Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, May 31, 2007

An Open Letter To You

My Dear Fellow Jews,

B'H, HKB'H blessed me to be able to give Chizzuk and transcribe dreams of the Geulah thru the technology of the Internet. For those who have followed this blog, and have gotten to know me (however limited), have noticed that something changed in the past few weeks and I have been receiving many emails of concern, care, and curiosity...

I thank you all my cyber-friends for your support and worries but all I can say now is that we are all bestowed with nisyonot (tests) of all sorts. The closer one tries to get to our Father, the harder the Satan works. The Sitra Achra's work makes one very confused and no one is safe. That is why on Yom Kippur we pray, "הטהור טמאנו וטימאנו הטהור please forgive us for unknowingly changing the pure into impure and the impure to pure ".

This blog and all sites are exposed worldwide. It can give spiritual strength to some, while to others, it give information for self-gain, and be the messenger of the Sitra Achra, r'l....

The Sitra Achra got me despite my will to work only for HaShem. I was told thru a dream a warning message, "HaKol Kol Yaakov, Ve'HaYadaim Yedei Esav", "The Voice is the Voice of Yaakov but the Hands are the Hands of Esav", but at the time, didn't understand its meaning and was unable to connect it to anything logical...

The messenger of the Sitra Achra tried to kill me not only spiritually, but also physically. It was revealed to me that in the zchut of saying Alenu Leshabe'ach (a prayer of thanksgiving), at the exact moment he had permission to kill me, it saved me. Till then, I never understood the urge to say at 1:30 am, zman HaDin, by Kever Devorah HaNevia, a'h, alone (or so I thought) this precious Tefilla for no apparent reason... Much much later, after many tears and tefillot, it was revealed to me that he sent a mazikin dog thru sorcery to attack and kill me. In the zchut of saying Alenu Leshabe'ach, instead of getting killed, the mazikim dog bit this devil person furiously.

Chasdei HaShem, HKB'H also send me human messengers to warn me. I couldn't think straight, and was very very confused. Without going into details, thru Tefilot, Pidyon HaNefesh, many many tears, and spiritual cleansing, I was able to escape, chasdei HaShem, at the last moment.

But the klipa is strong and the negative influence damaged me a lot. Because of that, I was told thru a dream that there will not be any more dreams and revelations for a certain period of time. This is my punishment.

At that point, I didn't care. I didn't want any more dreams. All I wanted was when I go to sleep, to be able to wake up and bless HaShem for returning my soul. I want to live a normal life, and don't care if I don't know what is going on up there in Shamayim. My priorities changed. This harsh test humbled me and made me realize that it was reward enough to be a good wife, mother, and Oved HaShem, with, b'h, pure intentions and tremendeous innocence.

For a while after this hard nisayon, I didn't have much to post but it didn't matter. I needed to heal and get the chizuk. I thought if anything, I could always recycle posts or not update.

But this week, HKB'H blessed me to 'find' really interesting posts of chizzuk, something that didn't happen for a few weeks.

Why am I telling you all this? Because an anonymous wrote me an email that caused me tears of happiness:

"I am so sorry you went through such a horrible nightmare.

I see you are strong and I sincerely feel for you and pray that HaShem will protect you and all of us and draw us only to True Tzaddikim who are really the only match for SM.

How sad that we must never let our guard down, but HaShem has His Cession and I feel strongly that you will succeed in all challenges and how great they are!!!!

May HaShem Bless you and your children with only good forever'

I don't know this person and never discussed with him/her what happened, as I didn't discuss it with any of you. I don't know how they know. For all I know, this email could be directly from HKB'H.

I don't know my future and the one of this blog. I don't know if HaShem will allow me to be able to find good article of Chizzuk and Teshuva. I don't know when the dreams will return, and if they will return. The dreams don't matter... All what I know is that I will try to continue serving HaShem the best I can and follow HIS path in what ever way HE wants for me.

May it be the Will of HKB'H, our Aba, to allow us to do complete Teshuvah, amen.

Baruch Ata HaShem, HaTov Ve Hametiv.




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