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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ancient Sefarim: "War Very Close"

These days, many are wondering if there will be a war this summer. There are spiritual individuals that are looking for the answers in the mystical side, in our holy sefarim.

HaRav HaGaon Mordechai Ganut Shlita, author of the sefer "לוח דבר בעתו Calendar in its time", explains that the year will begin with planet Mercury influencing. Surface temperatures on Mercury is the hottest and is the planet closest to the sun in our solar system . What this means is that this Summer will be exceptionally hot. In the beginning of 5768, there will much rain, with many new wars. It will be very snowy in the world and the solar eclipse in the month of Iyar shows that there will be much pain in the world.

This prediction is not comforting but it is based on an old prayer Yemenite sefer, called "תִּכְּלַאל (means evenings). The Rav also brings this information from additional centuries-old sefarim (holy books) that 'predict' the same, such as the Yalkut Moshe, Gates of Fates, text from Ezra HaSofer, Rabbi Moshe the Darshan, and the AriZal. All these sefarim speak about this time and it's not comforting what will happen of what was foreseen.

They say that it will begin in the 7th and 1/2 hour in Tamuz; many wars, locust, and hail that will cause loss in the world. In other holy book writings, it says: "There will be wars and plagues, and the bitter enemy and robbers will be lost from the world, and food will become very expensive."

Rav Ganut Shlita brings more from the Sefer Tikun Issaschar (Issachar ben Mordecai ibn Susan, zs'l): "This year the rain will arrive earlier than usual, and there will be much wars and death in the land, and much snow, and the rain will cause the seeds of the crops to be scraped. Then there will be lunar eclipse, and food will become expensive during the 2 months of Tevet and Shvat, and then, the food will become cheap."

translated from http://www.nfc.co.il/Archive/001-D-135335-00.html?tag=16-43-44




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