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Sunday, June 17, 2007

FC with Binyamin Golden; Impure Parade

Listen good. Truth is, in the very near future things will begin to roll and it will be very frightening. The parade of the disgusting is the last stage of the real dirt, the contamination that the zionistim brought to Eretz HaKodesh and the biggest shame to the holiness.

Last year it brought the Lebanon War II (the war prevented the parade). When they threw katyushot on us, thousands of them, there were great miracles and very few Jews were harmed and the economy was not harmed either, it was a tremendeous miracle. HKB'H sent us a clear message with this war. It means that we must war against the impure, the parade. We need to fight this war, why? Because the dirt is within us also, one way or another. We needed to fight till the end, protesting the parade but we stopped the war on the impure just when the difficult stage began, with promises from the Zionistim, whom are not trustable.

And now, we are again threatened with the same war (the impure parade). Again, the dirty ones are threatening us with a parade in Yerushalayim, the holiest city where the Sh'china is crying for thousands of years on Am Israel. How dare they come to Yerushalayim - it is like spitting on the holiness.

If we don't fight now, there will not be another opportunity. It's hard to believe that anyone still has the strength or the will to fight. If you don't have the strength to fight, find the strength to pray, to pray that we must do authentic Teshuva, to correct all the warped things within us, that are very identical to the Goyim.

First thing - Modesty. Lack of modesty brings many sins and this is not a simple matter.
Second thing - How one acts to another בין אדם לחברו
Third thing - Disconnect from the materialist exaggerated world
Forth thing - Prayer, with a broken heart

Again I announce that thousands of men should go out in the streets, sit on the floor with sacks and ashes, say Slichot, and do complete Teshuva and beg HaShem to forgive our many many sins, as a whole and as an individual. Return to your home and clean it from all impure things, from all impure thoughts. Shut yourself in spiritual ghettos and don't let the external filthy world enter and ruin us.

This is the way to save ourselves and our children. If we don't do this as a nation, and you want to save yourselves, do it individual within your family.

Don't forget that thruout the history of the world, the truth was with the minor, never with the groups of majority. Also now, the minority will merit to greet Moshiach Tzidkenu.

Choose where you want to be.

Question: Why we feel fatigued?
Answer from Binyamin: The whole world, nature, is changing. We see this and it it causes much pressure on people. That is why it is difficult to get up and operate. Many feel very tired, a feeling of impermeability as if we are inside a bubble, a feeling of lack of concern. We must catch ourselves to do holy work, whatever is possible. To accept on ourselves external modesty, and internal Torah and its commandments and good deeds. Don't forget what it says that before Moshiach's arrival, HaShem will hold a rope and shake it, shake it hard, and we must not let go of the rope.

Ben Goldin said this prior to the cancellation of the impure parade about a year ago, Elul 5766.

The parade is a great tragedy to Am Israel and the whole world. If God forbid the parade will actualize, we must, everyone, show how much it is unallowed. Each Jew must be aware of this great and terrible sin. How much shame in Chutzpa it is before the holy Sh'china, the holy of all holies, Oy to us.

Each person must be drafted, each Jew, to fill up the old city, the Arabs will not allow entrance, they hate this. The other side must show everything, that it is entering into Holy of all Holies to make fun of the Sh'china. We must deliver our Nefesh. Our problem are not the Arabs - they can give up their lives in one second and send their children to die as Jihads (holy for God). It is the Jews' turn to die sanctifying HaShem's Glory Name. Now, Am Israel does not need to give its life for this but must live to fight against it.

Do you think the stupid fools think about this? It's the Sitra Achra pushing them to do this. They are positive the Jews will be silent, as they are quite lately. Oy Vey if we keep quiet.


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