Dreaming of Moshiach

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shiluach HaKen

In Rabbi Chaim Vital's (zs'l) sefer Chizyonot (visions), he recorded a dream he had in connection to Shiluach HaKen, sending away the mother bird (The Bird's Nest ).

It was Friday night, 8 Tevet when I said Kiddush and sat to eat. Tears were flowing from my eyes because 2 months ago, 10 Cheshvan, I married Chana and she performed witchcraft on me. I asked HaShem thru 'dream question', how is it that I got this tremendous trouble, especially because she's causing me to bitul Torah (waste precious time from learning Torah). From so much worry, I could not eat or think. I would lay in bed crying till I'd fall asleep. While sleeping, I had a dream within a dream. I am sitting in the home the Rav Shem Tov HaLevi, zs'l, and praying Mincha of Shabbat, which is called the time of Will during Shabbat. After prayers, I saw an old man in the image of my neighbor, Rabbi Chaim HaLevi Ashkenazi, zs'l, and he says to me, "Rav Chaim, come with me to the field to escort the Shabbat as she is leaving. In the field, I'll show you wonderous things."

I agreed and went with him to the field and see a mountain, its peak reaching Heaven. The mountain was straight and not slanted. He tells me, "Climb the mountain with me and I'll tell you why I was sent to you and give you the message." In a split second, he was on top of the mountain and I was on its bottom. I asked him, "How did you get up there so quickly?. You are an old man and I'm a young man but cannot climb up this mountain," and he replied, "Chaim, you don't know but I do this daily, thousands of times a day to give messages of HKB'H." When at first he called me Rav Chaim and then called me Chaim, I realized this was Eliyahu HaNavi zachur latov from the tribe of Levi. I began weeping and felt tremendeously afraid. Thru the weeping and tears, I begged him to raise me up to the top of the mountain. He replied, "Don't be afraid, I was sent to give you a message. I'll send you a ladder to climb up."

The ladder reached from the earth to Heaven but had only 3 steps, and each distance of the steps were very high. He said, "I've been given permission to help you climb the mountain. Once you climb to Heaven, I will give you the message," and disappeared.

I was weeping very hard and suddenly I see a beautiful important woman standing on top of the ladder and I thought to myself, 'this is my mother'. And she said, "What are you doing Chaim, my son, why are you crying? I heard your weeping and came to help you." She reached her right arm and raised me to the top of the ladder. In Heaven, I saw a big round window and big fire flames coming out and entering this window, it was like lightening and extremely hot. I understood that this is the hot burning sword placed at the entrance of Gan Eden. I bitterly cried again for my mother to help me enter inside Gan Eden. "My mother, my mother, help me so the hot burning sword will not burn me." My mother said that she can't stop the hot burning sword but she can advise me how to enter inside Gan Eden, "Put your hand to your head and you will find cotton, white as snow. Place the cotton on the window and quickly pass thru to enter inside Gan Eden." I did as my mother advised and put my hand on my hair. I was young and the color of my hair is black but miracoulsy, it turned into white cotton, in the secret of ושער רישיה כעמר נקא, (Daniel 7;9).

I entered Gan Eden and saw Eliyahu HaNavi and he held on to me on the right side and said, "Come with me to the place where I was sent to bring you." He brought me to a large garden, its size is unimaginable. Inside, there were large rivers and fresh water watering the garden. On the riverbanks were trees (Ilanot) with fresh fruits, apples, and it smelled like Besamim (perfumes). The trees were very tall and the leaves were so big, it reached the garden's floor. Inside the garden I also saw white geese and birds strolling, while saying Mishnayot Masechet Shabbat, and I remembered it was Friday night. As the geese and birds were strolling, they were saying Mishna Aleph, Perek Aleph and they would stretch their necks to eat the apples from the trees, and drink water from the river. I realized that these geese and birds were neshamot of Tzaddikim, Baalei Mishna. But I did not understand why they were in shapes of geese and birds and not in forms of humans.

He took me deeper inside the garden and I saw a very high mountain standing on nothing. I was able to walk underneath this high mountain. This mountain was higher than the first one I saw that was able to reach from earth to Heaven. Its opening on top was on the side of the Maarav (west). The ladder also had 3 stone steps from the bottom till its opening at the top. Again, Eliyahu HaNavi disappeared from me.

I was able to climb this ladder by myself and entered the opening and saw the radiance of Kvodo Itbarach (HKB'H) on the middle chair on the side of the Western Wall. On its bottom, I saw Tzaddikim sitting on beautiful stitched carpet mats, learning Torah from HaShem. I knew that these Tzaddikim are called Bnei Aliya, in the shape of humans. I see the face of the Divine Spirit always, learning Torah direcly from HKB'H. On the Baalei HaMishna it says, " הרואה אווז בחלומו יצפה לחכמה When seeing geese in a dream, expect wisdom." (Brachot 57).

When I entered and saw the face of the Divine Spirit, I got frightened and shook from fear and fell on my face.

HaShem Itbarach said, "Chaim, my son, rise, why do you fall on your face? Do not be afraid."
I answered, "My Master, I could not stop the power to fall, it turned on me from exteme fear and have no strength to rise."
And HaShem said to me, "Here, I am holding you and returning your strength. Stand up and sit on my right, on the chair on the right, it is available space."
I answered, "How can I sit on the right chair? I see it's prepeared for Rabbi Yosef Caro (zs'l)."
And HaShem said, "Yes, I thought in the beginning to give it to him but I gave him another place and I give you this place that I prepared for you."
I answered, "I see this place is for Shmuel HaNavi, zs'l."
And HaShem said, "It is his place but since the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash, he accepted on himself not to sit in his place till the Bet HaMikdash will be built. Since then, he went to Yerushalayim, to the destructed Bet HaMikdash and stands there always and mourns, till it'll be time to build the Bet HaMikdash. I give you his place to sit in."

I sat on the right chair, on the beautiful stitched carpet mat on the floor with the Tzaddikim that were there.
And HaShem said to me, "Is this place good for you?."
I replied, "Who can narrate the greatness of this place?." I wanted to know why the Baalei HaMishna look different than Baalei Aliya and HaShem said to me, "Did you forget what Chazal said, in the future they will have wings and float on top of the water and are called Kat HaNikraim Baalei Mishna. They look like images of birds with wings and floating on top of the water in the river of Gan Eden as you saw."
I said, "My Master, I remembered what is written in the beginning of Sefer HaTikkunim on the Pasuk, "כי יקרא קן-צפור לפניך בדרך בכל-עץ או על-הארץ אפרחים או ביצים והאם רבצת על-האפרחים או על-הביצים לא-תקח האם על-הבנים. שלח תשלח את-האם ואת-הבנים תקח-לך" If by chance you see a place which a bird has made for itself in a tree or on the earth, with young ones or eggs, and the mother bird seated on the young ones or on the eggs, do not take the mother bird with the young". The young ones (chicks) are the Baalei HaMishna and the sons (banim) are the Baalei Kaballah, and are called Baalei Aliya and are in forms of humans."

I begged HKB'H, "Please, my dear Master, let me stay in this wonderous place and do not return me to the degraded world below. Everything is known to You, I want only to do Your Will and afraid that if I return to the degraded world below, I'll sin and lose this holy place."
And HaShem said, "You are still a young man and have time to learn Torah and keep the commandments. You need to return to complete your Nefesh and at the end of your days, you will return here. If you are afraid to go down because of fear of sinning, shake My right hand and swear to Me that you will occupy yourself only with the Torah and not have any other occupation. And I too swear to you, if you do this, I'll not give your place to any other and it'll be your place forever."

I raised my hand to shake HKB'H Hand and swore to keep my oath and HaShem too Swore. And He said to me, "Go in peace and remember, don't forget these things."

I went down from the Aliya and found myself alone, standing in the lower degraded world but I was still inside the dream and did not see anymore of what I saw from Heaven.

After 3 months, Friday night of Shabbat HaGadol (Shabbat before Pesach), I was sleeping and saw myself in the dream strolling in a big field and I remembered that this is the field where I was raised into Heaven and I remembered the oath I gave the Master. I saw the ladder and walked upwards and entered again the upper Gan Eden.
Then, HaShem said to me, "Why, you didn't forget the oath you took in this place?."
I replied, "I occupied myself with the Torah but didn't occupy myself properly with Your Torah. But chas vechalila, do You want to inform me that the oath is cancelled?."
HKB'H said, "Do not be afraid, your place is still reserved and ready for you and My oath is complete. Therefore, return to keep your oath and I too will keep My oath that I swore to you. And Chaim," HKB'H added, "My son, go to the community of the Ashkenzaim because right now they are entering a new written Torah (HaChnasat Torah). Sing and dance, as is your minhag (tradition), for the respect of the Sefer Torah and take with you your father-in-law, Moshe Saadi (zs'l) and tell him not to be negligent in this Mitzvah because this is also his minhag (tradition)."
I said Shalom to HKB'H and He replied with Shalom and I exited thru the Aliya and found myself in this lower Olam, while still dreaming.

And in the dream, I see my father-in-law, and he's telling me, "Chaim, I took great trouble to ask you to accompany me to come together with me and we will go to dance and sing for the newly written Sefer Torah." And we walked together in the streets of Tzfat and see many people accompanying the Sefer Torah with great honor. The Torah was covered with beautiful clothing, with golden apples and people were carrying candles and singing till we entered the shul of the Ashkenazim.

The community congregation were praying Shabbat prayers, and I remembered it's Shabbat. And we joined in their Shabbat prayers, and then they opened the Sefer Torah and 7 men were called up to read from the Torah. We prayed Mussaf and after prayers, I wanted to leave the Bet HaKnesset. But, my teacher and Rebbe, the Alshich HaKadosh (zs'l) and my father-in-law held me and said, "Why are you in such a great hurry? We are now going to perform a Brit Milah."

I sat there and the baby was brought to me to perform circumcision on him. They placed the baby on my lap and I was the Sandak and the baby was circumcised. They said to me, "This is your son." And they brought food and made a beautiful meal and I woke up.

After this, 2 years later, my teacher, zs'l, Rebbe Ashkenazi (AriZal) came to Tzfat and I learned with him. Close to his passing away, he told me, "Your wife is expecting a child and it will be a boy. This boy is 500 times higher the spiritual level you are. It's doubtful that he'll live...". My teacher passed away and the baby was born and lived only for a year and a half. I named the baby Yosef. One week before baby Yosef passed away, he spoke in prophecy. I thought to myself that I knew the solution to the dream. My teacher, zs'l, was the Sefer Torah of the Ashkenazim, and he reincarnated in my son, Yosef.
This amazing dream is what my husband told me Friday night, Parshat Ki Tetze. When we went to sleep later that night we both had very spiritual dreams.

My husband dreamed that Moshe Rabenu, zs'l, is the head of the pyramid of the Baalei Aliya. I dreamed that Shiluach HaKen is connected to Moshiach Ben David and Moshiach Ben Yosef. It was explained to me that most Jews do not understand the concept of MBY and MBD and compare them, so to speak, to Sprite and Coca Cola (attachment of the materialistic world). They yearn for MBY and MBD to arrive already and rescue them but do not understand the real meaning of Moshiach.

When Moshiach will come, the whole purpose of living will be the real meaning, same as in this Olam, only to serve HaShem. That is our whole purpose of being Jewish, to serve HKB'H and become Baalei Mishna and Baalie Aliya. Only the Jews that understand and behave according to the purpose of life of this Olam and behave as Jews will merit to survive!

In other words, in order to survive Gog uMagog and be able to greet Moshiach Tzidkenu, one must accept Ol Malchut Shamayim and behave according to HaShem's Torah and its commandments.

Baruch HaShem LeOlam, Amen Ve Amen!




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו