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Sunday, October 07, 2007

FC with Daniel, Part II: Path to Salvation

Part I, FC with Daniel: Trust HKB'H

Aba: About a month ago, during the FC session with Binyamin, he said "There are only a few months left till the 'birth'." During all 10 years of FC sessions till today, an exact date was never specified. Always it was said 'soon', 'we are at the end', etc. Now, Binyamin said 'a few months'.

Daniel: So what is the question?

Aba: I understand that this year it will begin... As Binyamin said, "This year we are approaching the biggest change since redemption from Egypt".

Daniel: You understood right, yes.

Aba: Meaning to say, this year?

Daniel: Yes, this year - 5768.

Aba: Meaning that this year entire countries will be erased from the map?

Daniel: Enough, we spoke enough.

Aba: But I didn't get an answer.

Daniel: Yes, according to the prophecies entire countires will disappear and not one person will remain, won't remain alive. Edom.

Aba: Binyamin said "There will be seculars who will know the truth in a second," what does that mean?

Daniel: These are Jews who thought a lot and are ready for the truth when the great revelation will arrive. They will be able to grasp the truth. There will be Charedim (religious orthodox) that will not grasp, because their head is inside the ground.

Guest: The autistics once said that there will be a new existence, new worlds will be discovered, can you say more about this?
Daniel: I cannot answer this because you will not able to understand till it happens.

Guest: In the FC communication that took place on Shabbat, it was said that there will be a terrifying situation and each will examine his standing position with the truth.
Daniel: Any person that is placed inside the truth, closer or farther (from the truth), will receive it.

Aba: What is the meaning of "truth"?
Daniel: The overall truth of the world. HKB'H is All-Capable, He is the Creator of the world, He is the Sovereign of the World and all He does, He does for our benefit. If we live according to His truth, we have achieved the truth. If we live according to what we think is the truth, but its truth is from lies - we will not be able to handle it.

Aba: You said that the suffering in Gehenom is 1,000 times more than rewards. What did you mean?
Daniel: Gehenom is definitely 1,000 times more difficult than the rewards because a person that goes thru Gehenom undergoes a tremendeous purity process (cleansing), bigger from this world. Therefore, he undergoes thru a lot till he arrives in Gan Eden.

Aba: You said that there are wicked people that will arrive to Gan Eden.
Daniel: A wicked person that does Teshuva (repents), can get to Gan Eden.

Aba: In the beginning, you all (autistics) said to prepare supplies of food, afterwards you changed it to prepare food supply for 2 weeks, after that, you pointed out only in Eretz Israel. After this, Maayan (Messages from Heaven) added to also to prepare candles and matches (as if to indicate that there will be a blackout), can you discuss this further?
Daniel: Each person prepares what he thinks he needs; these are efforts, but don't exaggerate. Therefore, we said 'for 2 weeks'. But a person must understand that this is not what will save him.

Aba: Will there be a period of time when there will be no food?
Daniel: It could be. It could be that HaShem wants us to prepare so we can understand the situation we will be placed in.

Aba: Is it possible that there will be food available all the time, but to help us prepare emotionally for the change, you passed us this message?
Daniel: It could be and it could also be that there will not be any food. But even if there will not be food (and food supply was prepared), it does not mean that this will save them.

Daniel: I think if Reb Nachman, zs'l, would have returned to our world and observe, he would yell, "Gevald," but he would speak in softer tones.

Aba: What do you mean "softer"?
Daniel: He enjoyed speaking to us, (there was a common understanding) to rebuke the nation. The problem of the mass was that each interperted his words to what was comfortable for him. This is not exactly the way of Reb Nachman.
We are not saying not to love HKB'H, the opposite is true - yes, love HKB'H, this is what is missing, loving HKB'H. How does one love HKB'H?
In order to really love HKB'H, one must do His will. Otherwise, if a person doesn't do HaShem's Will, he doesn't love Him. Yes, HKB'H loves us, without relating to our doings. But if we don't do Teshuva, it's not possible for Him to leave us in this situation, He must bring us to a better situation. It's like a father that has a son that went off the path, the father loves his child very much but cannot bear to watch him go off the path, so he gives him a spank and returns him back onto the path.

People really want to love HKB'H and at the same time, live their own lives, but it's not possible. A father will not permit his son to do as he pleases.

At this time, Daniel gets up and steps out of the room. We ask from Menachem to sit so the FC session can continue. The FC session was during Succut, on Tuesday. I'm transcribing the message Friday morning (in the USA, it was Simchat Torah).
At 7 am I get a phone call that our new grandson was born - Mazal Tov.
Why am I writing this? Because in the first FC session about a year ago, after FC communicating with Binyamin, I FC communicated with Menachem. But I never recorded that session and I cannot remember exactly the content of the conversation. At that time, I didn't think about the website and the book, 'Daniel'. (But one thing I remember very clearly; Menachem said during the FC session, "I bless you that in one year you will see a new baby boy".

Guest: Why did we have so many tears this holiday?
Menachem: If we are crying because of our sins, it's welcomed.

Guest: And if we crying about the Geula?
Menachem: In time of fear and danger, it is a must to pray for Am Israel and now is the Time of Will.

(Lately, there were many articles written about IAF (Israel Air Force) bombing Syria's nuclear facility)

Aba: Binyamin said that Israel successfully destroyed Syrian nuclear weapons. Likewise, he said (in another FC session) that if I read an article in a newspaper, he knows it. I read the information about the IAF on the internet; it's possible that a mistake occured.
My question is does Binyamin know this from "Shamayim" or does he know it because I read it on the internet?

Menachem: It doesn't matter. Something happened there and it's not something that the Arabs are happy about because obviously, it was an embarrasing failure for them because they are not responding.

Aba: Do you have a message to transfer to us?

Menachem: I just want Am Israel to do sincere Teshuva. Each should examine himself and find what is missing and where it's missing. To examine what is distancing him from HKB'H and to remove these partitions, to get closer to HKB'H.

I still know that if Am Israel, in large quantities, will go out into the streets, crying with ashes and sacks on them, and will weep over the transgressions they committed and say Selichot, etc. and do sincere Teshuva, there will be a big change.

Guest: It will happen, if something will occur.
Second Guest: It's not moving, not moving (advancing, occurring).

Menachem: Yes, it's sad that's it's not moving when too many are busy with their toys, instead of doing what they are really supposed to be doing. So caught up in this world, with all the 'toys', that it's impossible to separate between them and the 'golden calf'. (rhetorical question) What can be done?

Aba: Maybe it is possible to arrange in some cities volunteers to sit with sacks in the middle of the city and put a sign, "A hard decree is approaching', and read Tehillim. Will this cancel the decree?

Menachem: Do it, do it! Even though it will not be approved by Gdolei HaDor.

Guest: It can only happen thru the nation.

Menachem: But not people that look crazy. Only Jews that have fear of Heaven.

Guest: (Mentioned a certain group of Jews that will do it)

Menachem: The problem is that they will go to their Rabbanim and ask them, and I don't believe their Rabbanim will agree.

Aba: Meaning to say, they will not be ready to sit with sacks?

Menachem: It's possible to try, because it might happen. If there will be 10 people in each city that will sit twice a week at specific set times, it could effect, especially when the shooting will begin.

Guest: We must organize and be prepared. When something will begin, we will be ready.
Aba: Maybe we will organize Teshuva shifts, awakening shifts.
Menachem: What will we name it? Name it, 'The Path to Salvation". Say that this is the only way to save Am Israel. The Home Front Command of HKB'H.
Aba: They should sit with sacks and say Tehillim?
Menachem: They should sit with ashes and say Selichot.

Aba: Should we prepare signs for people to know. What whould we write on the sign?
Guest: The Home Front Command for save Am Israel.
Menachem: It's not necessary to say much. Write to do Teshuva, to save the nation.

Aba: We will make an effort. We will advertise today's FC session and if there are people that are willing to volunteer, we will try to organize it. At least, we will make an effort.
Menachem: If you will not do it, Shamayim will ask you, 'why?'. It's very important.

Exactly as you said must be done, to take out as many people as possible into the street, to places where it can be seen. It won't take much longer, they will start searching for Dani and asking for help.

(Daniel returns)
Aba: Daniel, do you want to add on?
Daniel: (In his voice) Before a person comes into this Olam, he learns Torah but after the person is stricken on the mouth (by the Malach), he forgets and cannot grasp it. Us, the autistics, the autisim will grant atonement for the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

(Daniel continues)
Daniel: I want to say that... Aba, do not be afraid, don't be afraid too. Be occupied with helping people to do Teshuva and everything will be fine with the family, b'h.

Aba: Is the idea of groups of people with sacks and Selichot ok?
Daniel: It's more than ok.

Daniel: (In his voice). Without unity in Am Israel - nothing will help.

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