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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

FC with Shmuel; Practical Message

September 8, FC with Shmuel

I want to wish everyone a Shana Tova, and Ktiva VeChatima Tova. This blessing is not simple and we must cause for it to happen, b'h. But, as Binyamin wrote, it's not simple. Each Jew that wants salvation, must, in the short time that is left, do real Teshuva in all senses. This means to understand and decide to remove the Yetzer Hara.

It's worth not to get confused between the good and the bad Yetzer. A person who does not understand can err and remove the good Yetzer accidentally.

The only way to separate between the good and bad Yetzer is by praying to HaShem to receive Siyata D'shmaya (BS'D). We must also separate between us and the non-Jews in clothing and language, close all areas of exterior influence and do Teshuva. Try to learn and build places to enable learning guarding our tongue, modesty, Torah, etc.

To be totally separated from the non-Jews. Only then, is it possible to clearly see who and what is the Yetzer Hara and who is the good Yetzer, because if we don't see clearly, we will not be able to recognize Moshiach Tzidkenu.

It's a short message, but very practical. Separate ourselves totally from the non-Jews, and definitely from the nonbelievers.

Whomever wants to do Teshuva, welcome! Whomever does not, it's forbidden to stay in contact with these people because it's a great danger and a very contagious sickenss. Before world war II, there were Jews that seemed to be religious (Charidi), but were infected in the brain. It was not possible to recognize this from their exterior, but interiorly, they were contaminated. This is our present problem too. It's a most dangerous infection and to be saved from it, we must separate us from them. First of all, return to all Jewish traditions in all matters of life. This is the message.

2 messages from Daniel's father:
1. In the post FC Communications with Many Autistics, Shimon was asked about the meaning of the white dove whom is sitting permanently in the same place at the Kotel. He replied, "The white dove symbolizes a strong sign of the Geula. She is sitting, observing, and waiting. If one day you will not see her, be very ready and prepared. I want to tell you that soon, people will be afraid, will search how to cover themselves so they can save themselves."

Daniel's father says that he has been notified that the white dove is no longer there...

2. The book "Daniel" is finally ready, after much delay. For those that live in Israel can get the book in Bnei Brak in the store "HaKola",
הקולה" רח' אברבנל 76. פתוח רצוף 24:00 - 8:00 (באמצע הדרך מצומת גהה לכיוון קניון רמת-גן".

Whomever can help us to distribute the English version of the book "Daniel" outside of Israel, please email eliezer@dani18.com

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