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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Autistic Message from Binyamin Golden; 6/6/07

FC with Binyamin Golden, Motzei Shabbat Parshat Shlach June 6

We are right before a great tragedy, and unfortunately, it will arrive because we already passed all borders and there is nothing to do. Only a miracle will save Am Israel. Everyone wants to know what the future holds, and how we can receive Moshiach, despite our actions. Much was written about it, not only from us but from many Tzaddikim, Gdolei HaDor wrote about it and not only them, but also from the holy prophets.

So, what is going to happen? The basic will be like the redemption of Egypt, but it will be different and much more difficult. So many Jews did not merit to be redeemed from Egypt, and our generation is much lower. The scariest part is the Jews that are thought to be Kosher and believers and keeping the commandments do not understand at all that they are sinners, heavy sinners. And in addition, they get encouragement from different Rabbanim and this confuses everyone. It is almost hopeless to influence Am Israel to do Teshuva. The Jews are occupied telling each other that they are good Jews, doing Chesed, not speaking Lashon Hara, doing Mitvot and good deeds, praying, learning... 'a terrific Jew'. The truth is far from that...

HKB'H is testing us harshly to wake us up from our deep sleep but we do not want to wake up and see the truth. Just as the Jews in Europe refused to see the truth and paid for it with their lives. HKB'H warned them too before it happened.

Question: How did HaShem warn them?
Answer: There were many situations that could have been understood that they are not in the right path. And the Tzaddikim of that generation clearly said that what is being done is forbidden and if they don't change their ways, they will pay for it dearly. This is what happened...

Today's situation is that HaShem does not speak thru the Gedolim, but thru the Gedolim of the past, and also thru many unnatural tragedies such as difficult and unknown sicknesses, financial strains, problems in the Shalom Bayit. Girls and women have no sensitivity to modesty. There are problems that are difficult to explain, and each has fear in the heart. But it's difficult for the person to leave the denseness and foolishness that caught the Jewish mind.

Oy to us that now we are right before the end. What can we show, many Jews forgot what it is to be humble, to be modest. The Jews' mind is only into money, things, and vacations. Every day we eat Treif (non-Kosher) because the level of Kashrut is the lowest - it's all about the money and not the Emunah. I don't need to continue, there is enough divisions (arguments) between the old and young, etc. This is a generation that does not comprehend when they are dressed and when they are naked.

This is why I am warning you, dear Jews. There is nothing to talk about the seculars but the religious that need to be close to HaShem - if you don't leave the lies, the lie itself will kil you. How? When Moshiach will come, you will not recognize him. You will see lies, and the lie is the imagination. The truth is the reality. The lie has no shape, no volume, it disappears like it never was here. The truth is eternal.

And that's why so many difficult things, including wars, and astounding situations. Those that trust HaShem, are trying to do His will, even if they are not 100% successful, they will be protected and will completely survive, b'h.

If Am Israel believes, all the believers go to the streets with sack and ashes, and do Teshuva, cry and say Slichot, etc. Then, return to your home, to your neighborhood, and examine your home. Only then, maybe there will be a possibility that Moshiach will come with ease. At this moment, I do not see this possibility.

translated from http://www.dani18.com/index.php?show=PEREK30H

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