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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Proper Dignified Description of Tzaddikim

Ever since meeting my husband, I noticed that when he speaks about Tzadikim, he always adds the proper illuminated description of the Tzaddik. He will never say Avraham, Yizchak, or Yaakov without adding Avinu and zs'l. When he speaks about David, I never have to inquire which David because he automatically says David HaMelech, zs'l.

After some time, it effected me and I became very careful to always add proper illuminated description to all Tzaddikim. Also the children were taught to add the proper dignified description to our Tzaddikim but unfortunately, sometimes they forget because in Yeshiva they are taught '...Sara (?) gave birth to Yitzchak (?) when she was ninety years old'.

This past Shabbat, our son was saying Divrei Torah and most probably, repeated the way his Rebbe teaches in the Yeshiva "...Micha'el came to give Sarah the news that she will have a baby". We teased him in a freindly way to remind him to add the proper dignified description, "Who is Micha'el? A freind of yours? Does he live near us? And who is Sara, your friend from Pre-1A?". Right away, he corrected himself and said "Malach Micha'el came to give Sara Imenu, a'h..."

Afterwards, my husband told us the most fascinating Midrash but unfortunately, couldn't remember all the details. It's something like this; Chavruta of 2 Tzaddikim were learning Torah and when they came upon a difficult pilpul, one of them brought proof from Shlomo HaMelech, zs'l, to demonstrate that his answer is correct. He began to show his evidence by saying, "Shlomo says ....".

That night he went to sleep and when he woke up, his pajama pants were wet. This unfortunate incident repeated itself nightly till he decided to do she'elat chalom (dream question).

In the dream, a Malach told him that the reason for his 'unfortunate occurrences' are because Shlomo HaMelech is very makpid (strict) on him because he said (just) Shlomo and didn't give the proper dignified description to Shlomo HaMelech. He immediately asked the Malach to beg forgivness from Melech Shlomo for him and promised that from now on, he will always give the proper illuminated dignified description to all Tzaddikim.

My husband told me that although he does not remember all the details, he learned this Midrash when he was a teen and it effected him so deeply that ever since then, he has been very careful to add the proper description to every Tzaddik.

This Midrash also effected me deeply and when Shabbat was over, I searched on the Internet for this Midrash but after 2 consecutive hours of search in both English and Hebrew, I was unable to find it. I tried searching for it again on Sunday because I wanted very much to share this amazing Midrash but unfortunatley, was unable to find it.

That night, Sunday, a Malach came to my husband in a dream and told him the name of the Tzaddik that apologized to Shlomo HaMelech and added that with knowing the name of the Tzaddik, we could find the actual Midrash. The Malach told my husband the name of the Tzaddik 3 times but when he woke up, he was not able to remember it! He only remembered that the name of the Tzaddik contains the letters ק and ר (maybe!?).

He called a few Rabbanim in Israel to inquire where this Midrash is written but unfortunately, most never heard of this Midrash. One Rav told him that he remembers something but very foggy and he thinks this Midrash is written in Talmud Bavli. Another Rav said that he does not know this Midrash because most probably the S'M wants to prevent Jews from knowing it. Another Rav told him that from now on, b'h, he will be very careful when speaking about Tzaddikim...

If anyone knows the above Midrash or where it is written, please email nava998@yahoo.com




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