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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Results of Damaging the Brit HaKodesh

The Zohar HaKadosh writes that a person that transgresses cannot be a leader over the Jewish nation. Rashbi, zs'kl, explains that because of the fear of sins, if he becomes a leader, his sins causes him fears and he become weak-hearted and this will only lead the sinner to drag the Jewish nation into total chaos.

All leaders of the government that gave away parts of the holy land were sinners. They all transgressed in the Brit HaKodesh. All the people involved in the invention of the Oslo Agreement damaged their Brit HaKodesh till its foundation. It says in the Zohar HaKadosh explicity that one that damages his Brit HaKodesh has no right over Eretz Israel, "ארץ ישראל מקיעה את מרשיעי הברית".

Unfortunately for us, the people that damaged their Brit HaKodesh became leaders over the Jewish nation and continue giving away parts of the Holy Land because they are fearful and weak.

Not long ago, a book came out written by Rabbi Baruch Shapira, zs'kl. During his lifetime, the Tzaddik was not well-known and was nistar (hidden). He resided in Maale Adumim and passed away about 15 years ago. Everything he wrote in the book are prophecies. In the book, he writes mind-boggling details, which was written over 15 years ago. He wrote that there will come a day when settlements in Gaza area will be evacuated and handed over to the enemy (nk: Gush Katif). He warns not to purchase homes in Ashdod and Ashkelon. He explains that these towns will be bombarded with missiles because unfortunately, the leaders ruling over us damaged their Brit HaKodesh.

When Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita attended Rav Shapira, zs'l, funeral, he said: "Know that he was one of the 36 tzadikim nistarim (hidden righteous men)".




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