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Monday, August 04, 2008

Coming Crisis Before USA Elections?!

A very honorable and popular media news journalist*, who wishes to remain anonymous, took the time to share with us the following...

In regards to what it says in the Zohar HaKadosh: "...President Gog Bush will visit Israel 3 times. But between his second and third visit, something will occur that will cause the USA elections to be cancelled and President Bush will remain the president.

Let me share a story Bill Dull told me this past week July 21, 2008. It is sobering and not from one who is a rumor-monger or paranoid tale-spreader. Bill Dull, as many know, is a solid, reputable missionary to India for many years, who with his wife, has established 2 orphanages and 2 seminaries in India plus 2 institutions in USA - Beautiful Valley in WV along with a beautiful SDA church still there even though the little academy closed many years ago; also Living Springs in NY which closed finally last year because the NY officials wouldn't quit taxing them unmercifully even though they were tax exempt. God has blessed them in many ventures.

He has a close relative in another state (Wildwood, GA) that called him just about 2 weeks ago with the following story. This man was raised SDA but is not one now. He is obviously beginning to think about Bible prophecy by relating this to Bill. He is wealthy and owns a business. His wife also owns a lucrative business selling fashionable women's things. People come from all over the state to her store. Two days before this phone call to Bill she received a client - a wealthy lady friend of hers and client - who told her this:

"My son is a Catholic priest - high up in the US hierarchy of priests. He goes to the Vatican (in Rome, Italy) about every 2 weeks and just returned 2 days ago. He told me - 'Mother, before the elections in November there will be a great crisis in the United States. Because of this crisis, life as we know it now will never be the same again. The American lifestyle will change and no-one will ever be able to carry it out the same again - never!'"

Why would a priest go back and forth every 2 weeks or so to the Vatican if he weren't involved in planning "the crisis" - whatever that is that will affect everyone of us.

* The anonymous journalist is a shomer Shabbat Jew.




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