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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Message from Ben: Repentance is the Only Answer!

A message from Binyamin Golden an autistic man 10 Kislev 5768.

Everyone knows that there is not much time left for the existence of the world we know today (full of materialism and deceit). Anyone can see that the world is getting ready for a massive war. One does not have to be autistic anymore to say such things. Regular radio announcers can say these things. Except that they do not know the prophecies. The prophecies say exactly what is happening now. And it is very amazing because they [the prophecies] are so precise.

What should we do? Repent and help others repent as much as possible. Go places, talk to people, tell them these things and work hard. And whoever can, should participate in saying confession prayers with sacks and ashes particularly at the Kosel [Western Wall]. This will attract and open up many hearts and people will come, they will come and join in. This can be done also in other places throughout Israel but the central and most important place to do it is by the Western Wall, the place of the Shechina - the Divine Presence - the place where the Shechina grieves the most. We have to explain to people that this is the end; we must sit on the floor and show people how to do real repentance (i.e. crying and praying with sacks and ashes).

It would be good to prepare the prophecies with some commentary so that people will understand better the meaning of the prophecies and so they will realize that everything that is happening in the world now is written precisely in the prophecies.

You can show the people where it is written in the prophecies that the only way to survive is to do real teshuva [repentance]. There is no other way. Even if you fill up a house with enough water and food [to get through the upcoming difficult times where there may be a shortage], it will still not be enough to save you if you don’t repent.

You can dig an enormous hole into a mountain and build there a shelter like the government is doing but even this will not help if the people do not repent. It will only turn into a huge grave like the pyramids, except that this would be under the ground.

Without repentance there is no life! Without repentance there is no life! I repeat, without repentance there is no life!

The only thing that will help is repentance. There are even a lot of secular people who want to repent. Soon, really soon, there will be a most frightening reality and then people will start looking for ways to come close to Hashem.

We will look at the foreseen dangers coming from one direction and will be terrified from something that will come, totally unexpected, from another direction. And it's not necessarily a war.

The Moshiach is near but it is known that he cannot receive the keys to the Knesset. The Knesset must be destroyed and all the members of the Knesset, that filthy institution they call 'Knesset', must resign.

One way or another, the whole form of the state (Israel) must be destroyed. This doesn't mean the buildings need to be destroyed but rather the whole structure of the Israeli government, the courts, the so called justice system, the police and all the different governmental institutions will disappear and there will be complete chaos. Then Moshiach can be revealed and take control, G-d willing.

This can all happen in a very short time. Because, really, a lot of people can already see the end of the Zionistic state of Israel. And when I say "Zionistic", I'm not referring, Heaven Forbid, to the real Zionism which is a true love for the land of Israel and its holiness. I am referring to people like Ben-Gurion; all those who since the rise of the secular state of Israel, have wanted to make a Jewish country like all the other countries.
We are not a country like other countries. We are the Jewish nation, the nation closest to G-d.
Therefore, only a government who follows Hashem can win. Only the Kingdom of David.

But first all the impurity that has encompassed the land with lies must disappear. And then Moshiach, Moshiach ben David can take over the government - when the lie dies and disappears.

You can see more and more that this could all happen within a very short amount of time. Even the secularists can see that most of the institutions of the state of Israel are based upon theft and fraudulence. And this has been the situation ever since the rise of the state and even before that and it’s a known thing that whoever sits in front of a pot of food ends up eating a lot.

In the eyes of the western countries and other gentile countries and even among many Israeli citizens, the state of Israel is considered to be a 'Third World country'. We have a prime minister who's made fun of by everyone, a 'golem', a dummy who everyone is certain just does things without thinking. He flies over to Putin who says to him "nyet" and then goes to see Mubarak who barely agrees to speak with him.

On the matter of Jerusalem, they can go on wanting to divide Jerusalem as long as they want but only Hashem decides what will be divided and I'm worried about the people who think they stand a chance of doing such a thing. I would just like to point them in the direction of the hospital where Ariel Sharon lies. Such is the fate of any person who thinks they can divide up Jerusalem without permission from Hashem.

The entire country is in a state of confusion, both spiritually and economically. In general there is a feeling that the country is really falling apart.

The army is in a very difficult situation. How much have they been telling the people that the military situation has improved and gone back to the way it was before? Everyone knows that this is totally untrue.

Therefore, in a sense, the country really has almost completely fallen apart. All that is left is a weak foundation that just needs to disintegrate and then there will be nothing left.

The Zionists have completed their big rectification. They worked the land until it blossomed and flourished like before. The land was cursed for almost 2000 years and now it is thriving once again. Why were they allowed such a merit?

There are many different versions and one of them is that at least some of these Zionists are reincarnations of the biryonim [hooligans] whose actions led to the destruction of the second Beis Hamikdash. They were not the only cause for the destruction but they were the only factors who still had a chance of saving Beis Hamikdash but nevertheless decided to go in their own directions.

Now the situation is that the rectification of these biryonim has ended and it is now time for everyone to repent. Everyone. Not just the biryonim and not just the Zionists, also the Ultra-Orthodox and also the modern-religious people. The entire Jewish nation must do teshuva [repent].

What does it mean to do teshuva? It means that each and every person must sit down and do some self-examination, try and ponder every sin they have ever committed from childhood until now.

If they can't remember every single thing they need not be worried. Why? Because people have a tendency to repeat the same sins and transgressions. So, if you committed a sin ten years ago and forgot about it, it is almost certain that five years ago and maybe even lately you have committed the same sin.

Either way, you can do teshuva if you really want to, because Hashem will help you since after all, He wants his people to live and not to die.

Therefore, we need to go over each and every sin, think about it and feel so sorry that we will feel such a deep pain which will lead us to shedding many, many tears. We must then decide and be determined not to go against the will of Hashem anymore, Heaven Forbid.

People who have caused others to sin - this is a most terrible transgression, but even that can be repented. If Hashem accepts your repentance, He can help the people you caused to sin by helping them to now repent and that will clear your transgression for you, G-d Willing.

Therefore, if a Jew wishes to live an eternal life with Hashem, under His wings, so to speak, then teshuva is the answer.

The end will be very difficult and the road to the end will be difficult because the Jewish nation is still asleep. The Ultra orthodox community is in the deepest sleep and even they, who are the closest to Hashem, a large part of them are completely in-love with this world and with their desire to live like the gentile nations.

And with a lack of courage to correct the flaws of the Ultra orthodox framework they try and bring the gentile world into the orthodox world and to even give it a hechsher. If you can find a fast food American style burger restaurant with the highest quality hechsher in 'Geula' [an ultra orthodox neighborhood] then the end must be very near.

May Hashem help us rectify ourselves and repent and be able to receive Moshiach and welcome all of our relatives [who passed away] in Techiyas Hameisim [the Resurrection of the dead].

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והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו