Dreaming of Moshiach

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hour of resurrection

In the hour of resurrection, HKB’H will descend from the Upper Heavens to the earth and will sit on His chair in Yerushalayim. HaShem will call all Ministering Angels and say, “My sons, I didn’t create you except for this hour, so you may give Me pleasure”. The Ministering Angels will reply, “Creator of the World, we are standing in front of You; anything You want, we will do”.

HKB’H will reply to them, “Go surf the 4 corners of the world, in the Diasporas and in Eretz Israel. Bring to Me every righteous men including Tzaddikim, Chassidim, and Chachamim (learned men) that sacrificed their lives daily for Me. Bring all of them here to Eretz Israel and I’ll resurrect them.”

Instantaneously, all the Ministering Angels, Seraphim, Sarim, and Gedudim will set out in the 4 corners of the world as well as Eretz Israel and search inside the earth for the righteous men. The Angels will make holes in the earth of the world searching for the Tzaddikim and will shake off the wicked ones. They will bring all the righteous men to HKB’H in Yerushalayim.

HKB’H, Himself, will stand up and resurrect the righteous men and raise them from the ground. HKB’H will take a gigantic Shofar, its size is 1,000 ama, and will blow the Shofar and its sound will be heard from one end of the world to its end.
During the first Shofar blowing, the entire world will shake;
in the second Shofar blowing, the ground will split;
in the third Shofar blowing, the bones of the righteous men will gather;
in the fourth Shofar blow, the bones of the righteous will warm up;
in the fifth Shofar blow, their skin will take form;
in the sixth Shofar blow, the neshamot (souls) will enter the physical body; and
in the seventh Shofar blow, the righteous men will stand on their legs.

HKB’H will call all the Tzaddikim using their names and each will be given a cup containing the ‘drink of life’ so they live eternally. HKB’H will reveal to the righteous men the Divine Holy Name that will be applied to create Olam Haba. Each Tzaddik will grow as tall as was Adam HaRishon, zs’l, when he was first created. HKB’H will give each Tzaddik 310 worlds and each Tzaddik will be able to gaze from one end of the world to its end. HKB’H will place on each Tzaddik a golden crown and will give them angels to serve them. The Divine Spirit will be with them at all times.

HKB’H will be greatly happy in the Seudah (meal) and will dance for the Tzaddikim. The mountains will also dance for the Tzaddikim. The faces of the Tzaddikim will glow and from their eyebrows, shiny radiance will emerge.

At the time when HKB’H will dance during the meal for the Tzaddikim, Prophet Yeshaya, zs’l, will say to HaShem, “Creator of the World, do not allow the wicked to see the rewards of the Tzaddikim”.
HKB’H will reply to Prophet Yeshaya, “My son Yeshaya, let them come and see the happiness and rewards that my Tzaddikim receive so they will feel ashamed”.

HKB’H will call the Ministering Angel Matatron to bring Knesset Israel to rule if the wicked people should see the rewards the Tzaddikim receive. The Knesset Israel will rule, “Wicked people should come to see and feel shame”.

At the moment, the wicked people will come to the gate of Gan Eden and view the rewards Tzaddikim receive. They will see that each Tzaddik is dressed in royal clothing with a royal crown on their head. Each Tzaddik will be like a king, sitting on a chair made of gold. A table made of precious jewels will be set in front of each righteous man and each Tzaddik will be holding a gold goblet made out of valuable stones, filled with the ‘drink of life’. The wicked will see 3 ministering angels serving all the delicatessens of Gan Eden set on each Tzaddik’s table. They will see shiny radiance emerging from each righteous man and the Heavens opening its doors and raining on them pure Afarsemon perfume; its divine heavenly fragrance will spread from one end of the world till the other end.

Behind the Tzaddikim, they will see thousands and thousands of Ministering Angels singing for the righteous men with violins and harps and many other musical instruments in their hands. They will see HKB’H dancing and on His right and left, the sun, moon, and stars will also dance with HaShem in honor of the Tzaddikim.

The wicked will be bewildered and ask, “For whom is HaShem dancing and giving all this honor?” The Ministering Angels will reply, “This is all for the honor of the nation of HaShem, for those that occupied themselves with the holy Torah and observed its holy commandments. This is their reward.”

At that moment, the wicked will fall on their faces and will open their mouth to praise HaShem and His Tzaddikim, “Ashrei Ha’am Shekacha Lo Ashrei Haam She- Hashem Elokav – Happy/fortunate is the nation for whom this is so, Fortunate is the nation that Hashem is their G-d."

From the book, Nishmat Israel




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו