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Thursday, September 20, 2007

FC with Ben: Last War, War of the Religions

FC Communication with Binyamin Goldin, Vav Tishrei, September 18, 2007

Our world is really about to change. For many years Eretz Israel was barren; nothing was growing, no planting. No memory of what was once - big forests, full of greenery, plenitful water, milk, and honey.

From the moment Am Israel was thrown into the Galut (exile), the land turned into a different land. A place of sand, wind, rocks - a land that for 2,000 years no person was able to revive the land with its curse.

Suddenly came the Zionists, the 'non-believers', the heretics, and somehow, the land began to revive. In theory, it seems that they were the source to revive Eretz Israel again, and it's a very strange thing.

They don't believe in HKB'H, and are opposite of believers.
They are people that are certain that the power lays in their hands and can do anything.
They make many wars with tremendeous miracles.
They succeeded to flourish Eretz Israel.

All the wars: the War of Independence, Sinai War, Six Day War, War of Attrition, Yom Kippur War, till the war that is almost starting - All these wars had great miracles.

In the first Gulf War, 39 scuds fell on us - only one was killed, a heretic. It was a tremendeous miracle. One scud shot on the Americans and 4 US soldiers died. In Eretz Israel 39 scuds, and most of the scuds fell in populated areas, and only one person dies. Very impressive!

And stories of stories on all the wars with miracles on top of miracles.

It is clear that the 'hero leaders' of that era were not the cause of the great victory; not Moshe Dayan with one eye covered, nor Sharon that used guns with ivory handles. They were not heros and it wasn't because of them that the wars ended with big success.

Only miracles! Only miracles brought the victory.

But during all the wars, in the time of war, everyone admitted, "Miracles, miracles". But right after the wars, they chanted, "Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Ben Gurion, Sharon, etc.".

They forgot Who brought the miracles, they forget HKB'H, the Higher Power! He performed all these great miracles, not any less miracleous than what He performed for the Maccabim!

But they don't want to understand, don't want to know and acknowledge. They want to believe that everything is in the power of our hand. And, who are we? Weak people with big Yetzer Hara (evil inclination). Us, the pitiful weak people, with this 'strength' we won.

We are right before an enormous war, the last war!

Not everyone believes it, they want to feel that there will not be a war and somehow everything will fix itself, Israelis are strong.

They succeeded destroying Syrian nuclear weapons. 'Hey look, we are once again the mighty'. But it's all a deception, believing in the deception they created - this is most dangerous, for all of us.

Truthfully, this land is a land of leaders - sorry for the expression - "Schlemiels". If everything really was depended on them, we would have never reached anything. HKB'H gave them the opportunity to build Eretz Israel once again and to believe that it's like in their power - but it's truly HKB'H.

We are right before a spiritual war, a war between the 3 religions: Jewish, Christianity, and Islamic.

It's very clear and obvious that Arabs are great believers of their religion. They believe that they have the same right as Am Israel, because we are brothers - Yishmael and Itzchak (Avinu, zs'l). The x-tians are positive that they possess the truth.

All are waiting for the Moshiach, each religion and its moshiach.

But there is only one Moshiach, Moshiach ben David, the one we have been waiting for many long years to arrive.

It's logical to understand 'non-believer' Jews that don't do the most minimal things of Judaism, and do even the opposite.

They go purposely in public against the Torah - they cannot fight a spiritual war.
They cannot lead Am Israel into spiritual victory against other nations.
Even more so, if they stand as leaders of the nation, the prosecution will be so very big that we'll immediately fall.

Therefore, in this war, we will not be able to succeed till the real king stands at the head of the nation. Only with Moshiach Tzidkenu we will be able to win the last war.

If you want to know exactly how, just open the prophecy books. Everything that happened till now occured exactly as it was written in the prophecies. Except the last part, precisely!

And now, it's about to happen.

All that was prophesized and written in the prophecy sefarim (books), are in 'standing postion', ready for the action.
Iran is Paras,
Iraq is Babel,
America is Edom,
Europe is Edom.
Russia, who know what she is? Certainly she contains many Amalekim.

Each is waiting to war with the other. This will not be a war only in Eretz Israel against the Arabs, it will be much much bigger. According to the prophecies, many lands will disappear from the world, and many lands will be greatly harmed. According to the prophecies, there will be lands that will not be damaged - Eretz Israel will remain complete.

But till the 'non-believers' will not be removed from the rulership, we will not be able to win the last war. Because it's a spiritual war. Meaning that the motive for a spiritual war is the religion; Jewish, Christianity, and Islamic.

In a spiritual war, only the seeds of David can lead, this is clear.
If till now HKB'H gave them victory thru miracles - also now there will be more miracles - but it's only to awaken people to do Teshuva.

But at a specific moment, it'll no longer continue.

HKB'H gives Am Israel more time and more time - maybe they will do Teshuva.

But in the end, the Sh'china (Divine Spirit) will leave, just as it did before the destruction of the first and second Bet HaMikdash (holy Temples).

HaShem gave more time and more time, and slowly slowly, the Sh'china exited the Bet HaMikdash and later from Yerushalayim.

Slowly slowly, and during all this time, HKB'H waits maybe they will do Teshuva. At the end, not the Bavels and not the Romans won. They almost went home in total desperation, but towards the end, HaShem opened the gates for them.

No human logic, without holiness, can lead Am Israel into victory in the war of spirituality. Even more so, when all are against us because it's a war of religion. Therefore, a Jew that does not believe cannot represent Am Israel.

The Arabs are certain that they must capture the world for the sake of Islam. Xtians attempt all the time to bring more and more people into their religion (missionaries). The Jews, the tiniest nation - with a big portion of them that want to be exactly like the non-Jews - our quantity (of Jews) that are true believers in HaShem is almost zero.

But even with these few people, just like Chanuka, we will win. At the head will be Moshiach ben David and we will win.

Because HKB'H will fight the war for Himself, HKB'H in His Honor. And lands are not going to disappear just because of nuclear bombs, because HKB'H has many possibilities how to destroy states.

There will be miracles, not any less than the 10 plagues of Egypt.

And who will survive at the end?
Only those that truly believe.
Only those that want and could live in a world that is purely truthful.

Oy Am Israel, beloved nation of HaShem, return to the truth, return to the truth, return to HKB'H.

Those that will not return (repend), those that think they can run away from here to a place that is more secure, they will die with foreign nations. There is no where to run! Only to HKB'H. There is no where to run!

It could be that at the start of this war, the 'non-believers' will feel that we have power, strength. But at a certain point, it will all turn around.

The minute they will get off from the leadership, Moshiach ben David will take over the leadership. He will bring us, b'h, to victory. HaShem will fight the war and we will win!

How should we prepare towards the biggest war?
First of all, each person should first be concerned about his spirituality and connection to HKB'H. Later, concern for dry food that does not rot, and water. Just like preparations for emergency regulations.

HaShem is placing us in a situation of complete faith in Him.
We must believe that He protects us, He provides for us. If He wants us to live - we will live - if not, c'v, so no.
If HaShem wants that all that will happen will not bother us at all, we will not even feel it.

One thing is clear: The Tzaddikim amongst us will not feel bad from the situation.
As a matter of fact, they will be happy that finally, the truth is emerging and feel that it is worth everything.
The middlepeople (not Tzaddikim and not wicked) will suffer, but b'h, they will do Teshuva and survive.
But the wicked will run away and die with the rest of the nations.

Conclusion: The only protection is to be attached to HKB'H!

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