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Monday, July 30, 2007

Autistics Continues Warning...

On the way to FC in Yerushalayim, about an hour drive, a million thoughts passed thru my mind. You probably know that I received many questions regarding the 'predictions' of the 3 weeks and 9 days. The questions and comments were not easy, added with much criticism, about the last messages from the autistics about the 3 weeks. It pressured me. I thought to myself, nothing I can do, I must transfer the scary prophecy of the autistics.

Usually, when we begin the FC session, Binyamin (the eldest in the group) starts first and then, Daniel. First I ask if there is a message they'd like to transfer and then I read them the questions or comments from the guests and they reply.

This time it was a little different.

I noticed that in previous FC sessions, they give me answers before I even complete the questions. I remember one time particularly that Binyamin said that in the North Pole, animals that were never there before were discovered, due to global warming. When I asked him how he knew this, I mean, did he go there recently?, He replied, "If you read it in the newspapers, I know." In other words, they are capable of reading people's minds. Because this site was not build for this purpose, I did not relate to it but this time, it was very noticeable.

When the FC sat next to Daniel, ready to begin the session, Daniel started answering before the questions were asked.

Aba: Do you have any messages you would like to say before the Q&A session begins?

Daniel: I'm very happy with the book we published (hopefully, within 2 weeks it will be ready fir distribution).

Aba: The last messages were difficult and scary. You said that the 3 weeks will be a very dangerous time, especially during the 9 days. Binyamin Golden said, "We are right before a great tragedy, and unfortunately, it will arrive because we already passed all borders and there is nothing to do."
Many sent emails even before 9 Av to ask what is happening, and nothing is happening. I will read you some of the letters.

Daniel: I don't need for you to read me the letters. I will only say to the people who sent criticism that they have a mental problem, not only me. You are blind and a bit thickheaded, not only me. I'm sure you might need special education.

The 3 weeks are always a dangerous time, and this year, even more so. You talk like you are waiting for a circus. You are waiting for destruction that you would never imagine.

Before the Holocaust there were people like you that said the same. They sat and said 'nothing is happening'. They saw Hitler (imach shemo) signing peace agreements with England and thought that nothing was happening.

My father made a list of things that occured during the 3 weeks and all of it is based on what is going to happen.

Just look what Nassralah said on 9 Av, that he has rockets that can reach anywhere in the land. If you think that he's kidding, so you really are clueless.
Russia sent state-of-the-art weapons to Syria.
Iran sent weapons to Syria and Lebanon.
Iran sent tons of weapons to Gaza.
So what do you think? They are going to make a birthday party with the weapons?

England and Russian are angry at one another, Russian is sending jets over England to scare and bother them and England already sent their planes against Russia. What do you think if something would have happened?

Bush send more jetfighters to the Persian Gulf - what do you think? It's children's games?.

Look all of you, the entire world is anticipating wars, and it will explode. Wait, wait a little and you will get more than what you asked for. But you are fools, you think you can sit on your chair and watch the "performance' from far, I have a surprise for you.

HKB'H is willing to suffer till a certain point. People are sitting, waiting for the 'show' to begin, but don't think to do Teshuva. HKB'H wants to save us but it's us who don't want to be saved. We want the materialistics, everything.

Daniel in his voice, "There are times when we are not guilty, there are times when we are confused."

Daniel continues the FC session: The Jews that are waiting for the expolsions are not doing Teshuva. They will not have protection. Only Teshuva will save us.

What is Teshuva?
It's a hard thing, not easy. It's returning to HKB'H for real, in clothing, behavior, keeping the commandments, doing HaShem's Will. Not compromising and doing a little this and a little that. We cannot do things to ourselves that do not belong to HaShem. Not to be a non-Jew in clothing of a Jew, or Jews in clothing of the non-Jews. We must be Jewish 100%, without all the things that are fake. Oy to us.

Aba reads to Daniel 2 letters.
Aryeh from the South, July 23
"I can tell you more than that about the 3 weeks, especially the 9 days will be most dangerous. Many thing will begin whether it's the weather, Arabs, Al Quida." You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, it's all idle chatter.

Eli on July 25
The 3 weeks passed, 9 Av passed! Your 'predictions' did not materialize, baruch HaShem, nothing. But what about your shame? Did it disappear completely? You scared me to a great extent. I prepared my family, we stocked up on food and you made fun of us. Be ashamed of yourselves. And now you are silent?

Daniel continues: For you information, in the North people are so worried, they are purchasing food, and it has nothing to do with autistic's warnings. They cannot depend on the IDF because
the home front is not helping them plan and are even telling them that there is no concern to prepare. But Northern residents live on the border and are shaking in fear. The whole IDF army is shaking in fear. Everyone knows that the IDF army is not ready. Everyone knows.

Aba: I will continue to read you the letter from Eli.
It's not like I am expecting an explanation from you, I can already imagine your excuses... the decree was cancelled at the last minute due to collection of merits. I cannot begin to imagine how you desecrated HaShem's Holy Name.

Daniel continues: If anyone desecrated HaShem's Name, it's people like you. People that sit, purchase food but do not occupy yourself with doing Teshuva. You don't understand what is happening.

Do you not see the weird weather around the world during the 3 weeks? England, Hungary, Italy, Greece.

In China, 2 billion, not million BILLION rats are eating the fields, 2 billion is normal? In the 3 weeks? It's not a simple matter, not simple at all.

People in Oxford England are commuting on boats. They have so much rain which never happened ever before in England. What do you want? Very soon, you will be very hot.

Someone from Italy wrote a very extreme email, maybe the heat in Italy is effecting... Daniel said 'Don't reply to her, she's not normal. I am more normal than she is.'

Letter from Binaymin, July 24
You see, b'h, everything is good. No war, no explosions, no Al Quida, no terrorists. You scared us for nothing. What good was it to scare us? I offer you a simple freindly advise, close your site and disappear forever. I wish Daniel good health. It could have been that your intentions were good but you made me crazy with fear.

Letter for Yitzchak, July 23
We know that HaShem is Av HaRachaman (merciful) and loves Am Israel and it says in the Holy Sefarim (books) that the creation was created for us to discover HaShem's mercy and if we merit, we will receive mercy in judgment. But according to your words, we are so indebted that the situation is that HaShem needs to reveal His great mercy.

Daniel: It's true that HKB'H is merciful and He has mercy on us for 70 years, since the Holocaust and why did the Holocaust occur? Because He was patient and mercicufl for over 200 years. The knowledge movement removed many Jews from the true path till there were almost no Jews keeping Shabbbat, only a few, very small Yeshivot.

And now, where are we?
We are in the worst situation ever. Modesty has descented to zero. Go at nights to the Kotel and you will see barely-dressed women, without shame, strolling. Men and women dancing and singing by the Kotel, with no shame. Go to any street and see how Jews are dressed, no shame, we have descented very very much.

I believe, just as history taught us, during the first Bet HaMikdash, HKB'H waited a few hundred years till it was destroyed. During the second Bet HaMikdash, HKB'H patiently waited 70 years till it got destroyed.

During the time of the Inquisition when Jews of Spain were expelled, HaShem waited many years till He expelled the Jews from Spain.

Before the Holocaust, HaShem waited and waited for all Jews, in Poland, Germany, all over Europe, to do Teshuva before they were all murdered sanctifying HaShem's Name.

HaShem waited and waited and now, He is waiting for us - but we don't hear!!

So what do you think? HaShem will give you a lollipop, a friendly pat on the head and tell you to continue destroying the future of Am Israel so the next generation of Jews will not look and behave as Jews. Oy to Am Israel. Oy to you and Oy to Am Israel.

Another thing, much happened during the 9 days and you will see, our great troubles will be based on what occurred. Instead of opening your mouth, open your eyes. Open your eyes wide. What do you think? That there will not be a war? Ask the seculars, ask those that do reserve in the army, ask those that live in the North and are occupied collecting food and water. Do you think that they think there will be a war and are choosing not to reveal it to us? They speak to those that serve in the army. They talk and see what is happening at the borders. They know what is going on, even if the media doesn't talk.

And you, instead of all this, do Teshuva. Don't think about what I'm telling you, think about what is occurring in the world.

Observe, it's obvious you have Internet, look at the news. In less than a week occurred leaks of radio-active chemicals in 3 places :
Japan, after the earthquake the water leaked with radio-active chemicals into the sea;
Russia, after the train accident, it spilled heaps of radio-active chemicals in a most dangerous location;
England, the torrential rains caused big danger to one of their mines.
So excuse me, a little strange, no?

Why don't you think about it? All these are warnings and it's known that what happens in the world is a warning for Am Israel do do Teshuva.

Iran's president visited Syria's president and Hamas leader Khaled Mishal also joined the meeting and they did not discuss the birthday party for Syria's president. They spoke difficult things, and Iran's president, even if you think that he's abnormal, is very dangerous and has very dangerous toys aimed at us.

Guest: On the radio they said that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the Jews will have not a hot summer, but a scalding burning summer.

Daniel continues: And after all the difficult things that occurred, the Vatican entered into all prayers books a prayer that was cancelled 100 years ago, a Latino prayer that says that Jews must convert to xtianity or else, be killed.

Aba: The Vatican entered this where?
Daniel: Inside catholic's prayer books all over the world.
Aba: Did someone hear about this prayer?
Daniel: It doesn't matter, it passes on to millions, and millions of catholics say it.
Aba: I'm not updated.
Daniel: Antisemitism is celebrated all over the world and strengthening and escalading very quickly in England, Romania, Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Russia, also in other countries.

...And they say that nothing is going on. A plane crushed in South Africa and 200 died. During the 9 days, they learned that Al Quida is existening and strengthening.
(end of Part I)
Translated from http://www.dani18.com/index.php?show=PEREK34H

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