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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hidden Secrets in Megillat Esther

New York Times headline, October 1947:


2300 years after the miracle of Purim, we again encounter the sons of Amalek.

When Haman, imach shemo vezichro, was leading Mordechai HaTzaddik, zs'l, through Shushan on the King’s horse, Haman’s daughter emptied the chamber pot on the one who was leading the horse. She thought that it was Mordechai leading the horse, while Haman, her father, was being honored. When she discovered her error, she committed suicide by throwing herself from the balcony; 2300 years later, she reincarnated into Goering and again committed suicide.

The RaMBa”N [Nachmanides, zs'l] asserted that any change in a word or letter of the Tanakh, indicates some hidden meaning. If you examine the list of Haman's ten sons in the Megillat Esther [Chap. 9, verses 7-9], you will notice that three letters are written smaller:

the letter "ת"[Tav] in Parshanda"t"ah is small [verse 7];
the letter "ש"[Shin] in Parma"sh"tah is small [verse 9];
the letter "ז"[Zayin] in Vay"z"tah is small [verse 9],
while the letter "ו"[Vav] in "V"ayzatah is large [verse 9].

The three small letters form תש"ז, having the numerical equivalent of 707. The numerical value of vav-ו is 6, implying in this context: the sixth millenium. We understand these letters were written in an unusual manner in the original text of the Book of Esther for a reason. [The original text has been handed down throughout the generations unchanged, as is true for all of the 24 Books of the Bible.] The reason appears to be that HaShem, (the Chief ‘mover of the strings’ behind the scenes) was telling us that another 10 of Haman’s sons were to be hung in the year תש"ז 707 of the 6th century since creation, i.e., 5707; civil calendar is 1947 - the year that the ten reincarnated Nazis were hung.

One of the condemned men, Julius Streicher, shouted "Purimfest 1947" as the trap door was sprung. Streicher obviously grasped some of the significance of this event.

The hanging took place on October 16, 1947, Tishrei 21, 5707, on Hoshana Rabba, the last day of Sukkot.

Tuesday night I had a dream and I was speaking with Malach Sadri-el (this is the first time the Malach let me remember his name upon waking up). He showed me in the Sefer of Megillat Esther (a'h) is hidden the events of Gog UMagog and its outcome; phase by phase what will happen. All I remember is that there is a section in the Megilla that needs to be read backwards...

Comment by DF:
The letter "ת"[Tav], the letter "ש"[Shin], the letter "ז"[Zayin] and the letter "ו"[Vav] totals in gematria value תשזו 713 - same as Teshuva תשובה.

Comment by AK:
Comment on "reading the Megillah backwards" caught my attention, given that I had read, previously, that "One who reads the Megillah backwards has not fulfilled his obligation". I remember being somewhat puzzled about the comment, because my question was "why would anybody want to read the the megillah backwards?" As a way of example, I have NOT ever found a comment (that that doesn't mean that it is not out there) stating whether "One who wraps his tefillin around his leg" ...
Why a question about something that seems to have no good reason to happen, in the first place?

I did a search on the net, and the place I found with the actual quote states it not as a prohibition, but as a merely "not fullfillment of the mitzvah".

At any rate, I can now understand WHY anybody would want to read the Megillah backwards... not necessarily to fulfill the mitzvah during Purim, but yes for other purposes.




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