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Monday, October 01, 2007

FC with Galia: Time of Geula has Arrived

Last FC message from Galia:

Very soon it'll be very difficult, harder than can be imagined. Shamayim is giving Am Israel many opportunities to return to our Heavenly Father. Soon, everything is developing into a worldwide chaos. The world will be in a devastating situation, because it's all before the end; the current world is ending. Very soon the end will arrive, end of the deceipt, wicked, and badness. All HaShem's enemies will be lost.

Main points are: Return immediately to our Heavenly Father, begin observing Shabbat. All those that observe Shabbat have a tremendeous protection - similar to an armor for a knight - it is literally a matter of life and death. Whomever has the possibility to return to our Heavenly Father can have the opportunity to stay alive. Whomever does not have the opportunity to return from their evil ways, from dense connections, the evil powers, has no possibility to survive.

The holy Torah protects us from all bad and evil. After observing the Shabbat, Jews should observe more Mitzvot (commandments), learning Torah, charity, chesed, helping others, uniting. The more Am Israel increases with Mitzvot, the scales will tip for the benefit of Am Israel. Therefore, causing bringing the Geula, b'h, with mercy, because every Mitzvah observed by a Jew is a tremendeous defendor for the entire Am Israel.

The world is right before its last Tikun (correction); we are already in the last stages. Suddenly everything will crumble, every worship of materialism will fall and cause many to fall with it, כל האלילים כַרֹת יכרֵתון (all idols will be cut off and wiped). Many many will crumbled like a house of cards including buildings, cities, and armies. Everything is about to occur, as I said in the past years, when HKB'H merited me to communicate with you.

There is no need to fear from the hardships. It's not too late for every Jew and Jewess who decides this minute to return to our Heavenly Father to work on their Midot (traits); pray to HaShem, read Tehillim, observe Shabbat, learn Torah, observe Mitzvot, do chesed, and love one another - very soon there will be tremendeous happiness for Am Israel due to the great fall of all enemies of the Jews and enemies against HaShem.

The war of Gog uMagog is almost beginning, war of the giants, and in this war all the giants will fall, all the power of the evil will disappear, all heros will be defeated. Only our great King, the One and Complete, the Ruler of all will remain with us.

The Geula is almost entering, be prepared, there will be great miracles that eyes never witnessed and ears never heard. The time of Geula for Am Israel has arrived, tremendeous happiness very soon, supreme happiness but only to those that are close to HaShem.

Remove fear from your hearts, holy nation, because HaShem is our Salvation. All those near to HaShem will merit to go thru the difficult Chevlei Moshiach relatively easy, with understanding and patience. The whole cleansing process is in order to receive the supreme happiness. Am Israel is holy. Ask, search, check, do personal calculations - see what is occuring in the world, ask yourselves why and how? What is the reason? What is the duty of the world? How can I donate? Gather yourselves to accept the Yoke of Heaven, observe Mitzvot with love, and in this path, you will protect many from Am Israel, thru your Mitzvot. It'll block out all the prosecuting arrows.

Each Jew that gets closer to our Heavenly Father saves with him other Jews, we are all in one boat, one that saves himself, saves others. It's important to awaken from the tranquility, to distance ourselves from materialism, lust, and television news for it succeeds to taint our spirit. It's important to learn Torah, words of the Torah calms the heart and gives strength to handle personal and public hardships.

Increase reading Tehillim. Saying Tehillim creates for us many protecting Malachim (angels) and these Malachim protect us like a fortress from all materialistic evil.

Partial translation from http://www.dani18.com/index.php?show=en

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