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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Autistic Message: From Slavery to Freedom

A message from Binyamin Golden, an autistic man March 25, 2008
[Binyamin has approved the explanations and clarifications which are in parenthesis]

We are now truly approaching the great moment in history that we have been looking forward to for thousands of years. That is why we have all been going through such difficult times, such difficult tests ["Just as in Egypt, before the redemption the hard work was increased as it says in Shmos 5, 'And the work became harder for the people, etc.,' similarly are the Pre-Messianic pangs" (Hagra, Even Shlomo, chapter 11)].

The whole world is experiencing it’s final rectifications and 'classifications' (i.e. deciding the future of): the Jews, the gentiles, the water, the earth, the mountains - everything that is inanimate, alive or that grows. Every living thing is now being put to the test - its final assessment until the next phase of the Creation, which is the days of Moshiach (Messiah), together with our righteous Moshiach, the third Beis Hamikdash (Temple), etc.

Yet, we are not ready. Most of the Jewish people, the most important beings in the entire creation, are simply not ready. Not ready to live in a perfected world, a world of spirituality. People still want the gashmius (materialism) and not spirituality.

If people read our words and it sounds harsh to them, they are unhappy, because they want the “easy way” [even though only the beginning is easy, and the end is very bitter]. They want materialism together with so-called "spirituality" – what they think is spirituality But they don't realize that the entire materialistic way of life they once knew is completely crumbling all around them.

If they would read what is written in the holy prophecies of the Torah, they would see that our words are very mild compared to the prophets' descriptions of all that is in store for the Jewish people and the rest of the world. They envisioned the most terrible times. Most terrible! Trials and tribulations which are almost impossible to withstand and survive.

But people don't want to hear harsh words. Before every time of es ratzon ('time of favor' - where our prayers are more accepted in Heaven), such as Purim or any other holyday, I hear people saying that the prayers said on these holydays are going to sweeten the harsh judgments. But don't forget that before the Second World War broke out, there were also holydays such as Purim, Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succos, all the holydays, all the ‘times of favor’. Nevertheless, a horrendous holocaust occurred that was so terrible it cannot even be described in words.

Today also, nothing will help us if we do not repent. Nothing will help us if we do not repent. Nothing will help us if we do not repent! This is the message and this people do not want to hear. They are prepared to do all sorts of minor, symbolic things, but this - doing real teshuva (repentance), putting up a mechitza (a barrier) between themselves and the unnecessary materialism of this world - this they are not prepared to do. [See Mesillas Yesharim chapter 1, that the foundation of Judaism is keeping away from materialism and this world and coming close to Hashem. This is the purpose of life].

When the moment of truth arrives, when we witness such dangerous situations beyond the perception of a tiny, weak human mind, when the fear is tremendous - when we reach that moment in time, those who are unable to separate themselves from the "golden calf" (materialism) will disappear from the world along with it. Since they were so wrapped up in all the materialism of this world and were accustomed to putting great importance on every thing connected to materialism, they made themselves unfit to live in a world of total spirituality.
The Jews in Israel are now facing the greatest danger. The greatest. The Jews living here in the Holy Land are starting to realize this. They are starting to get a little frightened, even though they are continuing to live as though nothing special is happening. However, in Israel a movement has developed of people who are trying to do real teshuva. This movement is still relatively small. This movement is mainly made up of observant Jews who are seriously trying to come closer to the Truth, to our Father in Heaven.

These are Jews who are prepared to separate themselves from the materialism of the goyish (gentile) world [as explained in "The way of G-d", by the Ramchal who says that without this one cannot come close to Hashem, see there, part 1, chapter 4, 2]. However those who are not prepared to leave the excessive, goyish materialism – even though they may live in charedi (Ultra-orthodox) places such as Jerusalem, Bnai Beraq, Beit Shemesh, Beitar, Elad, Kiryat Sefer and so on – but are still trying to live a materialistic life like the goyim or like the secular Jews, these people will not survive to greet our righteous Moshiach.

Now, at this very moment, everyone must decide: why are they alive? Why are they in this world? They must think about the day of after their death and what their future holds. ["Most of his days, man thinks about his business, his temporary life. Why should he not give even one hour of thought to truly serious matters: What is he? Why did he come to this world? And what does Hashem, the King of all kings want of him? And what will be the end of all his dealings in life? This is the best and strongest medicine man has against his Evil Inclination." (Derech Etz Chaim)].

What will this type of people do in olam haba (the World to Come)? Do they think they are going to enter the olam haba with their credit cards and B.M.W.’s? And with their wives who are wearing long beautiful wigs and dressing immodestly the way the gentile women dress? These men, with all their “toys” - with their computers and cell phones that are also digital cameras and play all sorts of goyish music, etc., will definitely go straight to Gehenom. Because in Heaven all of these “toys”, as well as his immodest wife, will testify against him – with the testimony that these toys were his whole life. Even if he davened at shul – not always, but whenever he could – put on tefilin, gave charity etc. But his heart and mind were focusing on these goyish things.

However, those Jews who distance themselves from anything Hellenistic [the Greek way of life was based purely on materialistic pleasures – as is the way of the Western world today and even of many religious people who have strayed from the correct path], like with the story of Chanukah, these few Jews, if they continue following the true path, will be the ones to merit living in the days of Moshiach and the third Beis Hamikdash, etc.

There really is no time to waste. There really is no time to waste. We must do teshuva [see next message]. This is our only lifeline – and it will protect us against every type of missile. Against the biological, G-d forbid, the nuclear, G-d forbid, the chemical, G-d forbid and even against the 'simple' ones that 'kill on contact'. This will also protect us from all the terrible illnesses and other Heavenly punishments.

Hashem is going to perform very great miracles for those who do teshuva, those who reject the materialism of this world and want nothing except closeness to Hashem, which means doing nothing except sitting for the rest of their lives in the 'House of Hashem'. The 'House of Hashem' is the only real shelter and the only thing people can trust. Not the army, not the Home Front Command, not the government, not the prime minister, not the president or any member of parliament. Only our Father in Heaven.

However if we are not with Him, likewise He will not be with us. It is our duty to stay close to Him and do His will. If we do this, we will be saved. We will be safe from any kind of danger.
What I have said so far is not new. But it needs to be repeated, over and over again, because this is the message. There is no other message. Exactly when it will take place (“the great moment in history which we have been looking forward to for thousands of years”) is interesting to know, but not the most important thing. Knowing who's going to drop what kind of bomb on whom is also not what matters. It will happen and it will be very frightening, but it is not the most important thing.

What's important is coming close to Hashem and to become servants to Him alone ("For Bnei Yisrael are servants to me" Vayikra 25) and not to be slaves to our bank accounts, or to our electronic toys, or to our will to be young and beautiful, to go to restaurants or any other gashmi (materialistic) thing. Just servants of Hashem that always labor to do His will.

Binyamin Golden is an autistic young man who cannot speak and needs help for most of his daily life. He communicates by a system called “Facilitated Communication” (FC). By means of this system it is possible to reach the higher parts of the soul of a handicapped person (which are usually pure), and are able to give us messages from higher worlds. (A full explanation of FC is contained in the book “Secrets of the Soul”.)

For additional information: tel (818) 996 4060; in Israel: 053-804795
For additional information and messages see FC Messages: Geula

Binyamin has requested that readers forward these messages to others in order to help them come closer to Truth and do what needs to be done to be worthy of greeting the Messiah..




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