Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beginning of Eretz Israel Redemption Dream

13 Elul, my husband had a dream that we are both standing on top the remnant wall of Yericho (Jericho). We can see that the fortress walls of Jericho has just crumbled down. We were standing on the only wall that was still erect, measuring approximately 18 ft. high, 100 ft length, with a 3 ft. wide roadway on top.

We were facing the city of Yericho and saw simple houses and scruffy grass with sandy trails. The houses had flat roofs, made of stone mud. We did not see any people, roads, cars, and electric poles. All the houses looked similar, most were 1-story high and some houses were 2-story high.

It was extremely quiet, it seemed even the birds were frightened to chirp after witnessing the fall of the Wall of Yericho. We turned around to see the outside side of the city, and I looked downwards. I whisper so quietly to my husband "look down!".

Looking downwards to the ground, we saw a radiant shining person, dressed in pure white, including a shiny white מצנפת mitznefet (see "hat" photo). He was wearing the shiniest white clothing (it looked like a King's robe with wide sleeves) completely covering him from the neck till the ground. We could see his face and hands and tremendous holiness light was shining from him. His face was mostly covered with a gleaming long white beard.

My husband saw that on the center of his forehead, from the rim of the nose going upwards, an etched red line birthmark. In the dream, he remembered learning the Ben Ish Chai's (a'h) sefer that a person who is born with a unique emblem etched on the forehead, is an extemely holy neshama (soul).

Standing behind the holy man was a minyan (10 men) of Leviim (or Kohanim) and they were dressed in garments of the Kohanim, with long white aprons and white mitz'neh'fot (Kohanim's tall hats).

My husband whispered to me in the faintest voice to be silent. We were both so overwhelmed by the radiant light of the Kedusha (holiness) enveloping and glowing from the Tzaddik Yehoshua Bin Nun a'h. He felt frightened to speak in the presence of the Kadosh Elyon and did not want me to utter a sound.

Yehushua Bin Nun raised his right arm and motioned us, in the most gentlest wave of his holy hand, to come down. My husband didn't know how we can get down from the high wall (18 ft. high and 100 ft. wide) and could not think straight, all he wanted to do was look at the Tzaddik and see the Kadosh Elyon's holiness. He felt disconnected from the materialist problem of how to get down to the ground.

Not speaking, he motioned very carefully, and raised his two arms into a question of how?
Yehoshua Bin Nun raised is right arm and waved his hand tenderly gesturing to come down to the ground thru the stairs .

We walked less than 5 feet and saw a flight of steps carved-out in the wall that did not exist 5 seconds earlier. Side by side, we excitedly walked down the stairs, anxious to get to the ground.

There was no need to think or talk; we were so excited to see and immerse ourselves in the pleasure of Yehoshua Bin Nun's spiritual holiness. We also felt spiritually electrified that we will be part of the fighting and capturing HaShem's promised Holy Land, Eretz Israel.

Within seconds, we reached the ground but didn't see Yehushua Bin Nun and the Leviim, they disappeared. We didn't see anyone. We searched along the remaining Yericho wall but only the smell of the pure Holiness lingered...

26 (Gematria YKV'K) Nisan is the Yartzeit/Hillula of Yehoshua Bin-Nun zs'l . May the merit of the Tzaddik Kadosh Elyon, Yehoshua Bin-Nun zs'l protect us all and our Merciful Father will merit all of us to recapture Eretz Israel, immerse in the pleasures of the complete GEULAH (Redemption) and live in spiritual holiness, Amen.




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו