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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FC Communications with Ben Goldin; Birthpangs

Binyamin Golden, Friday, August 8
First, I would like to say that all personal FC communication has been stopped. I don't know for how long. We were sent to this Olam to strengthen and inspire Am Israel, to speak and warn that if they do not do Teshuva, a tragedy, c'v, will befall on us.

HKB'H, so to speak, has amazing patients but this too, has an end. He allows His children to pass all limits and they choose to lose and endanger the purpose of creation. This is why we don't have much time as we are approaching the end of the Galut, and it's not a big portion of the cleansing and purity process. We, Jewish Neshamot (souls), must pass it in order to arrive to the purpose of the final creation. This is the reason that we are going thru from one situation to another.

The physical world is changing, thru weather and such. All the amazing, strange, and dangerous phenomenons that we have witnessed in past few years, including Tsunamis, North and South Pole melting, strange manifestations of heat waves such as 50 degrees in Romania, weird storms in England, flooding, tornadoes in New York, and hurricanes that can erase cities such as New Orleans. We are already in the process of birth and the birth has just began, and the world is being prepared for this.

Prepare yourselves to more tragedies that will occur all over the world, weird and numberous catastrophies. They are the last tikunim of this long Galut, but not only the Galut of 2,000 years, also from the beginning, Adam HaRishon, zs'l. All these are tikunim, and there is no time because very soon, it's time for 'birth', and all has to be ready.

Additionally, there are serious preparations for the war. Many wicked wars are occuring around the world. But sitting in our air-conditioned living-room, we don't pay attention to the wars, because they are happening faraway. Who cares if a few Sudans are murdered, or that in Sri Lanka people are getting killed, etc. Another war with the Western against terrorists, fundamentalist Arabs against the Western world, and this 'tickles us'. Also, we want to forget about it because it bothers us. Since the fall of the twin towers, we were sure that the Geula has arrived, but nothing so dramatic happened since, and we choose to forget the danger.

But since the fall of the twin towers, much has happened in the world and the world changed. Europe turned into an Arab country. In Pakistan, there are tremendeous dangers that extreme Muslims will overtake the leadership. Pakistan also has secret nuclear war weapons. And in Venezuala, there is a madman that is threatening to close the taps of gasoline. Also Iran can close these taps, and so can Saudia Arabia, and Russia. If all Arab countries close the gasoline taps for the Americans, what will happen? The USA does not have enough gasoline to last a long time. Especially, Americans have an appetite of a pig, always satisfying its pleasures, unlimited. They use the most electricity, much more than the most rich countries. Next to the USA, there is a land called Mexico that enjoys daily more danger and liberalism (פרוץ).

Thru nature and war, the entire world is right before the complete change and it will explode. It will fall on those that are against HKB'H.

Now is the time of examination, they are taking each person's folder. They are observing if it's possible to save him or her, including men, women, elders, and children. It's not simple at all. The world must transfer from the world of lies to the world of truth.

What does world of lies mean?
World of lies means the world is based on fulfilling man's will and needs, not fulfilling HaShem's Will. To do this, man created his own Ten Commandments, and all of them starts with, I want, I must, I need. It all revolves around the person's wants. Inside these people are people that only live for pleasure, fulfilling lusts. There are also more gentle people that, so to speak, want spirituality. But this want of spirituality is not meant wanting HKB'H, they want idol worshipping.

Did you ever think about the Jews that did not go out of Egypt? How can it be that they were so devoted to the idols of the Eygptians? They didn't change their names, language, or their clothing. It means they were 'religious Jews', but submitted to idols.

How can it be that with all the miracles, they did not want to be redeemed from Eygpt? Truth is, they did not want to leave their idols. What does this mean? It means that idol worshipping has power. It's not just a piece of rock. It has some kind of power and increased man's needs and gave him a good feeling and security. How is this possible? Simple, in everything there is some sort of power. Each entity has 'life' in this world. One can take a rock and enter the inside life of the rock, and feel an unnatural sensation of pleasure and feeling good. Some say that this idol will bring them the salvation because it's pleasurable, and this is precisely what it wants, because it is prohibited in the Torah.

The Jews that died in Egypt built a world of deceipt, a world that believed that black is white, a world that is opposite of truth, based on lies of the body's needs and not based on the truth of the Neshama (soul). Only the lies of the wants of the body. Today's situation is very similar. There are people that are leading in this world, the leaders, claiming 'democracy'. Democracy means that each is free to do as pleases, as long as he doesn't kill anyone or steals, etc. But truthfully, once you give man freedom, his lusts begin partying and it's difficult to prevent robbery, murder, and much worse.

Also the good Jews that dress in garments of Jews, bit in their hearts they want freedom, do do as they please, whenever they please it. These people cannot live in the world of truth.

What does world of truth mean?
World of truth is doing only HaShem's Will and after Moshiach will arrive, it will be a world without evil inclination. Each person will want to only perform HaShem's Will, and nothing else, nothing. It's even difficult to imagine how beautiful this world will be. We will live from morning to night, night to morning, only to do HaShem's Will and the pleasures will be tremendous. But this is only partial process that will bring us to the final wholeness.

This is the moment of birth, and the Geula is the baby, and the baby will grow, and there will be more changes. But it's too complicated to talk about it. It's not going to be simple, it's not going to be simple at all.

HaShem sent us prophets, true prophets, Yirmiyahu, Yeshayahu, Amos, a'h, etc. Many Tzaddikim wrote Meforshim explaining what the prophets said. Wonder of wonders, it's all happening accurately. HaShem sent them to show Am Israel what will happen, how to understand it, and what to do in order to be saved. But most Jews and non-Jews do not relate to it at all. Some talk about it out of curiosity and interest, but continue right afterwards with the lies.

And now that we are closer to the 'birth', the birthpangs will be so difficult. The Jews will suffer, the whole world will suffer, the whole world will suffer. Edom will be completely destructed, and there will be a war here that everyone is familiar with, Gog uMagog. It's not simple, wars, suffering, dangers, nuclear weapons. etc.

Each person can see that in Eretz Israel, a gigantic war is waiting to hit on us, a dangerous war that is very near. No need for 'prophecy' to see this. It's a fact. HKB'H can send nuclear bombs to wipe out a whole land, He can, so to speak, move a little finger and all disappears. And if it's written that Edom will be completely destroyed, that is what is going to happen. And if the prophets said that the Tzaddikim that did Teshuva will be saved from the tremendous destruction, that's the way it will be.

Oy, oy, oy, oy, Am Israel why are you - we are so stubborn קשי עורף.

Why, why you don't understand the danger that we are facing? It's arriving and its purpose is to save us so that we will be able to achieve a healthy wholeness. Healthy wholeness. What is better? To achieve wholeness or remaining broken hearted, depressed, drunk, laying in our own vomit?

What else can be said, What else can be said. Open your eyes. Such a low generation that doesn't even search the true path. HaShem clearly wrote in all the holy books, and instead you listen to pathetic autistics. Yes, this is the normality of this generation that behaves like autistics, totally detached from reality. Autistics are more normal because we are connected to the truth.

When the complete Geula will arrive, our bodies will begin working and our neshamot will remain pure. And then, with all the Tzaddikim we will go to the Mount Temple and give sacrifices to HKB'H.

(Questions and answers; only transcribed answers)
I will explain something important, first of all, HKB'H is doing many things, also amongst Am Israel and also, outside of Am Israel, to awaken us. The bridge that fell in America was not without purpose. The 4 Tzaddikim that died, a'h, did not die without purpose. All this is part of the plan. There were many personal tragedies and world-wide tragedies in the non-Jewish world, all this to awaken Am Israel. We are a small nation in comparison, and not much can be done but it's our duty to make an effort and rebuke, to speak the prophecies so people will see; 'this is how HKB'H said, this is how it's going to be'. If this doesn't scare them, so we say more, I don't know how many will repent, but we must try.

Each individual Jew will be examined separately and not as a group. People don't understand that the flowing money and the plentiful will end. It won't be long till there is total economic collapse. When it will happen, it will the most difficult hit to the people of lies, because what else do they have?

We don't have young Gdolei Dor, they are all elders. This generation only has elder G'dolei HaDor and they are tired and broken hearted from Am Israel's reactions. Businessmen do not let their (Gdolei Dor) truth come out, only if it's financially beneficial to them. The Gdolei Dor are closed-in with a wall and it's very very sad. Everything that presents Judaism: Yeshivot, Midrashim, and Kollelim is mostly for parnassah (livelihood). For the simple learning man it's not about the livelihood, even though it is livelihood because he receives a small amount monthly. And there are those that receive a little more than little.

But for those that are building Yeshivot, the Baalei Bayit of the Midrashim, it's a great livelihood, and each has his own agenda. This very much distrubs Yiddishkeit. It's disturbing to see the truth, and everyone, almost everyone is influenced from it. And not only this, who gives the money to build and support learning men? Not always the spiritual people and it's a must to submit to them and give them their demanded respect. It causes Yiddishkeit to dilute, and it also dilutes people who are considered to be Gdolei HaDor.

The Gdolei HaDor are prisoners. It's not so simple because many tremendously sinned in financial matters, not small sins but gigantic sins, because of businesses and money. Also a charity organization is all about money. What was once for the Sake of Heaven turned into a business. B'H, not everything but too much. I am warning all those that live on this money, it's not going to help you in the Day of Judgment, which is very near. My suggestion to all Jews; money and richness will not help you. You will fall if you don't do Teshuva and never again awaken. It's not possible to postpone the Teshuva till Moshiach arrives, if you don't start now. There is only a few months left till the 'birth'.

(Comment: It's the first time I see Binyanim stating such a near date. I called Rav Yud that attended FC communications and asked him about this and he replied that Binyamin was already asked in the FC communication if we can say that Moshiach will be here within a year. The answer Binyamin said, "Look, what I needed to say, I said. If you have problems, ask your Rav.")

There are Tzaddikim that do Teshuva daily for things they did during the day and suffer. They don't suffer because they need the suffering to do Teshuva, they suffer to transfer the merits to Am Israel. It's written that the middle person (not tzaddik and not wicked) will suffer in the end and there will be those that will do Teshuva with suffering. The wicked that will not want to do Teshuva will run away because they will not be able or will not want to repent. They wil run to the nations (outside of Israel) and will be killed with them. Each will suffer according to his spiritual level. Tzaddikim will not suffer from the last stage of Chevlei Moshiach.

One more thing I would like to add, despite everything, Eretz Israel will be the safest place, even though it doesn't mean that all in Eretz Israel will survive. HaShem will help us that all should survive. What I'm saying is that Eretz Israel will not be destroyed. In Yerushalayim, the war will be felt the least.

At some stage, all money will not be worth anything. Whomever leaves Russia now is smart because Russia is going to get shut. Whomever leaves Russia now is smart because Russia is going to get shut...

A Jew that will succeed to do Teshuva will merit, b'h, to greet our Moshiach Tzidkenu.


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