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Monday, November 19, 2007

Clear Signs of the Imminent Redemption

Guest post by Reb Tuvia

The following was inspired by Yosef ben Yaakov (Joel Gallis) and Dr. Robert Wolf from "Redemption 5768."

With help from HKB"H, I found many signs connecting 9.11, the $20 bill, and codes given by Prophet Daniel, zs'l, to the very imminent Redemption.

9-11 was a key sign of the beginning of the End of Days and the coming redemption.
The signs of 9-11 can be found all over the $20 bill.

20 = 9-11, 9+11=20
20 = 19 highjackers + mastermind Bin Laden=20
20 = 20 pieces of silver Joseph (Yosef HaTzaddik, zs'l) was sold for.
20 = 20 yrs Yaakov Avinu worked for Lavan (on back side of $20 is shown the "White House", aka Beit Lavan)
20 = age of military service in Torah (9-11 began the Final War of Redemption)

The $20 bill can be folded into an airplane, which shows the Twin Towers in smoke. On the left side one can see "America "(American Flight 11) next to the exact spot where it hit the north tower. On the right side one can see "The United" next to the exact spot where United Flight 175 hit the south tower of the World Trade Center.

11 = American Flight 11
11 = Number of crew on Flight 11
11 = 92 people aboard Flight 11; 92=9+2=11
11 = 65 people on Flight 175; 65=6+5=11
11 = Letters contained in the words 'New York City'
11 = Letters contained in the words 'Trade Center'
11 = The Twin Towers was in the form of 11
11 = Just over 2900 died on 9-11; 2900 reduces to 2+9=11
11 = 9.11 = 9+1+1=11
11 = Number of windows in the White House on each floor plus the pillars, making it 2 11's
11 = Yoseph HaTzaddik was son #11 of Yaakov Avinu and Rachel Imenu, a'h.

92 (number Flight 11) +65 (number Flight 175) = 157; Yoseph (Gematria 156+kollel=157)
9 crew (Flight 175) and 11 crew (Flight 11) = 9.11

Flight 11 had 92 aboard. 92 is the element number of Uranium. Could the next attack be nuclear?

92 is the Gematria of "25th of Elul”.
9-11-2001 was the 23rd of Elul, the same week we read Parshat Nitzvaim.
Nitzvaim is a blessing to be vindicated on the Day of Judgment.
9-11 was 7 days before Rosh Hashanah (Day of Judgment).

Flight 175; 175=years of Avraham Avinu, zs'l.
Flight 77 with 64 aboard hit the Pentagon.
77 Gematria "might" and "broken down". The might of the Pentagon was broken down.
64 Gematria of "din" (judgment) and "nevua" (prophecy)

Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. 93=9+3=12 (Yoseph 11+kollel=12)
93 mirror Gematria Geulah (redemption) without letter vav.
45 = number of people aboard
45 = Geulah (complete redemption) with the letter vav.

65 (Flight 175) + 45 (flight 93) = 110
110 = Number of years Yosef HaTzaddik lived.
111 = 110(Yoseph) +1 (kollel)
111 = number of days left in year 2001 after 9-11

111 days according to Yosef ben Yaakov (Joel Gallis) and Dr. Robert Wolf of "Redemption 5768" is a code written in sefer Daniel.

111th day of 2008 is 4-20-08, the first day of Passover. This date is also encoded on the $20 bill.

This coming 4-20-08 (Passover) seems to be an important date for some end time event of redemption. We will have to see what happens...

May it be a full and complete redemption with Moshiach revealed and the building of the Holy Temple, Amen.




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