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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Equip and Prepare Yourselves

In today's Israel major newspaper, Yediot Achronot, the headlines screamed...
להצטייד בניילונים ובסרטי הדבקה מרחב מוגן ולאחסן בבית שימורים ומים
"Equip and prepare yourselves with plastic sheetings, sticky tapes, protected room, also canned food and water..."

IDF says that there is no need to panic but are asking residents to take advantage of these calm days in preparation for the coming war...

FC Session with Ben Goldin; Open Your Eyes!
  • The world is going towards a very difficult war, the most difficult...
  • Prepare food, water, and candles...
  • There will be situations of terrible fear and also situation of more difficulties and fear...
  • I suggest to every Jew to immediately begin the process of Teshuva, because sincerely, there is no time...
  • In the last 45 days the suffering will be very difficult, only those that did Teshuva it will be easier for them.
  • The American Jews are trapped and glued to materialistics. To remove them from there is almost mission impossible... Whomever does not get out b'h, not neccessarily presently, at the end will understand that they need to get out. Oy to them, their fate will be with their nation. With the nation, throughout the country.
  • HaShem will show us tremendeous miracles.
Message from Shamayim: State of Emergency
The last war is about to explode any second, Gog uMagog, prior to the complete Geula. WE must prepare prior to it all necessary preparations because a state of emergency is about to happen any second, we will know what we must do, but must be prepared as early as possible.

Preparations for State of Emergency: http://www.oref.org.il/14-en/PAKAR.aspx

We must hold on -- hold on ONLY to the Emunah and trust HKB'H and know that He is the Creator of the world.

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