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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

FC Message: Effects of the Parade

FC with Shimon June 23, 2007 - 3 days after the Parade

Q: Did the parade cause us trouble?
Shimon: It already caused us many troubles. It was a tremendeous test for us. Last year, there was a big warning and we failed. HaShem accompanied us, helped us, and showed us. They allowed the thing to happen this year and it came back in much bigger dimensions. But everyone got tired and didn't do something about it to prevent it.

I could understand the Rebbes and Rabbanim that said don't do anything, just pray. But I didn't see their prayers, did they sit on the floor, tear up their clothing with sack and ashes and cry? I am speaking about the Rabbanim of Bnei Brak. Where is X? They didn't sit on the floor and cry and put ashes on their head. Fine, don't go out in the streets to fight, don't talk to the children, don't send out Yeshiva Talmidim (students). Enough adults know what is going on. Where were they?

Rav Shternboch הרב שטרנבוך is a tremendous Tzaddik. I'll tell you, every Rav that speaks from the heart is an authentic Rav.

We saw something terrible and unbearable this week. We told you that it will get extremely difficult but you didn't even notice that the most terrible thing happened, yes, the worst. The sleaze arrived here and there was an agreement. The agreement is the end. Agreement with the Zionistim. For the businessmen the impure is a good deal. They don't do it Leshem Shamayim. Oy to us, oy to us, it's the end.

Now it will happen to us, may we not know of it. Tremendeous trouble will descent on us, on the entire world. The whole world is guilty, not only the Jews. But the Jews had the opportunity to protect the holy of holiness and did not, they did not protect. The tragedy that occured this week - this tragedy will influence the entire universe.

You will see many wars, not simple wars, great fear, destruction and death, r'l, c'v. In spite of it, Yerushalayim is the safest place in the entire world.

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