come to kill him and take over his kingdom. He instructed that they allow Haman to enter. Of course Haman had no clue about the king's dream and did not suspect anything. "You are my head advisor and I wanted your advise regarding how to honor a person." Haman was surprised by this question and had no doubt in his mind that the king is referring to him. Haman advised that this person should dress in royal clothing with the royal crown and taken around the city on the royal horses.

Achashverosh told Haman, "Go immediately to my treasures and choose the most elegant royal clothing together with my crown and scepter. Then go to my royal stable and take my Arabian horse. Take all this and bring it to Mordechai HaYehudi."

Even in his worst dream, Haman could not imagine what he heard was true. He felt so humiliated and angry but from the shock, was unable to answer. After regaining his composure, he said to the king, "There are many Mordechai's in your countries. Which Mordechai are you referring to?" The king got angry, "Don't play games with me, go to Mordechai HaYehudi and do everything I commanded you."

Haman fell to the floor and begged Achashverosh not to embarasse him publicly, "Why do you command me to give honor to my arch enemy? I'd rather give you 10,000 silver money. Instead of honoring Mordechai HaYehudi thru embarrasing me, give Mordechai HaYehudi to be the governor." The king replied, "Give your 10,000 silver to Mordechai HaYehudi and I'll promote him to be a governor and now, do as I commanded immediately."

Haman was devastated, "I'll cancel the decree to kill the Jews. Right now I'll send messengers to cancel the decrees to all 127 countries. But please don't honor Mordechai HaYehudi."

The king did not want to hear anymore and angrily said, "Of course I will cancel the decree in honor of Mordechai HaYehudi. And you, go immediately and do all that you advised for Mordechai HaYehudi."

When Haman left the palace, Achashverosh sent 2 guards to follow Haman to see that he fulfills the king's commands.

At that hour, Mordechai HaYehudi was sitting in Bet HaMidrash teaching Torah to the children. When he saw Haman approaching him, he thought that Haman has come to kill him and urged the children to run for their lives. But none of the children were afraid and said as one, "Our teacher, our Rebbe, we will never leave you." Mordechai HaYehudi hugged the children as Haman was coming closer towards him. Haman said to Mordechai HaYehudi, "Rise from your mourning and remove the sack off of you because I was sent under the king's commandment to dress you in royal clothing." Mordechai HaYehudi did not believe Haman and said, "Leave me alone, why do you want to make fun of me infront of my students? Why do you insist to make the last minutes of my life miserable? Allow me to go home and then you can hang me as you desire."

Haman replied, "Does it look like I'm joking? Know this, your sack and ashes are much more important that my 10,000 silver. Your G.od has heard your prayers and has performed miracles for you, as He did for your forefathers. Now get up because I need to dress you in royal clothing. This is the order of the king."

Mordechai HaYehudi asked Haman, "How can I wear this royal clothing when my body is full of ashes?" Haman replied, "Wait here and I'll bring someone to wash and perfume you so you can be clean to be dressed in royal clothing."

Haman searched in the whole city for a washer but could not find because on that day, Queen Esther decreed that all the people of the city are forbidden to go to work. Haman was forced to take Mordechai HaYehudi to the bathhouse and bathe and clean him. Afterwards, he dressed him in royal clothing.

When Haman wanted to place the crown on Mordechai HaYehudi's head, he said, "I cannot allow you to place the crown on my head because I have not had a hair cut in a long time since I was in mourning." Haman replied, "I will find a barber for you." He ran looking for a barber but could not find because of Queen Esther's decree. With no other alternative, Haman ran home and brought his scizzors and while cutting Mordechai HaYehudi's hair, he was sighing. Mordechai HaYehudi asked him why he is sighing and Haman answered, "Why should I not sigh and cry? I am the most important minister of the kingdom and here I am, washing, dressing, and grooming my arch enemy?"

Mordechai HaYehudi knew Haman since he was a poor man and answered him, "You think I don't know who you are and who your father was? Your father used to be a barber and wash people in the bathhouse for 22 years. You ran to your house to bring your father's washing and barber tools."

Mordechai HaYehudi was very weak from fasting and was unable to raise his leg to get on the horse. Haman was forced to kneel on four so Mordechai HaYehudi can use him as his ladder. When Mordechai HaYehudi sat on the horse, he gave Haman a hard kick. Haman was very hurt and said, "It says in your holy Torah 'do not rejoice in your enemies downfall'. Why do you hurt me in my time of downfall?". Mordechai HaYehudi replied, "If you were only my enemy, I would not rejoice as our holy Torah instructs us. But because you are the bitter enemy of the Jews, it is my duty to kick you as it says in our Holy Torah, "'ואתה על במותינו תדרוך And thine enemies shall dwindle away before thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places."

Haman took Mordechai HaYehudi around the city of Shushan and all men, women, and children saw this. 27,000 princes were placed infront of Mordechai HaYehudi and they all called out
"ככה יעשה לאיש אשר המלך חפץ ביקרו 'Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour.'

When the Jews saw how their leader is being honored, they went out of their home with torches and called out happily, "'Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the King of the World, the Creator of the World is delighted to honor.'

When they reached Haman's house, his daughter looked out the window and was sure her father was riding on the horse and Mordechai HaYehudi was leading him so she took a pail full of dirty water and spilled it directly on her father, the one leading the horse. Wet and dirty, Haman looked up to see who did this and saw his daughter. His daughter was so shocked to see her father leading the horse and felt so ashamed of her mistake, she committed suicide by jumping out of the window.

Dirty and wet, Haman returned home after this ordeal. He wife said, "Mordechai HaYehudi is from the Jewish nation and once you have began to fall, you will continue falling. The Jews will be saved and your end will be bitter."

Haman didn't get a chance to reply because loud knocking on the door was heard. He was due at the palace right away for Esther HaMalka's party. The guards would not allow Haman to wash up and they forced him to come immediately to the palace.

At the party, king Achashverosh asked Esther HaMalka what is her wish. Esther HaMalka answered, "If I found favor in the eyes of the king, please save my nation because we were sold to be executed."

Achashverosh was frightened and angrily asked, "Who is this person who dares to kill you?" Esther HaMalka got scared when she saw Achashverosh's angry face. She pointed her finger towards Haman and said, "This enemy is my nation's enemy."

Achashverosh nightmare came true. He suspected that Haman wanted to kill him and take over his kingdom. He went out to the garden to calm down.

At the same time, HaShem sent His angels to the garden in the image of the 10 sons of Haman and Achashverosh saw them cutting down his beautiful trees in the garden. He asked them, "Who gave you permission to destroy my garden?" the angels replied, "Our father Haman instructed us to come here and remove every tree and plant from your garden."

Achashverosh couldn't take it anymore and angrily burst back into Esther HaMalka's palace to pour out his fury on Haman. At that same second, Haman was crouching down by Esther HaMalka's legs begging her to have mercy on him. When the king entered, angel Micha'el pushed Haman onto Esther HaMalka's bed. When Achashverosh saw Haman on his wife's bed, he yelled, "Also my wife in my palace you want to capture?"

Charvona, zs'kl, hearing the king's furious yelling, walked inside the palace of the queen and said, "My honored king, not only does wicked Haman want this but he is responsible for putting the poison in your food and Mordechai HaYehudi is the one who saved you from this death trap. This is the reason Haman hates Mordechai HaYehudi so much and even built a 50 foot tree to hang him on. You can see the tree by his house ready to hang Mordechai HaYehudi."

Achashverosh sent servants to see if this was true and when they returned, they told the king what they saw, "A tree is ready in Haman's backyard to hang Mordechai HaYehudi."

When Achashverosh heard this, he commanded that Haman be hunged on the tree immediately.

Mordechai HaYehudi turned to Haman and said, "The king commanded that I hung you on the tree you prepared for me." When Haman heard the verdict, he cried and begged, "If it was decreed that I die, please kill me with a sword. Let me die with honor. Don't hang me on a tree the same way simple people and criminals are hung on a tree."

Mordechai HaYehudi didn't pay attention and hung Haman on the tree. After Haman was hunged, the king gave Mordechai HaYehudi the house that belonged to Haman with all its treasures. Mordechai HaYehudi split the money into 3 portions: one for the Yeshivot and shuls, second portion he guarded for the future building of the second Bet HaMikdash, and the third portion he took for him and Esther HaMalka.

Mordechai HaYehudi was appointed to be the ministers of all ministers and head of the kingdom's treasury. Mordechai HaYehudi served with loyalty. Everyone in the kingdom of Achashverosh loved Mordechai HaYehudi and Esther HaMalka and they knew no more sorrow.

In order for the great miracle never to be forgotten, Esther HaMalka sent letters to all the scholars of Am Israel and asked that they rule Purim a day of holiday for all generations, on its original name Pur, casting of the lots.

The scholars of Am Israel wrote everything in the scroll and called it Megillat Esther which is read every year in every shul, city, state, country all over the world in thanks to HKB'H for the great miracles He performed for Am Israel.

Baruch (blessed is) Mordechai HaYehudi
Berucha (blessed is) Esther HaMalka
Arur (cursed is) Haman Harasha
Arura (cursed is) Zeresh, wife of Haman

May the zechoyut of Mordechai HaYehudi and Esther HaMalka, a'h, protect us and may we be zoche to also see the Geula Shlema bekarov. Amen.

ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות
Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו