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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Captain Over a Thousand, zs'l

The man was suffering physically and emotionally but no one was able to cure him. His family decided to take him to the Maggid of Kozienice, zs'l. As soon as they walked inside the Maggid's room, the 'spirit' began making weird scary noises. "Wicked!", said the Maggid, "Why are you causing pain to a Jew?” Suddenly, a voice was heard coming from inside the man's stomach, "Know that in my generation 6-7 year old boys achieved more Torah learning than all the Gedolei Ha’dor of your generation."

When the Maggid heard this, he got frightened and asked the 'spirit' in a calmer manner, "If so, tell me who you are and maybe I can help you, if you obey my instructions. But if you will not obey, your destiny will be bitter - I will throw you inside the abyss and you will never be able to get out".

The Maggid's threat frightened the 'spirit' and it caused the possesed man to shake with fear. Suddenly, the voice was heard again, "Know that I was captain of a thousand and lived during the time of the First Temple. Am Israel greatly sinned during my lifetime and I was amongst them. We heard the furious prophecies from prophet Zechariah (zs'l). When I heard the dark prophecies, I couldn't control my anger. I approached and struck him twice on the cheek. Because I was an important man and the people saw my action, they attacked the Prophet and killed him. Ever since I died, my soul has no rest".

The confession of the soul made a deep impression on the Maggid and requested to see him so he can be convinced that the 'spirit' is speaking the truth. "I cannot reveal myself to you in your house", said the 'spirit', "Your home is too confined for my size and also, you will not be able to withstand the sight of me by yourself. Therefore, if you wish to see me, take with you 10 men and go to the field. In the field, I will expose myself to you face to face. If you will faint from the magnitude of the sight, the accompanying men will help you".

The Maggid did as was suggested and selected 10 men. When they went to the field, the 'spirit' exposed himself just to the Maggid and the Maggid fainted from fear. The men rushed to revive him and returned him to his house. At the home of the Maggid, the ill man and his family were waiting for them. When the Maggid saw them, he turned to the man and said, "I cannot help you. My advice is that you travel to the Rav Tzaddik of Lublin, Rabbi Jacob Joseph, and b'h he will heal you".

The man and his family traveled to Lublin. When the Seer of Lublin, zs'l, asked the 'spirit' why he transmigrated inside this man, the 'spirit' replied, "Towards the end of the First Temple, I was captain of thousand of Israel. I was the man that struck Prophet Zechariah’s cheek twice and because of my action, Am Israel killed him".

The Seer of Lublin also demanded to see the 'spirit' and the 'spirit' surrendered and revealed himself. The Tzaddik looked at him for a short second and turned to the people and said, "In our generation, most people think badly about Am Israel during the generation of this 'spirit'. They assume that he and his friends were uncivil and caused the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash. But this is not correct. These people were on a very high level and achieved spirituality similar to the prophets. This is the reason they opposed the prophets and abused them. They knew that as long as the prophet restrains himself from transferring the prophecies to the nation, they still have the opportunity to correct. But when the prophet was not able to hold back his prophecies and told it to them, they knew that the end has approached and it was too late to correct and therefore, the punishment will quickly arrive. When the captain of thousand and the people with him heard the prophet prophesizing, they killed him so they can have the opportunity to correct the bad they did."

Then the Seer of Lublin said loudly, "Do not judge this man according to his actions because his intention was good."

The people present were shaking in fear because the words of the Seer of Lublin excited and weakened them. They were unable to move or say anything and the voice of the 'spirit' was heard saying, "Know this, I was 100 times in this world. In every metamorphosis, my blood was spilled and I was murdered in all cruel forms. Even these hard and tremendous sufferings did not help to correct my soul. In every generation that I lived in, there was not one person that gave me the benefit of doubt till now. Now that the Tzaddik said what he said, there is Tikkun (correction) for my soul. Even though the upper world knew this truth, they were unable to do anything for me till someone in the lower world will speak in my favor."

The second the 'spirit' ended his words, the man whose body contained the 'spirit' fell to the floor and laid there like a rock. The Tzaddik said to the 'spirit', "Go out from this man via his small finger of the left leg and don't harm anyone during your exit to your resting place."

The 'spirit' obeyed the Seer of Lublin and the people present were shocked to see how the small finger of the left leg of the man on the floor was bloating. When the 'spirit' exited thru the open window, the finger returned to its original size and the man got up from the floor whole and healthy.

From that day on, the Seer of Lublin was strict to learn Mishnayot every day right after morning prayers and the man whose body contained the 'spirit' said Kaddish after every learning. All these actions were for the soul of the captain of thousand to help him complete his Tikkun.

A year later, the captain of thousand appeared to the Seer of Lublin in a dream and said, "Till now, I suffered in Gehenom for 12 months. Because of your good deeds as well as learning Mishnayot for the elevation of my soul and giving me the benefit of the doubt, I have come to tell you that you can comfort your mind knowing that you save one Jewish soul."

He ordered that it be written on his tombstone: "Here lies the one who killed the prophet Zechariah.'

The man whose body contained the 'spirit' of the captain of thousand was commanded by the Seer of Lublin to continue saying Kaddish every year on the day the 'spirit' exited from his body, till his last living day.

Translated from the book האמת היחידה ספר 2




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