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Monday, May 28, 2007

Facts Out of This World

From the book Olam HaNesach (Eternal World), written by HaRav HaGaon Aharon Zakai Shlita, Rosh Yeshivat Ohr Yom Tov.

30 days before a person's death and entrance to Gan Eden, it is announced in Gan Eden to prepare for the coming of this neshama. Every nite for 30 days prior to death, during sleep, the neshama goes upwards and sees amazing worlds of Gan Eden.

Right before a person dies, he sees above him the Angel of Death with his sword and on it, is a drop of bitterness. When the person sees him, he gets frightens and opens his mouth in fear and that's when the Angel of Death drops the bitterness drop into his mouth and this causes the person to die. If the person is a Tzaddik, he doesn't suffer from Chibut HaKever and it is compared to a strand of hair pulled out of milk. If the person is wicked, it is compared to cotton removed from thorns.

In total, a soul that separated from its body, passes 7 judgments.
1. Neshama separating from the Guf (physical body);
2. When the body is carried to its final resting place;
3. When the body is entered to its final resting place;
4. 30 days of waiting till end of the Shloshim;
5. Judgment of worms on the body;
6. Judgement of Gehenom or Gan Eden;
7. If the judgment is Gehenom, the soul finds no rest till all sins are purified.

7 great men that worms never came onto their bodies are Avraham Avinu, Yitzchak Avinu, Yaakov Avinu, Amram; father of Moshe Rabbenu, Binyamin Ben Yaakov Avinu and Rochel Imenu, Yisha; father of Dovid HaMelech, and Kal'av. Some say also David Hamelech, zs'l.

Before a soul is sent to this Olam to be born, the soul is taken on a tour of Gan Eden and Gehenom and is shown all rooms in Gehenom; the swords, vicious dogs, 42 rooms of darkness, souls in chains around necks and hands and feet tied, yells of souls that regret following the materialist way of life. Then the soul is showed the 72 rooms of Gehenom where all the souls hands are tied and are suffering because they didn't put on Tefillin.

After a soul's physical death, the walls and stones of his home come to the Bet Din (heavenly court) and act as a witness. Everything is revealed and the soul signs that all is true and even more, admits that he has been judged fairly.

The room of the Heavenly court is bigger than the size of the city of Bagdad. The Bet Din shel Ma'ala contains many rooms. First the soul is judged by 3 judges in the lower court for wicked sins. Then, in the middle court, the soul is judged for lighter sins and after receiving both judgments, the soul is judged in the upper court for the lightest sins.

Malach Safriel (Angel) checks the neshama thoroughly as one would check an Etrog and decrees the judgment. No judgment is passable till it is signed by the Sofer (Safriel ) of the Bet Din.

The judges in the upper courts wear white brimmed hats that are wrapped in multiplications into a turban and are dressed in the clothing of the Kohanim when they did the Avoda in the Bet HaMikdash.

HKB'H during judgment says to the soul: "I brought you into the world and kept you safe not to fall from your mother's womb. When you came out of the womb, I gave you food and saved you from hardships. And you didn't learn Torah or do Chesed before Me? Then the soul is given to 5 destructing angels in exchange for the 5 books of Torah. The first beats him up; the second counts the sins; the third tear off his skin and the soul looks as כבשן furnace and is full of holes; the fourth brings bitter and sour herbs if the soul stole money; and the fifth, beats up his parents because the parents did not tutor the child to learn Torah and do good deeds and did not stop the child from being wicked. The soul has permission to beat up his parents. If the child was taught to be a Ben Torah but did not follow, the soul gets beaten up in front of the parents.

If a person eats more than necessary and not for the sake of heaven, this is also judged.

Some wicked souls gets judged to reincarnate and others to Gehenom. There are 2 reasons why a soul needs to reincarnate. One is to complete a Mitzvah that was left uncompleted (such is in the case of Sarah who told me that since she died at a young age and had only one daughter in her past life, she did not complete her Tikun. She needed to return to have additional children). The Gehenom is meant for a cleansing and cannot be a completion of a tikkun.
The second reason is that there are some sins that Gehenom cannot purify. An example is if a person is missing a limb and the soul returns as a handicap, that soul sinned with the missing limb and thru reincarnating handicapped, the missing limb is returned to the soul upon entrance to Gan Eden. Gehenom cannot cleanse sins of certain limbs.

A soul that did not return money lent to him (even if it's one penny), will need to reincarnate. Gehenom cannot purify this soul.

Some souls are reincarnated into an animal, inanimate, or plant according to the severity of the sin. A person who murdered, r'l, or one that doesn't wash hands before eating bread is reincarnated in water and suffers greatly, never having any rest. The soul suffers the most if reincarnation is a waterfall. This is why it is very important never to drink from a lake directly but to scoop the water in the hands, make a bracha (blessing) and then drink it. To prevent the reincarnated soul entering inside a living soul.

The Arizal gave his students signs to know who reincarnated from animals into souls. He said: People with Azut Panim (great Chutzpa) and have no shame are reincarnation of animals. The same behavior is known in animals for they have no shame and therefore, they follow this behavior as humans.

Reincarnation that are in inanimate and plants are souls that merited before to have the Nefesh, Ruach, and Neshama and reincarnated for completion but instead, hurt themselves with more sins and rebell against HKB'H. These neshamot are not even worthy to be in Gehenom and are totally remoted and are reincarnated in unmoving items or plants. The process of purification for these souls are very difficult.

Also, people whom regularly speak Lashon Hara are reincarnated into a rock that is placed in a remote area, and placed in darkness without seeing sunlight.

If a person eats too much, the soul is reincarnated into a leaf and everytime the wind blows, it causes so much suffering and pain that it cannot be described.

A soul is removed from the pain of Gehenom on Shabbat and returned there after Shabbat, on the condition that he kept Shabbat.
In a town lived a woman that was married but did not cover her hair. The Rav of the town rebuked her a few times but she paid no heed, saying "I was given beautiful curly hair and unwilling to cover it".

When she passed away, the Chevre Kaddishe placed her body in the ground but one of them accidently dropped his wallet inside, not noticing it. Inside the wallet was money and important papers.

That evening, when he noticed his wallet was missing, he remembered that while bending down to bury the woman, the wallet fell inside the grave. He went to the Rav of the town, HaRav HaGaon Aryeh de-ve Ilai, zs'l, to receive permission to reopen the grave. The Rav answered that in this case he gives permission but on one condition; that all the town residents and the bet din must be present.

The following morning, all the town's Jews gathered at the grave and were witnesses to this unique happening. The Rav and the bet din also arrived and the grand Rav gave the permission to open the grave and the missing wallet was found right away.

Suddenly, weird noises were heard coming from the burial ground. Inside the hole of the burial they saw the scariest view ever seen before: The hairs of the dead woman were torn off and stuffed inside her mouth so that her mouth was completely blocked. Her skull was bald, covered by thousands of worms and set in a way the woman used to set her hair when she was alive.

The town's Rav seeing this revealed miracle, woke up the residents to do Teshuva and said: This incident is directly from HaShem. It is no coincidence that the wallet fell inside the burial of the immodest woman. HaShem is showing us how severe it is for a woman to reveal her hair and use it as a weapon for beauty.

The whole town was greatly influenced to see the judgment of this woman and how the judgment is measurement for measurement.




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו