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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Secret of "Blessings"

Thurdsday night, my husband was teaching me the secrets of saying Brachot (blessings) over food from the sefer Chesed L’Avraham (Maayan 2, Nahar 41) written by the Kadosh Tzaddik Rav Avraham Azulai, zs'l.

Kadosh Elyon Rav Avraham Azulai says that the person's neshama (soul) acts as a ladder and it ascends blessings over food from the lower world to the upper worlds and in the same way, it becomes a ladder to lower the blessings from the upper worlds to the person in the lower world. Any time that brachot are said in the lower world, it becomes a basis to receive blessings from the upper worlds.

Neshamot come from the 4 worlds: Olam Olam Ha'Beriah, the World of Creation; Olam Ha'Atzilut, the World of Divine Emanation, Olam Yetzirah, the World of Formation, and from Olam Asiya, the World of Action. No matter which world the person's neshama comes from, when brachot over food are said, the neshama becomes a ladder to ascend the blessings to the upper world and in turn, influences the person to receive blessings from the upper Olam to the physical body. Only from the Olam Ha'Atzilut, blessings on the person returns from a different source and from there to Olam Haba.

After learning this beautiful chidush (renewal), I had a dream that same night, 28 Adar II. In the dream, I was asking from His Majesty to forgive me for not saying blessings over food and drinks from the time I was born. (In reality, I learned to say Brachot about 15 years ago). Additionally, I asked for forgiveness for mixing up blessings. (for example, saying Ha'Etz on strawberries when the actual bracha is Adama or saying the blessings of Hadama on Avocado when the Bracha is really Boreh Pri He'Etz).

I was told that in the Zchut of Shabbat Kodesh, I'm forgiven. I didn't understand the connection and asked if this can be explained to me. In Shamayim, I was told that when a person prepares extra special food for Shabbat, which includes shopping, cooking, chopping, dicing, washing dishes, even the slightest action done Lichvod Shabbat, this act forgives the person's error for not saying Brachot or mixing it up.

I was amazed that Shabbat is so powerful and in the z'chut of taking pains to prepare for Shabbat, I was forgiven.

After the dream, it gave a whole new meaning to the passuk:
מי שטרח בערב שבת, יאכל בשבת; מי שלא טרח בערב שבת, מהיכן יאכל בשבת
He who prepares on the eve of Shabbat will have food to eat on Shabbat; He that did not labor on the eve of the Shabbat what shall he eat on Shabbat?

This world is like the eve of Shabbat, and the Olam Haba is compared to the Shabbat.

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