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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Testimonies: Life After Death

The sefer Chesed L’Avraham says:

"Also the evil person sees the Divine Presence at the time of his death. He is not punish until he has seen his Creator and understands to Whom he has sinned, and what he caused by his sin, and he will therefore justify the verdict that was decreed upon him."

Some excerpts from the book, Ha-Chaim She-l’achar Hamavet "Life After Death"

* There is a sense of very rapid transit within a long and dark tunnel.

* The person suddenly realizes that he is located outside his physical body, yet he is still in the same physical environment. His body is seen from a certain distance, and he looks at it.

* He sees everything that transpires in connection with his body and the attempts being made to restore it to life.

* After a while he begins to grow accustomed to his new situation; he realizes that while he does have a “body”, it is a new body very different in its nature and its characteristics from the physical body he had during his lifetime.

* At that very same time additional things are taking place: the deceased sees that the spirits of his father and mother and closest relatives, as well as his already deceased friends, coming to meet him, to accompany him in his new situation – and to assist him.

* The deceased person senses that he is encountering an “entity-reality” of light, a wonderful light beaming tremendous love, good warmth, of a kind he has never encountered before.

* This “entity” asks him various questions in a non-verbal manner in order to bring him to review the story of his life and the deeds he did while he was alive, and while the deceased reviews his deeds, there passes before his eyes a “panorama” that reconstructs before him all the major, important events of his life.

* At a certain stage the deceased feels that he is drawing near to something like an end, a border, a boundary, which seems to represent the borderline between earthly life and the life thereafter. But here it becomes clear to the deceased that he has to return to the world of the living – this world, for the hour of his death has not yet arrived.

* When he discovers this, he objects and does not want to go back, for he is attracted to the situation in which he has found himself – in this new and wonderful reality of life after death, and he has no desire to return to his former situation.

* Yet, despite his reluctance, he returns and is joined once again to his physical body, and he returns to This World.

Testimonies of people who were clinically dead and came back to life... (In English and Hebrew).




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