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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who is the Doctor? DR. ISHMAEL

Nature has rules and therefore, it is possible to predict the near future of the weather. It's a limited forecast, one cannot predict the weather a year from now. To understand the prophecies of the Torah, written 3,000 years ago, continue reading.

What is the Oslo agreement? It was agreed that Israel stole land from the Arabs and based on the agreement, Israel will return the 'stolen lands'. IF that is the case, why are the Arabs still fighting and committing suicide Jihads?. It is very difficult to predict that the Arabs will stop fighting. If someone predicted this 1,000 years ago, no one would believe this prediction.

Our holy Torah predicted this in Shemot, as it says, "אלה תלדותם בכור ישמעאל נביות וקדר ואדבאל ומבשם This is their list of descendants: Ishmael's firstborn was Nebaioth, then Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam". Who is Kedar? Sons of Ishmael. Dovid HaMelech, zs'l, speaks about Kedar 2,500 year ago, in Tehillim 120, "אוֹיָה-לִי, כִּי-גַרְתִּי מֶשֶׁךְ; שָׁכַנְתִּי, עִם-אָהֳלֵי קֵדָר רַבַּת, שָׁכְנָה-לָּהּ נַפְשִׁי עִם, שׂוֹנֵא שָׁלוֹם אֲנִי-שָׁלוֹם, וְכִי אֲדַבֵּר; הֵמָּה, לַמִּלְחָמָה How horrible it is to live as a foreigner in Meshech or to stay in the tents of Kedar, I have lived too long with those who hate peace, am for peace, but when I talk about it, they only talk about war".

This is a prediction/prophecy that we see happening in our generation. In Sefer BaMidbar
24:23 , it continues to say, " ויאמר: אוי מי יחיה משמו אל and said: Alas, who shall live after God hath appointed him?". Both Dovid HaMelech and Bilaam use the pain word of Oy to the generation that will feel the wrath of Ishmael at the End of Days.

Rabbi Chaim Vital, zs'l, wrote 'In the future, Am Israel will live in the 5th Galut, Ishmael Exile at the End of Days'.

Being in the Galut does not mean that Jews needs to be scattered in the world. In Galut Yavan, the Romans came to Israel and Jews did not scatter. Same in this galut, while we are living in Eretz Israel, we are going thru Galut Ishmael.

To understand the suicidal bombings and why the arabs are so determine to die in the name of Allah, we need to understand the background.

1. The al-Aksa Mosque was built on top of the Mount Temple, on top of the Holiest of the Holy, the Kodesh Kodashim. By doing this, they claimed the Jerusalem is their holy city and belongs to them.
2. In Judaism, if a person sins he does Teshuva. In Islam, there is no time to do Teshuva and instead, they become suicide bombers and by killing, it's their way to go to Garden of Eden and 'marry the 72 virgins'. This is their way to do 'Teshuva', to become a "Jihad".
Their 2 main marks are the United States and Israel. They call the US the 'big satan', and Israel is the 'small satan'. The reason for their hatred towards the US is because the US's holy land is Hollywood and from there, begins the freedom of promiscuity.

There is no army in the world that can win terrorism!!! This is what Rabbi Chaim Vital said, 'When a person is willing to die thru killing others, it's a lose-lose war'. The tragedy of this war is one person against the world. Where are you going to find this one person who is willing to die? As you see, the American Army cannot even find Ben Laden.

פרקי דרבי אליעזר ל' :"רבי ישמעאל אומר, חמשה עשר דברים עתידין בני ישמעאל לעשות בארץ באחרית הימים. ואלו הן, ..., ויגדרו פרצות חומות בית המקדש, ויבנו בנין בהיכל
Rabbi Ishmael Kohen Gadol, zs'l, from the era of Rabbi Akiva, zs'l, said "15 things the sons of Ishmael will do at the End of Days ... and they will build a Mosque on top of the Mount Temple on top of the Holiest of the Holy room, the Kodesh Kodashim".

That brings us to the next point, why is Ishmael called הוא יהיה פרא אדם he will be a wild man. Usually in Hebrew, we first say the man and then the description, אדם עשיר אדם חכם man rich, man smart. Why did the Malach tell Hagar the opposite description פרא אדם? Because no matter how much he will try to be civilized, even if he becomes a lawyer of a doctor, he will always remain a wild man.

Why did HaShem create the sun? To know the difference between day and nite, to know the difference of months, seasons, etc. To have sunlight in the world, as it says, "ויאמר אלהים, יהי מארת ברקיע השמים, להבדיל, בין היום ובין הלילה; והיו לאתת ולמועדים, ולימים ושנים, והיו למאורת ברקיע השמים, להאיר על הארץ; ויהי כן". It is very interesting to note that the reason for the sun for sunlight is mentioned last. First the Torah explains the spirituality reasons for the creation of the sun and last, the physical reason for the sun's creation.

What is the spiritual reason for the suicide bombers? We returned land to them and they are still killing us. We tried the war on terrorism and see that this too does not resolve the problem.

Yehudah HaNasi, zs'l, said "בעקבות משיחא חוצפא יסגא ...בית וועד יהיה לזנות In the footsteps of Moshiach, the chuzpa will increase... and the government will turn into prostitution".

We see that this prophecy unfortunately is very true - the Knesset is clueless about HKB'H and everything good that happens, they take credit. They are very far from having Emunah. They never add the precious words of Be'ezrat HaShem or write on any documents BS'D.

Every day that goes by, the Israel Government believe more in themselves and push Emunah in HKB'H further away. On Israel's Independence document, Ben Gurion stated that the god of Israel is the IDF. Next time you hear a Prime minister addressing: "We will never despair from attaining peace", know that this is a delusion and creates more Jihads. When you are thinking to celebrate Israel Independence Day, know that this independence celebration is a form of independence from HaShem's Holy Torah.

Now that we know the problem, we need a solution. We need a doctor to heal us. Who is the Doctor? DR. ISHMAEL. Ishmael will cause Am Israel to do Teshuva.

Rabbi Elazar, zs'l, says; "נקראו בשמותן עד שלא נולדו ואלו הן יצחק וישמעאל משה ושלמה ויאשיהו ומלך המשיח Six were called before birth Yitzchat Ishmael, Moshe, Shlomo, Yeshayahu, Melech HaMoshiach". Rabbi Elazar says Yishmael's name should have been shama'el - HaShem heard. Why is he named in the future, Ishmael, HaShem will hear? Becuz of the pain he will cause Am Israel in the future and the cries he will cause Am Israel to cry and pray to HKB'H.

Parshat Haazinu speaks about End of Days, as it says הם קנאוני בלא־אל כעסוני בהבליהם ואני אקניאם בלא־עם בגוי נבל אכעיסם They made Him furious because they worshiped foreign gods and angered Him because they worshiped worthless idols. So I will use those who are not my people to make them jealous and a nation of godless fools to make them angry".

We see that this is the truth, the exact truth. We see the truth of the history and the present situation.

What does Yerushalayim mean? In Hebrew it is spelled ירו .ירושלם in gematria is 216, same as ראיה and יראה view and fear. When we view the exact truth and fear, we become שלם - complete.

We see that even the last stages of the prophecies before Moshiach's arrival are occuring, לפני בא יום ה' הגדול והנורא והשיב לב אבות על בנים ולב בנים על אבותם Before the Great Day, the sons who have left the Torah of their fathers will return to it, and that way the hearts of the fathers and sons will be united. Children in secular homes want to learn Torah, and parents no longer want to send their children to be educated by the secular Israeli govermental schools.

אבינו מלכנו החזירנו בתשובה - Our Father, Our King, return us in Teshuva - AMEN.

To view video in Ivrit by Rav Yechiel Veizman http://www.arachim.co.il/Index.asp?CategoryID=203&ArticleID=20&Page=1




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו